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Youth Perspective: Reimagining the MBA, “Here and Now”

In collaboration with Giselle Weybrecht, special advisor to the UN Global Compact, MBA graduate, author, and social entrepreneur, we will be selecting ideas from the ongoing series “Future MBA, 100 Ways in 100 Days” for republication in Youth Perspectives.  These are ideas to “reimagine the MBA, to transform it into a tool for creating the sustainable and responsible leaders that our organizations and the planet need.”

Here is our first selection:

Day 1. Here and Now.

A large percentage of the teaching hours of an MBA are focused on teaching students what happened in the past. By the time a lesson makes it into a textbook or is written up into a case study, many years have often passed. While there are of course many lessons to be learnt from the past, students and graduates need to be able to deal with what is happening now. Business Schools are educating managers for a future business reality that we know little or nothing about, but one that students will need to be able to respond and react to.

The Future MBA will have a class called ‘Today’. This short class takes place every morning before core courses start. The class looks at current events as they happen and explores what they mean for business, how business should/could respond, exploring potential opportunities and/or risks.

For example, an NGO releases a report which negatively affects Company X. In Today’s class students will look at this report and explore how they think Company X should respond to this news and track what the company actually does over the upcoming days. In the upcoming week a representative of Company X will be invited into the class to discuss their approach.

The class would be interdisciplinary mixing students from different degree programmes and faculty would be encouraged to attend as well. The room would be set up with students sitting in small groups around tables, each discussing the same or different topics.


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