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Youth Perspective: Meet Eva – She’s With You In Your Shower To Help You Save Water



Written By Rachel Signer | 12 January 2014

Rachel Signer

Many of us, even knowing about the critical drought in California and water shortages all over the world, are still not very good about conserving water when it comes to one thing: our daily shower.

As conscious as you may be about water conservation, it’s still so easy to do things like let the water run while you’re waiting for it to heat up (that’s an average of one gallon down the drain), or letting it run full force when we’re shaving or doing something that doesn’t actually require so much water. For most people, taking a shower uses 2.1 gallons per minute.

Meet the lovely Eva.

Eva’s internal heat sensor tracks the moment your shower water reaches your desired temperature. The device also senses when you move away from the stream to reach for shampoo or shave your legs, and temporarily reduces the flow. You can set goals for shower lengths through Eva’s app, and the shower head will let you know when you’re reaching that ideal limit. Eva was just fully funded on Indiegogo and is available for pre-order.

So, what do you think? Would you take Eva into your shower?

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