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Youth Perspective: Calder High School Writing Competition – Herbie May

9 August 2017

This is part of a green writing competition Thomson Reuters held with Calder High School in Yorkshire, UK. Here is Herbie May’s piece on how the Earth reacts to climate change. 

Herbie May – Special Prize, Year 8, 2016

If I Go Down, You Go Down Wth Me

Hello there, young one. Hello there, one so small and yet so, so big. I am Earth. And who on Earth are you?

I see you all. I see what you do – I feel what destruction you cause from the tips of my melting north pole to the top of my disheveled Antarctica. I have been here so long, steadily going round the sun year by year, and I have always done so, for billions of your puny human lifetimes. But I am growing old, weak, and tired. I can scarcely breathe for how buried in your filthy dirt I am, and seem to remain. I sense you, striding across my beautiful green pastures, with your smoky tree killers and your filthy rubbish in your hand, and I think, how dare you, how DARE YOU!? What lack of respect must you have for me, your lifeline, your home, your housekeeper and your father, for you to sling your grimy filth onto me… I despise you sometimes.

But I am old. And with such wisdom and patience, I have learned to forgive, but never to forget. So here is your chance to save me before I go die, killing you with me.

Pick up your filthy wrappers, pick up your manky bottles, pick up your evil paper and turn it into something new. Make more paper, wrappers, and bottles if you must, but don’t chop down my lovely trees for it. Recycle, it’s better for you, it’s better for me, it’s better for all of us.

So there it is. Your chance to stop me dying, your chance to stop me going down, because if I go down…

You go down with me.

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