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Youth Perspective: Calder High School Writing Competition – Isobel Kendrick

2 August 2017

This is part of a green writing competition Thomson Reuters held with Calder High School in Yorkshire, UK. Here is Isobel Kendrick’s poem on flooding.

Isobel Kendrick – First Prize, Year 8, 2017

The clouds get dark and the rain starts falling,

It won’t be long until they start calling.

Sitting in school I hear the sirens,

A noise so loud it always frightens

Flowing downhill, swelling the river,

The local residents can’t help but shiver.

They have seen this before, the destruction and pain,

Cause by changing climate, it all happens again.

Their homes and schools they want to protect,

The water courses suffer years of neglect.

Building on flood plains, taking up plants,

The solution to this needs more than government grants.

People of Calder Valley, whose efforts are noble

Know the solution to this has to be global.

The planet is warming, the ice caps they melt,

The consequences of this will be widely felt.

Antarctica is shrinking, sea levels rise,

We can all stop this happening if we open our eyes.

Renewable energy, recycle your waste,

The planet will be a cooler and happier place.

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