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Youth Perspective: Calder High School Writing Competition – Evie MacAdam

3 August 2017

This is part of a green writing competition Thomson Reuters held with Calder High School in Yorkshire, UK. Here is Evie MacAdam’s story about two children’s experiences during and after a flood. 

Evie MacAdam – Special mention, Year 8, 2017


Lidia and Lucas woke up early on Boxing Day to play with their toys that they got for Christmas. But when they got half way down the stairs, to their horror, their precious house was filling up with murky canal water. Quickly, they ran upstairs and woke their parents who were unaware of the situation. They called the emergency services and all huddled upstairs waiting to be rescued.

After a few days of living at their grandparents’ house, Lucas started researching how to prevent floods. He told Lidia and she has a great idea that could protect the Calder Valley if it ever happened again. If they planted trees all around the top of the hills, the trees would absorb all the water that rolls down and the air would also be cleaner.

Lucas thought this was a great idea, but how could they get so many trees and plant them on their own?

The next day, they set off to the mayor’s office, and excitedly told him about their solution. He agreed it would be a great idea so he gathered some volunteers. Everyone was planting trees all over the hills. It took a few months but they restored the green and beautiful land.

Soon rare birds and animals made the trees their home, and everybody felt happy and hopeful that no flood would ever happen again.

And now, in 2035, we still haven’t had any more disastrous floods. All thanks to Lucas and Lidia for suggesting to save the hills.

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