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Climate & Energy

14 Nov 2012

Harvard Business School Offers Seminar on Global Energy and Other Topics

Harvard Business School’s Global Energy seminars are designed to help senior executives, who are responsible for energy service at every stage, from exploration to delivery, to examine trends that are impacting on the future of this industry.

14 Nov 2012

Campbell Facility to Be Powered by Its Own Organic Waste

Campbell and CH4 Biogas have closed a deal to create Ohio’s first commercial biogas power plant.

13 Nov 2012

Solar power struggles to shine in sunny Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known by some as “the land of 13 months of sunshine,” a reference both to its climate and to its unique calendar of 12 months of 30 days and an additional month of five or six.

13 Nov 2012

Curacao airport looks at using ocean water for power

In less than two years, Curacao may be using its ocean as a power plant. The island in the southern Caribbean could use seawater to generate and save power, taking a major step toward innovation in clean energy, projects backers say.

8 Nov 2012

New planet discovered in habitable zone

An Anglo-German team of astronomers has discovered a new planet orbiting a nearby sun at just the right distance for an Earth-like climate that could support life.

6 Nov 2012

Insight: Flooded New York plans to tame the sea, but who pays?

When Jeroen Aerts, a Dutchman tasked with crafting a plan to defend New York City from flooding, first looked at its coastline seven years ago, he was taken aback by how vulnerable it was.

6 Nov 2012

Rural Kenya tunes in community radio for weather alerts

The tea and coffee bushes growing on the hillsides around Isaac Kinyua’s home have long provided him and many of his kin with a livelihood, giving Central Kenya an economic edge over other parts of the country.

6 Nov 2012

Oil drilling leads to a harvest of weeds for Ghana’s fishermen

Poor fishing communities in Western Ghana are struggling to maintain their livelihoods in the face of oil interests, environmental degradation, and unresponsive government agencies. In the battle of fish versus oil, the black tide is winning.

5 Nov 2012

U.S. airlines brace to lobby new president on EU row

U.S. airlines, through industry group A4A, will lobby the United States’ newly-elected president as soon as he takes office on an issue that has triggered threats of a trade war.

5 Nov 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Live polar bear video meant to send climate message

The view along ice-free Hudson Bay on Monday showed what scientists say is one result of climate change: a lone polar bear, extra-lean after an extended period on land, sniffed a large-wheeled observation vehicle, looking for a meal.