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Climate & Energy

22 Jan 2013

Warming temperatures hit Kenya’s runners

Climate-linked temperature increases in Kenya’s highlands are hitting one of the world’s major training grounds for the world’s long-distance runners, Kenyan athletes and officials say.

22 Jan 2013

Obama gives unexpected nod to climate as second term priority

President Barack Obama said on Monday he will confront climate change in his second term in office, an unexpected vow that puts the politically charged issue among his domestic priorities alongside gun control and immigration reform.

22 Jan 2013

The Post-2015 Development Agenda

By John McArthur and Wu Changhua | 22 January 2013.  A conversation between two development specialists, John McArthur from the United Nations Foundation in New York, and Wu Changhua, a […]

22 Jan 2013


By Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General, Peter Bakker, President at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Johan Rockström, Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre. 22 January 2013.  This week, […]

21 Jan 2013

US$ 36 Billion Annual Public Funding Can Meet Climate Challenge, Says New Report

        PRESS RELEASE: Report released today in Davos shows that greening the economy is the only way to sustain a global population of 9 billion expected by […]

16 Jan 2013

Black carbon a powerful climate pollutant: international study

Black carbon, the soot produced by burning fossil fuels and biomass, is a more potent atmospheric pollutant than previously thought, according to a four-year international study released on Tuesday.

15 Jan 2013

The greenest office building in the world is about to open in Seattle

The Bullitt Center is made from totally clean materials, has composting toilets, and catches enough rainwater to survive a 100-day drought. And it’s 100% solar-powered, in a city not known for its sunny days.

15 Jan 2013

Farmers seek new income from Fairtrade carbon credits

Palestinian olive growers make a living from trees that are, in some cases, 2,000 to 3,000 years old – proof that these farmers have been working in harmony with the environment for centuries, according to Nasser Abufarha, a representative of Fairtrade producers in the Middle East.

15 Jan 2013

COLUMN-Tide of resource nationalism begins to ebb: Kemp

For a decade, the oil industry has worried about rising resource nationalism in producing countries.

15 Jan 2013

Nigeria’s oil thieves say government leaves them no choice

The wooden fishing boat navigating Nigeria’s mangrove swamps is powered by a generator balanced above its volatile cargo.