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Corporate Governance

12 Nov 2012

SEC denies request to delay transparency rule

U.S. securities regulators denied a request to delay new rules that will require oil, gas and mining companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.

12 Nov 2012

UK finance bonuses to plummet as London loses ground-study

Bonuses for London’s financial sector workers for 2012 will tumble to 1.6 billion pounds ($2.55 billion), down more than half from a year ago.

9 Nov 2012

Forming Consensus on ESG Reporting

Extensive literature is available demonstrating why organizations should strive for transparency by reporting environment, social and governance (ESG) data to stakeholders.

8 Nov 2012

‘Conflict-free’ tags help revive Congo minerals trade

Miners clustered in a muddy riverbed in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo watch as a bag of tin ore is weighed on scales hung from a shovel and then sealed with a small plastic tag.

7 Nov 2012

Business warned to prepare for catastrophic impacts

New climate change report from PwC says radical action needed to decarbonise the global economy and warns investors to consider negative outcomes on certain investments.

7 Nov 2012

Netflix: a candidate for proxy access

Netflix adopts poison pill to block activist investor but in doing so has it made the company harder to buy?

6 Nov 2012

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Audubon CEO on superstorm Sandy and real leadership

Executive Perspectives: How today’s leaders make sustainability a part of their organizations. By David Yarnold | 6 November 2012 (National Audubon Society) It took the devastation of Hurricane Sandy to […]

5 Nov 2012

A bill to end secrecy surrounding shell companies

A bipartisan Senate bill, the Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act, and a companion House bill, could help end the secrecy surrounding shell companies.

5 Nov 2012

UK accounting body says banks may need bespoke rules

Financial Reporting Council (FRC) echoes BoE call to consider bespoke rules for banks.

5 Nov 2012

HSBC fears criminal charges for rule breaches

U.S. fine for anti-money laundering rule breaches could cost HSBC significantly more than $1.5 billion and is likely to lead to criminal charges.