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Editor’s Perspectives

20 Mar 2017

Toyota’s vision for climate and sustainability

Toyota's thinking about sustainability, climate risk and its products over the next few decades.

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15 Mar 2017

Access is critical to driving gender equality

The key driver of gender equality is access: Access to education, access in the boardroom, access to the top levels of corporations, and access to capital.

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25 Jan 2017

Making cities more resilient to climate change

Municipalities around the world have pledged to reduce their carbon footprints and make their cities more resilient to climate change.

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23 Dec 2016

Why green bonds will matter

Why are green bonds exciting? The answer is more in what they could become rather than in what they are now.

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6 Dec 2016

A new era of sustainable value creation

While ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) may be relatively new as a term, the spirit behind ESG is not.

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1 Dec 2016

Managing the risk of illegal mining and conflict minerals in global supply chains

Companies must publicly demonstrate transparent, accountable supply chains as part of their value proposition.

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18 Nov 2016

New leadership for difficult times

The news on sustainability is not good. Who will lead on issues which require action? A novel and motivated group of corporate leaders and investors.

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15 Nov 2016

More company diversity and equal opportunity policies, but actual targets still rare

More companies are adopting diversity and equal opportunity policies, but the number willing to disclose actual targets remains low.

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4 Nov 2016

The need for corporate transparency in emissions

Can you give us some background on the Greenhouse Gas Report and why it is critical? Tim: In Paris at

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25 Oct 2016

All that follows from the right to own land

The path to a better future for the poorest nations of the world is right under their feet, in the wealth-creating engine of land-rights reform.

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