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Executive Perspectives

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Companies are engaging with customers to create a sustainable world. B&Q's customers only buy 100% sustainable timber because that's all they stock. Photograph: Alamy

28 Aug 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: A Roadmap Towards Quantifying and Managing Natural Capital Risk

“Despite mounting evidence, natural capital is hardly accounted for by capital and insurance markets. The Natural Capital Declaration aims to provide solutions.” By Ivo Mulder, Liesel van Ast, and Rachel […]

A man rides his bicycle through water fountains in front of the skyline in Toronto

15 Aug 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: EcoMobility – the new paradigm for urban transport

By Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Chairman, ICLEI Urban Agendas | 15 August 2013 The way we move people and goods in urban areas has received new attention beyond attention by city planners […]

REUTERS -Todd Korol

7 Aug 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The failure of genetic engineering for biofuels

Genetic engineering has produced tremendous commercial and societal value, especially for production of single therapeutic proteins.

Children hold plastic bags to receive food donation at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum in Karachi March 14, 2013. Hundreds of devotees pay their respects daily at the tomb of Ghazi, a ninth-century Sufi saint.Credit: REUTERS

6 Aug 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Behind the Brands, Oxfam ranks big food

By Erinch Sahan and Will Martindale, Oxfam Policy Adisors | 6 August 2013 Supply chains = risk. Risk of contamination. Risk of changing climates. Risk of land-grabs. Even, tragically, risk […]

A couple relax under blossoming cherry trees during a pleasant spring day at Prague's Petrin hill, April 24, 2013.Credit: REUTERS

4 Aug 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The Natural Capital Debt Bubble

By valuing natural capital in a similar way to financial, manufactured, social and human capital, we can make decisions on the stewardship of the natural environment based on hard-nosed economics, and not just on the vitally important moral case for saving nature for nature’s sake.


3 Jul 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Engaging employees on a sustainability journey

Over the last decade, sustainability has become an important part of the corporate agenda. Discussions around license to operate and access to increasingly scarce resources are now commonplace.

Plans for a greener NHS launched

2 Jul 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Jeff Heggedahl on evaluating risk in energy and sustainability management

As the economy improves and the effects of climate change multiply, many companies are thinking again about sustainability. Some have already reported impressive results, while others are still trying to figure out how to get started.

Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy is seen as it makes landfall southwest of Atlantic City, New Jersey in this GOES-13 satellite colorized infrared handout image taken October 29, 2012. REUTERS/NOAA/Handout.

25 Jun 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: President Obama’s Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution

President Obama’s Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution Taking Action for Our Kids We have a moral obligation to leave our children a planet that’s not polluted or damaged, and by […]

A ferry sails in front of the 118-floor International Commerce Centre (L) in Hong Kong April 15, 2013. Severe levels of air pollution hit Hong Kong on Monday, with roadside Air Pollution Index readings in some districts soaring to 204, government radio reported. Any reading above 201 is considered to be very unhealthy by the Environmental Protection Department.Credit: REUTERS

23 Jun 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The rise of the winner-take-all economy

By Chrystia Freeland | 23 June 2013 The rich are getting richer. That’s the conclusion of the World Wealth Report, the landmark annual study of the world’s millionaires, which was […]

Steam rises from the cooling tower of Goesgen nuclear power plant, west of Zurich. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

21 Jun 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Deloitte outlines three ways companies can use ESG factors to drive shareholder value

Historically many companies have treated ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues as important but tangential to the core business. Sometimes their motivation was a desire to be recognized as good corporate citizens.

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