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Executive Perspectives

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4 Jun 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Getting the energy balance in Myanmar right

Myanmar’s re-emergence into the global economy presents policy-makers with a series of fundamental dilemmas.

4 Jun 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Four ways to help Myanmar’s rural poor

Today, about half of the world’s population is urban. This means that it is still nearly a half rural.

25 Apr 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Three questions for choosing a winning company

By Chad Holliday | 25 April 2013 (Editors Note: Mr. Holliday is the former Chairman and CEO of DuPont, and he serves on several corporate boards) How do you pick […]

23 Apr 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: What catfish tell us about corporate reporting

After a couple of decades of focusing on the supply side of non-financial (or sustainability) reporting, it’s time to refocus on the demand side.

16 Apr 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Infrastructure, Renewables and Sustainability

By Richard Rudden, Managing Partner, Target Rock Advisors, LLC | 16 April 2013 Those of a certain age might recall the “PURPA machine” missteps of the 90’s. This experience offers […]

11 Apr 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Global Reporting Initiative’s Chief Executive Ernst Ligteringen

Imagine a business world where the very largest companies refused or declined to disclose any information about their dealings apart from their financials.

19 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Climate neutrality and carbon offsetting – fig leaf or major potential for business?

By René Estermann | 18 March 2013 CEO, Why should a company devote resources to becoming climate-neutral? People frequently ask me this question, and just as often they put […]

14 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Rex Tillerson on energy transitions: Enabling positive change for long-term global prosperity

One of the great challenges for the energy industry is effectively communicating to the public and policy-makers the tremendous complexity and scale of global energy markets.

13 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Clean Air Act is key to curbing global warming

Daniel A. Lashof, Natural Resources Defense Council | 13 March 2013 (Westlaw Journal Environmental) On the night he was re-elected, President Obama told the nation that he wants “our children […]

13 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Daniel Yergin on the puzzle of energy transitions

Every year, the World Economic Forum’s Energy Vision tackles a major theme in the energy arena. In Energy Transitions: Past and Future – Energy Vision 2013 the topic is the energy mix – its evolution over time and the challenges for the next transition.

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