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Executive Perspectives

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13 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Daniel Yergin on the puzzle of energy transitions

Every year, the World Economic Forum’s Energy Vision tackles a major theme in the energy arena. In Energy Transitions: Past and Future – Energy Vision 2013 the topic is the energy mix – its evolution over time and the challenges for the next transition.

12 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: J.Craig Venter – Genomic science coupled with a strong carbon policy can change our energy future

Starting with the first domestication of animals and the earliest forms of agriculture, biology has been the principal source of food, medicine and until the last two centuries, even fuel for the world.

11 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: On UK’s first Ownership Day, UKSIF Chief Executive Penny Shepherd links active ownership with long-term wealth creation

By Penny Shepherd | March 12, 2013 Today more than ever, investors are looking closely at a company’s sustainability performance as part of assessing the future value of that company. […]

11 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Levi Tillemann from US Department of Energy – Electric vehicles everywhere by 2025

Electric cars are being lauded. Twice in two years, the Chevy Volt has edged out the Porsche 911 for highest customer satisfaction in Consumer Reports magazine; in 2011 the all-electric Nissan LEAF was named European Car of the Year; and in November 2012 the Tesla Model S was unanimously awarded Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year”.

8 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Ginni Rometty on the next natural resource

Over the past decade, information technology (IT) has had an ever-increasing impact on how energy resources are developed, produced, distributed and used. But what is coming next promises to outpace our progress thus far and truly change the basic equation of energy supply and demand.

7 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Steven Koonin at NYU finds pathway from energy innovation to energy transformation

There are compelling reasons to improve our energy system – to increase accessibility, affordability and reliability and to reduce environmental impacts. Yet the energy system has historically evolved much more slowly than other technology-dependent sectors.

5 Mar 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: SVP Jesper Høiland from Novo Nordisk sees a sustainable way to fight diabetes among “working poor”

By Jesper Høiland  |  5 March 2013 Jesper Høiland is Senior Vice President, International Operations, Novo Nordisk Over 1 billion people globally fall under the segment referred to as “the […]

23 Jan 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: VP Lise Kingo from Novo Nordisk on What it takes to be resilient

Type 2 diabetes is one of the unfortunate and unwanted consequences of social and economic transition, hitting hardest in low- and middle-income countries. Countries where healthcare systems do not have the capacity to deal with this change, threatening their resilience and increasing poverty for the individual, their families, communities and nations.

22 Jan 2013


By Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General, Peter Bakker, President at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Johan Rockström, Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre. 22 January 2013.  This week, […]

21 Jan 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Water, the second biggest global risk?

By Peter Brabeck-Lethmate,  Chairman of the Board,  Nestle, and Anders Berntell, Executive Director, Chairperson 2030 Water Resources Group  21 January 2013.   At the launch of the World Economic Forum’s […]

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