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Executive Perspectives

6 Feb 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Gendered off-grid renewables

Samuel Otieno | 6 February 2017 [NAIROBI] Women are urged to embrace and access modern off – grid renewable energy technologies for social, economic, environmental and sustainable development of the […]

26 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Braga+20 Calling Global Leaders to advance Youth Development

By Ravi Karkara and Douglas Ragan | January 26 2017 There were 1.2 billion youth aged 15-24 years globally in 2015, accounting for one out of every six people worldwide[i]. By 2030, the target date […]

21 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The human cost of the global fashion industry

20 January 2017 The internationally bestselling, award-winning author of four novels, Corban Addison writes large-canvas stories about issues of global injustice that combine the authenticity and on-the-ground research of investigative […]

17 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: An unusual collaboration launches into the world of finance

A unique new initiative, the Green Digital Finance Alliance, is being launched in Davos this month.  UNEP is co-leading it, along with the massive Chinese fintech company, ANT Financial Services.  […]

6 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Sustainable Financing, Carrot or Stick for the Corporate World?

9 January 2017 In this recent article by HSBC, new research indicates that lack of corporate transparency on climate remains an impediment to informed decision-making by investors.  Subsequent to publication […]

5 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Why reducing food waste is important and attainable.

By Michel Landel, CEO, Sodexo | 5 January 2017 Across the globe, more than one-third of food that is grown and produced for human consumption ends up lost or wasted. And […]

4 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Why green bonds will matter

By Tim Nixon, Head of Sustainability Thought Leadership, Thomson Reuters | 4 January 2017 Green bonds are growing by double-digit rates since their inception in 2008 with the World Bank. […]

21 Dec 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The Friedman Prescription

By Robert Walker | Population Institute The world may appear to be rudderless and dangerously adrift, but in his newest book, Thank You for Being Late, Thomas Friedman takes a decidedly […]

13 Dec 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: WRI statement on leadership in Department of Energy.

WASHINGTON (DECEMBER 13, 2016)– According to multiple media reports, President-elect Donald Trump will select Governor Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy. Perry was governor of Texas from 2000 […]

12 Dec 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Rare dual polar ice minimum stuns scientists

Source: Originally published on Updraft at MPR news.   By Paul Huttner | December 12, 2016 Where’s the ice? That’s what many wide eyed climate scientists are asking these days as […]