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9 Oct 2012

Across Asia, saving and improving the lives of girls, women and their children

On the first International Day of the Girl (Oct. 11) and with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (Nov. 25) nearing, women and girls across Asia continue to suffer cruelty and often murder due to deep-rooted social norms.

8 Oct 2012

South San Francisco’s BioSeek nabs $46.7M, five-year EPA contract

BioSeek LLC, a South San Francisco biotechnology company, has won a new $46.7 million, contract from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to study the potential impacts of environmental chemicals, pesticides, “failed pharmaceuticals, and nanomaterials” on human health.

5 Oct 2012

Vaccines ready for 50 million in Africa’s ‘Meningitis Belt’

A huge vaccination campaign to protect 50 million people against meningitis has been launched in seven African countries aiming to stamp out the deadly virus, health officials said Thursday.

5 Oct 2012

Egypt wheat buyer moves markets as he ensures bread supply

Nomani Nasr Nomani is arguably the most powerful figure on the global wheat market; he is also the man who ensured Egypt’s revolution for freedom didn’t turn into “a revolution of hunger”.

5 Oct 2012

More parks don’t mean more walking

People who live within a half-mile of lots of parks and fields go on fewer walks than those who don’t have much parkland nearby, a new study from Australia suggests.

5 Oct 2012

Oracle CEO Ellison dreams of making Hawaii island model of sustainability

If Oracle billionaire CEO Larry Ellison has his way, the Hawaiian island of Lanai will be transformed into a model for environmentally sustainable enterprise.

4 Oct 2012

Report calls for urgent action by governments to address the needs of the “greying generation”

Population of over 60 year-olds to reach one billion within the decade.

4 Oct 2012

Senior UNHCR official criticizes not-on-my-doorstep attitudes towards refugees, displaced

UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Erika Feller appealed today for strengthened political will to help the world’s more than 42 million refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people, amid a recent rise in new humanitarian emergencies in Africa and the Middle East.

4 Oct 2012

Food Distribution in Horn of Africa Goes High Tech

World Concern’s voucher system for distributing food in the Horn of Africa crisis is about to go high tech.

4 Oct 2012

Pesticide use ramping up as GMO crop technology backfires-study

U.S. farmers are using more hazardous pesticides to fight weeds and insects due largely to heavy adoption of genetically modified crop technologies that are sparking a rise of “superweeds” and hard-to-kill insects, according to a newly released study.