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16 Aug 2017

Trump infrastructure push rolls back environmental rules

By Valerie Volcovici and Jeff Mason (Reuters) | 15 August 2017 WASHINGTON/NEW YORK  – U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday rolled back rules regarding environmental reviews and restrictions on government-funded building projects in flood-prone […]

16 Aug 2017

EPA erred in denying renewable fuel hardship exemption: courts

By Jarrett Renshaw  (Reuters) | 15 August 2017 NEW YORK – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency used too strict of a test when it denied Sinclair Oil Corp’s request for […]

15 Aug 2017

Sierra Club sues U.S. Energy Department over power grid study

By Timothy Gardner (Reuters) | 14 August 2017 WASHINGTON  – Environmental group the Sierra Club sued the U.S. Energy Department on Monday in hopes of forcing it to reveal the groups […]

9 Aug 2017

Scant oversight, corporate secrecy preceded U.S. weed killer crisis

By Emily Flitter | 9 August 2017 NEW YORK (Reuters) – As the U.S. growing season entered its peak this summer, farmers began posting startling pictures on social media: fields […]

7 Aug 2017

Keystone XL pipeline fate in balance as Nebraska opens hearings

By Kevin O’Hanlon (Reuters) | 7 August 2017 LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska regulators will hear final arguments for and against TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO) proposed Keystone XL pipeline this week before deciding whether […]

3 Aug 2017

U.S. EPA reverses decision to delay smog rule after lawsuits

By Richard Valdmanis (Reuters) | 3 August 2017 WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reversed a decision to delay an Obama-era rule requiring states to curb smog-causing emissions, one […]

3 Aug 2017

Logging in ancient forest would affect rule-of-law process against Poland: EU

By Jan Strupczewski and Agnieszka Barteczko (Reuters) | 2 August 2017 BRUSSELS – Logging in Poland’s Bialowieza primeval forest would add to arguments against Warsaw in the European Union’s investigation on whether Poland is […]

1 Aug 2017

China pollution regulators slam metals giant Minmetals for violations

By David Stanway (Reuters) | 1 August 2017 SHANGHAI – Chinese inspectors have accused subsidiaries of state-owned China Minmetals Group of repeatedly violating pollution rules in the major rice-growing province […]

31 Jul 2017

Germany open to class action lawsuits in emissions scandal

By Michelle Martin and Madeline Chambers (Reuters) | 31 July 2017 BERLIN  – The German government is in principle open to class action lawsuits against carmakers engulfed in an emissions scandal […]

31 Jul 2017

Ivory Coast seizes record haul of pangolin scales

By Loucoumane Coulibaly (Reuters) | 29 July 2017 ABIDJAN  – Ivory Coast has seized three tonnes of pangolin scales and arrested eight people for trading the valuable armor of the […]

31 Jul 2017

EU court orders Poland to stop logging primeval forest now

By Gabriela Baczynska and Agnieszka Barteczko (Reuters) | 28 July 2017 BRUSSELS/WARSAW – The European Union’s top court ordered Poland on Friday to immediately halt large-scale logging in an ancient protected forest, one […]

28 Jul 2017

U.S. regulators approve fix for 326,000 VW diesels

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 27 July 2017 WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board on Thursday approved a fix for 326,000 Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) diesel […]

28 Jul 2017

German court paves way for diesel ban in Stuttgart

By Ilona Wissenbach (Reuters) | 28 July 2017 STUTTGART, Germany  – A German court said on Friday that driving restrictions were not legally out of proportion to cut down on […]

26 Jul 2017

EU top court rules against ArcerlorMittal carbon challenge

By Michele Sinner (Reuters) | 26 July 2017 LUXEMBOURG – The European Court of Justice on Wednesday ruled against steelmaker ArcelorMittal’s challenge against how the European Union allocates free carbon […]

21 Jul 2017

Five lawsuits aim to get Texas to enforce air quality laws

By Emily Flitter (Reuters) | 20 July 2017 NEW YORK – Green groups sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday to force Texas to toughen its stance on air […]

19 Jul 2017

Beijing aims to curb city’s use of coal by 2020

By Muyu Xu (Reuters) | 19 July 2017 BEIJING – China’s capital city Beijing is aiming to cut its coal consumption to below 5 million tonnes by 2020 and limit […]

18 Jul 2017

France must define possible scenarios to reduce nuclear: minister

By Bate Felix & Mathieu Rosemain (Reuters) | 15 July 2017 PARIS – France should define a clear roadmap to fulfill its pledge to cut the share of nuclear power […]

13 Jul 2017

Conservative groups urge lawmakers to gut climate programs in U.S. military

By Timothy Gardner (Reuters) | 12 July 2017 WASHINGTON  – A coalition of 14 conservative groups urged U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday to support an amendment to the House of Representatives’ […]

13 Jul 2017

U.S. EPA chief says to treat diesel emissions cheating ‘very aggressively’

By Valerie Volcovici and David Shepardson (Reuters) | 12 July 2017 WASHINGTON – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt said the agency must ensure Volkswagen AG’s (VOWG_p.DE) excess diesel emissions is not repeated, […]

12 Jul 2017

EU parliament extends exemption for foreign flights from carbon emissions scheme

By Julia Fioretti (Reuters) | 11 July 2017 BRUSSELS – A European Union parliamentary committee voted on Tuesday to extend the exemption of international flights from the EU’s charges for carbon emissions, but […]

11 Jul 2017

France to end sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2040

By Bate Felix and Simon Carraud (Reuters) | 6 July 2017 PARIS – France aims to end the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040 and become carbon neutral […]

7 Jul 2017

Youth Perspective: Is climate litigation too ‘political’?

By Henry Lininger | 27 June 2017  Source: Yale Climate Connections  Supporters of climate litigation are paying close attention to a federal suit filed in Eugene, Oregon. My former classmate Kelsey Juliana is […]

7 Jul 2017

G20 draft text fuses U.S. climate isolation with deal on innovation

By Michael Nienaber (Reuters) | 5 July 2017 Draft conclusions to this week’s summit of the Group of 20 leading economies acknowledge the United States’ isolation in opposing the Paris […]

4 Jul 2017

Court rejects Trump administration move to delay methane regulation

By Emily Flitter (Reuters) | 3 July 2017 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cannot freeze implementing a rule requiring oil and gas companies to fix methane leaks in their equipment, a federal […]

4 Jul 2017

EPA wins U.S. court reversal over coal jobs study

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) | 29 June 2017 A federal appeals court said the Environmental Protection Agency should not have been ordered by a lower court judge to assess how its air regulations […]

27 Jun 2017

EPA and Army Corps seek to rescind clean water rule

By Valerie Volcovici | 27 June 2017 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers released a proposal on Tuesday to repeal the 2015 Clean Water […]

20 Jun 2017

U.S. top court hands Chevron victory in Ecuador pollution case

By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) | 19 June 2017 WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to Chevron Corp by preventing Ecuadorean villagers and their American lawyer from trying to collect […]

19 Jun 2017

How a math formula could decide fate of endangered U.S. species

By Sharon Bernstein | 19 June 2017 The Trump administration is considering a proposal that could effectively let some plants and animals become extinct so cash-strapped agencies can use more […]

16 Jun 2017

Sanofi chief says U.S. Supreme Court ruling on biologics has “immediate impact”

By Matthias Blamont (Reuters) | 16 June 2017 PARIS, The U.S Supreme Court decision to speed access to copycat biologics drugs on Monday was expected but has an “immediate impact”, Sanofi Chief Executive […]

16 Jun 2017

Chinese court jails seven for falsifying pollution data

By Christian Shepherd (Reuters) | 16 June 2017 A court in China on Friday jailed seven people for more than a year each for tampering with air quality monitoring equipment […]

16 Jun 2017

EU approves German fund for managing radioactive waste

By Philip Blenkinsop (Reuters) | 16 June 2017 The European Commission said on Friday it had approved Germany’s plan to create a public fund to deal with radioactive waste. Germany […]

15 Jun 2017

Oil producer Norway bans use of heating oil in buildings

By Terje Solsvik (Reuters) | 15 June 2017 Oil producer Norway will prohibit the use of oil and paraffin to heat buildings from 2020 as it tries to rein in […]

12 Jun 2017

Supreme Court speeds copycat biologic drugs to market

By Andrew Chung (Reuters) | 12 June 2017 WASHINGTON, The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday cut the time it will take for copycat versions of biologic drugs to get to the market in […]

9 Jun 2017

AGs of 13 states to challenge any Trump effort to roll back vehicle standards

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 9 June 2017 New York State’s attorney general and those of 12 other states told the Trump administration in a letter Friday they would mount […]

8 Jun 2017

Top EU court bars Dextrose tablet maker’s glucose health claims

By Elizabeth Miles (Reuters) | 08 June 2017 The European Union’s top court barred Germany’s Dextro Energy on Thursday from making claims about the health benefits of glucose contained in […]

8 Jun 2017

Hawaii enacts law committing to goals of Paris climate accord

By Tom James (Reuters) | 7 June 2017 Hawaii has become the first U.S. state to enact legislation to bring its environmental standards in line with the Paris climate accord, officials said on […]

8 Jun 2017

California, Tsinghua to set up U.S.-China climate change institute

8 June 2017 (Reuters) The state of California and China’s Tsinghua University will establish a U.S.-China Climate Change Institute to cooperate on technology and research in the battle against global […]

2 Jun 2017

World pledges to save ‘Mother Earth’ despite Trump’s snub to climate pact

By Thomas Escritt and Philip Blenkinsop | 2 June 2017 (Reuters) China and Europe pledged on Friday to unite to save what German Chancellor Angela Merkel called “our Mother Earth”, […]

30 May 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: On building social capital

We sat down with Jane Wales, CEO of the Global Philanthropy Forum and World Affairs, vice president of the Aspen Institute and host of the nationally-syndicated National Public Radio interview […]

12 May 2017

Laws to tackle climate change exceed 1,200 worldwide – study

By Alister Doyle | May 12 2017 (Reuters)  Nations around the world have adopted more than 1,200 laws to curb climate change, up from about 60 two decades ago, which is […]

5 May 2017

UK proposes clean-air zones, scrappage scheme for polluting cars

By Costas Pitas | May 5 2017 (Reuters) Britain said on Friday it could introduce a scrappage scheme to get the most polluting cars and vans off its roads and charge […]

5 May 2017

Beijing removes 180,000 old, polluting cars from roads from January-April

By David Stanway | May 5 2017 (Reuters) Beijing removed 180,000 old and polluting vehicles from its roads in the first four months of 2017, the Chinese capital’s environmental bureau […]

27 Apr 2017

EU steps up legal action vs Poland over logging of primeval forest

By Jan Strupczewski | 27 April 2017 The European Commission stepped up on Thursday its legal action against Poland over the logging of the protected primeval Bialowieza forest in the […]

13 Apr 2017

Policy makers drag feet on getting electric power to the people

By Megan Rowling | April 13 2017 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Just over 1 billion people, or around one in seven, still have no access to electricity, a figure that has barely […]

13 Apr 2017

Peru proposes lower air quality standards to attract buyer for smelter

By Ursula Scollo | April 13 2017 (Reuters) Peru has proposed loosening air quality regulations in parts of the country, a move that could clear the path toward attracting a […]

13 Apr 2017

Mayors will lead on climate change for political gain, says ex-NYC mayor

By Sebastien Malo | April 13 2017 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Mayors globally are increasingly adopting measures to slash greenhouse gas emissions because it makes them popular with voters, former New York […]

13 Apr 2017

U.S. government sued over plan to kill cougars and bears in Colorado

By Laura Zuckerman | April 13 2017 (Reuters) Wildlife conservation groups sued the U.S. government on Wednesday seeking to halt a plan to trap and kill as many as 120 mountain […]

7 Apr 2017

Brazil’s land titles programme improves Amazon forest protection – research

By Chris Arsenault | April 7 2017 (Thomson Reuters Foundation)  A Brazilian government programme to formally distribute land to thousands of small-scale farmers is helping the country protect its vast forests, […]

7 Apr 2017

U.S. backs out of Latam development fund in sign of policy shift

By Daniela Desantis | April 7 2017 (Reuters) The United States, historically a major backer of multilateral lending institutions, will not renew its contribution to a Inter-American Development Bank fund that […]

21 Mar 2017

Climate change financing dropped from G20 draft statement

By Jan Strupczewski and Michael Nienaber | March 21 2017 (Reuters) Opposition from the United States, Saudi Arabia and others has forced Germany to drop a reference to financing programmes […]

21 Mar 2017

EPA hit hardest as Trump budget targets regulations

By Valerie Volcovici and Timothy Gardner | March 21 2017 (Reuters) President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday proposed a 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, as the White House […]

21 Mar 2017

EU lawmakers reject call for ban on Arctic oil exploration

By Waverly Colville | March 21 2017 (Reuters) The European Parliament rejected a call to ban Arctic oil and gas exploration on Thursday, in a symbolic vote seen as a […]

14 Mar 2017

Brazil launches database to fight illegal Amazon logging

By Stephen Eisenhammer | March 14 2017 (Reuters) Brazil’s federal environmental agency, Ibama, launched on Tuesday a centralized database to track timber from source to sale, a vital step in […]

14 Mar 2017

Volkswagen pleads guilty in U.S. court in diesel emissions scandal

By Nick Carey and David Shepardson | March 14 2017 (Reuters) Volkswagen AG pleaded guilty on Friday to fraud, obstruction of justice and falsifying statements as part of a $4.3 […]

23 Feb 2017

Philippine minister stands by call to shut mines as review begins

By Manolo Serapio Jr | February 23 2017 The Philippines’ environment minister said on Monday she stands by her decision to shut more than half the country’s operating mines and bar […]

20 Feb 2017

London to introduce vehicle pollution tax from October

By Ritvik Carvalho | February 20 2017 (Reuters) London will introduce a charge on the oldest and most polluting vehicles from October in a new effort to improve air quality, […]

17 Feb 2017

Brazil pushes on with plan to open farmland sales to foreigners

By Chris Arsenault | February 17 2017 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Brazil says it is pushing ahead with plans to change the law and let foreigners buy farmland, in a move widely […]

16 Feb 2017

DuPont settles lawsuits over leak of chemical used to make Teflon

By Arathy S Nair | February 16 2017 DuPont and Chemours Co have agreed to pay $671 million in cash to settle thousands of lawsuits involving a leak of a toxic […]

8 Feb 2017

Australia probes coal spill near Great Barrier Reef

By James Regan | February 8 2017 (Reuters) Coal has washed up in waters dangerously close to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, environmental authorities said on Wednesday, following an investigation into complaints […]

6 Feb 2017

Hungary court orders retrial in toxic red sludge case

By Krisztina Than | February 6 2017 (Reuters) A Hungarian court ordered a retrial on Monday over the spill of toxic red sludge in 2010 that killed 10 people in […]

30 Jan 2017

China auditor says 17.6 billion yuan of funds to fight water pollution misused: Xinhua

By Elias Glenn | January 30 2017 (Reuters) China’s audit office found that 17.6 billion yuan ($2.56 billion) earmarked for water pollution prevention work in 2016 was not effectively used, Xinhua reported […]

26 Jan 2017

Vietnam punishes four officials over Formosa environmental disaster

By Mai Nguyen | January 26 2017 (Reuters) Vietnam said on Thursday it would punish four officials over one of its worst environmental disasters, caused by a unit of Taiwan conglomerate […]

21 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The human cost of the global fashion industry

20 January 2017 The internationally bestselling, award-winning author of four novels, Corban Addison writes large-canvas stories about issues of global injustice that combine the authenticity and on-the-ground research of investigative […]

20 Jan 2017

In latest move, China halts over 100 coal power projects

By Josephine Mason | January 20 2017 (Reuters) China’s energy regulator has ordered 11 provinces to stop more than 100 coal-fired power projects, with a combined installed capacity of more […]

20 Jan 2017

Protect common land: Indian classical singer makes unusual appeal

By Rina Chandran | January 20 2017 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) A popular Indian classical singer stars in a new music video appealing for the protection of common land in Chennai city, […]

13 Jan 2017

Gasoline taxes fall despite promises to slow climate change – study

By Alister Doyle | January 13 2017 (Reuters) Average taxes on gasoline worldwide have tended to fall in recent years despite promises by many nations to do more to limit […]

9 Jan 2017

Beijing launches environmental police force to tackle air pollution

By Sue-Lin Wong and David Stanway | January 9 2017 (Reuters) The smog-hit Chinese capital of Beijing will establish a police force to deal specifically with environmental offences as part of […]

6 Jan 2017

Shell battles Nigerian communities in high-stakes London lawsuit

By Karolin Schaps and Libby George | January 6 2017 (Reuters) A court in London will decide in coming weeks whether Royal Dutch Shell can face trial in the UK over […]

4 Jan 2017

China fines 605 power plants 328 million yuan for environmental breaches

By Muyu Xu | January 4 2017 (Reuters) Companies running 605 Chinese coal-fired power plants have been fined a total of 328 million yuan ($47 million) by the country’s economic planning […]

3 Jan 2017

Qatar World Cup construction workers to get ‘cooling’ hats

By Tom Finn | January 3 2017 (Reuters) Migrant workers building soccer stadiums in Qatar’s desert heat are to be given ‘cooling’ hard hats to reduce their body temperature and […]

3 Jan 2017

FEATURE-Mexico’s Maya point way to slow species loss, climate change

By Talli Nauman | Jnauary 3 2017 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Maria Yam Pérez scrambles eggs over a wood-saving, earth-block stove and stirs in freshly chopped chaya, a spinach-like jungle plant known […]

3 Jan 2017

China to ban domestic ivory trade by end of 2017

By Venus Wu | January 3 2017 (Reuters) China will slap a total ban on the domestic ivory trade within a year, the government announced on Friday, shutting the door to the […]

22 Dec 2016

Brazilian conservationists develop new tool to cut illegal wood from supply chains

By Chris Arsenault | December 22 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Companies that want to buy Brazilian timber without contributing to illegal deforestation have a new tool to help them ensure stolen […]

21 Dec 2016

Chile’s environmental regulator to sanction salmon companies

By Anthony Esposito and Gram Slattery | December 21 2016 (Reuters) Chile’s environmental regulator said on Tuesday that it started a sanctioning process against the local units of two salmon companies, […]

15 Dec 2016

EU lawmakers opt for more ambitious carbon market reform

By Alissa de Carbonnel | December 15 2016 (Reuters) EU lawmakers on Thursday adopted draft reforms of the carbon market which seek to balance calls for greater cuts in greenhouse gases with […]

15 Dec 2016

Hong Kong faces new rules on illegal timber flooding China

By Farah Master | December 15 2016 (Reuters) Campaigners say new global rules to protect endangered tree species will be a test for Hong Kong, already grappling to deal with its […]

13 Dec 2016

Nature reserves in Central America push out indigenous people – report

By Chris Arsenault | December 13 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) The creation of protected areas and parks in Central America aimed at conserving tropical forests has pushed indigenous people off the […]

13 Dec 2016

India’s landmark forest rights law hobbled by conflicting policies – report

By Rina Chandran | December 13 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) A landmark Indian forest rights law passed 10 years ago with the aim of protecting indigenous people has been crippled […]

12 Dec 2016


11 December 2016 The following is a statement from Paula Caballero, Global Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute: “Adopted one year ago, the Paris Agreement reflects a decisive response to […]

9 Dec 2016

Washington state sues Monsanto over PCB damages, cleanup costs

By Eric Beech | December 9 2016 (Reuters) Washington state filed an environmental lawsuit on Thursday against agricultural company Monsanto Co seeking damages and cleanup costs associated with the company’s production […]

9 Dec 2016

EU takes legal action against Germany, UK over VW scandal

By Alissa de Carbonnel | December 6 2016 (Reuters) The European Union began legal action on Thursday against Germany, Britain and five other member states for failing to police emissions test cheating […]

8 Dec 2016

Giraffes suffer ‘silent extinction’ in Africa: Red List report

By Alister Doyle | December 8 2016 (Reuters) Giraffe numbers have declined by as much as 40 percent since the 1980s in a “silent extinction” driven by illegal hunting and an […]

8 Dec 2016

Trump to pick foe of Obama climate agenda to run EPA -source

(Reuters) By Valerie Volcovici and David Shepardson | 7 December 2016 Donald Trump will name Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, an ardent opponent of President Barack Obama’s measures to curb […]

6 Dec 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Violence against women has high costs – Ending it provides transformative prosperity

The costs of violence against women are real and at a conservative estimate amount to 2 percent of gross GDP or 1.5 Trillion USD every year – equal to the […]

5 Dec 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Prosperity through combating religious prejudice

In this remarkable piece for our times, Joyce S. Dubensky, CEO, leads a groundbreaking secular organization called Tanenbaum that promotes mutual respect to bridge religious differences and build new models of […]

5 Dec 2016

Gore says U.S. climate curbs on track, hopes Trump will surprise

By Environment Correspondent Alister Doyle | 5 December 2016 U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are likely to fall irrespective of the pro-coal policies of President-elect Donald Trump, who may still surprise […]

5 Dec 2016

Philippines third quarter nickel ore output drops 16 percent as Duterte’s green clampdown bites

By Manolo Serapio Jr | December 5 2016 (Reuters) The Philippines’ output of nickel ore fell 16 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier, government data showed on Monday, after […]

5 Dec 2016

Chilean regulator draws up environmental charges against SQM: reports

By Gram Slattery | December 5 2016 (Reuters) Chile’s government has decided to draw up charges against lithium giant SQM for a series of alleged environmental violations that could result in […]

2 Dec 2016

Carnival Princess to pay record $40 million for pollution cover-up

By Susan Heavey | December 2 2016 (Reuters)  Carnival Corp’s Princess Cruise Lines will plead guilty to seven felony charges for polluting the seas and deliberate acts to cover it up, […]

1 Dec 2016

Obama moves to lock in vehicle greenhouse gas rules

By David Shepardson | December 1 2016 (Reuters) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday said it will push to lock in fuel efficiency standards central to outgoing President Barack Obama’s climate […]

1 Dec 2016

EU unveils power market reform to boost renewables

By Alissa de Carbonnel | December 1 2016 (Reuters) EU regulators set a path on Wednesday for renewables to power half of Europe by 2030, with plans to cut energy use, phase […]

29 Nov 2016

Exclusive: EU to attach CO2 limits to power reserve subsidies – source

By Alissa de Carbonnel | November 29 2016 (Reuters) EU regulators plan to attach emissions limits to subsidies paid to utilities that set aside capacity to avert blackouts, an EU source told […]

25 Nov 2016

China sends environmental inspection teams to seven more regions

By David Stanway | November 25 2016 (Reuters)  China has dispatched another seven environmental inspection teams to check how its anti-pollution rules are being implemented throughout the regions, the Ministry of […]

25 Nov 2016

EU requires pension funds to assess climate change risks

By Francesco Guarascio | November 25 2016 (Reuters) EU pension funds will have to include environmental risks in their investment strategies, under a law passed on Thursday, that ecologists hope will […]

23 Nov 2016

European parliament passes watered-down draft law on air pollution

By Alissa de Carbonnel | November 23 2016 (Reuters) The European Parliament passed a new draft law on air pollution on Wednesday that the European Commission and several members of parliament […]

16 Nov 2016

France, U.N. tell Trump action on climate change unstoppable

By Nina Chestney and Alister Doyle | 15 November 2016 (Reuters) France and the United Nations on Tuesday stepped up warnings to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about the risks of […]

11 Nov 2016

U.S. seeks to speed wind, solar development on federal lands

By Nichola Groom | November 11 2016 The Obama administration on Thursday took a major step toward encouraging development of renewable energy on federal lands in six Western states by […]

9 Nov 2016

Factbox: Clean energy faces vote in four state ballot initiatives

By Valerie Volcovici | November 11 2016 In addition to picking the next U.S. president on Tuesday, voters in four states will decide on ballot initiatives related to energy and […]

9 Nov 2016

Philanthropy’s drive for ‘better cities’ needs data and deep urban knowledge

By Astrid Zweynert | November 9 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) The doors of the Carnegie Library in Herne Hill, a leafy south London suburb, shut for the last time seven months […]

8 Nov 2016

German climate plan to include CO2 targets for all sectors -draft

By Markus Wacket | November 8 2016 (Reuters) The German government has reached a tentative agreement on a Climate Action Plan that includes targets for all economic sectors and aims […]

4 Nov 2016

Finland considers ban on coal-fired power stations by 2030 – Rehn

By Tuomas Forsell | November 4 2016 (Reuters) Finnish government is considering banning all coal-fired power stations by 2030 to help meet emission reduction goals, Minister of Economic Affairs Olli […]

4 Nov 2016

U.S., 35 states to boost electric vehicle charging network

By David Shepardson | November 4 2016 (Reuters) The White House said on Thursday it will establish 48 national electric-vehicle (EV) charging networks on nearly 25,000 miles of highways in 35 […]

3 Nov 2016

British court rules government failing to tackle air pollution

By Nina Chestney | November 3 2016 UK government measures to tackle air pollution still don’t comply with European Union legislation to improve air quality and meet nitrogen dioxide limits, Britain’s […]

3 Nov 2016

Obama says U.S. mulling alternate routes for North Dakota pipeline

By Valerie Volcovici | November 3 2016 President Barack Obama said the U.S. government is examining ways to reroute an oil pipeline in North Dakota as it addresses concerns raised by […]

3 Nov 2016

Biggest threat to forests, beef lags in push to cut supply chain deforestation

By Megan Rowling | November 3 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) More companies have promised to cut back deforestation in their supply chains for agricultural commodities since the Paris climate change deal […]

31 Oct 2016

IWC claims authority over ‘scientific’ whaling permits

By David Spaic-Kovacic and Marja Novak | October 31 2016 The International Whaling Commission (IWC) declared on Thursday that countries would in future need its approval to hunt whales for scientific […]

31 Oct 2016

Britain seeks to curb subsidy payments for diesel-fired power plants

By Susanna Twidale and Peter Hobson | October 31 2016 (Reuters) Britain has proposed tighter rules for small power generators, such as operators of diesel-fired plants seeking subsides under its […]

27 Oct 2016

White House weighing whether greenhouse gas deal needs Senate approval

By Roberta Rampton | October 27 2016 (Reuters) The Obama administration is evaluating whether an international agreement reached earlier this month to cut back on greenhouse gases used in refrigerators […]

25 Oct 2016

Haiti’s hurricane raises risk of women, children being trafficked – U.N.

By Anastasia Moloney | October 25 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Women and children in Haiti are at heightened risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which […]

24 Oct 2016

Environment group wins challenge against Australia’s Port Melville depot

By Harry Pearl | October 24 2016 An Australia court overturned on Saturday government approval of a A$130 million fuel depot and port at Port Melville, off the country’s north coast, […]

24 Oct 2016

‘This forest is like an old friend’ – India’s tribal women fight for land ownership

By Manipadma Jena | October 24 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) For the tribal women of Gunduribadi village, in India’s eastern Odisha state, an early morning patrol is essential to conserve […]

21 Oct 2016

Governments agree U.N. study of tough climate limit, despite doubts

By Alister Doyle | October 21 2016 Governments gave the green light on Thursday for a U.N. scientific study on how to meet an ambitious global warming target, despite growing worries […]

20 Oct 2016

Britain lacks policies to meet emissions targets: govt advisers

By Susanna Twidale | October 20 2016 (Reuters) Britain lacks the policies needed to achieve its domestic emissions targets, and should by February set out new plans to meet them, the […]

20 Oct 2016

‘Elect more women to build sustainable, inclusive cities’ – female mayors’ group

By Anastasia Moloney | October 20 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Less than five percent of cities are led by women and their lack of political participation is hampering progress in […]

19 Oct 2016

Environmental groups file lawsuit against Norway over Arctic oil

By Stine Jacobsen | October 19 2016 Two environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Tuesday accusing Norway of violating its pledges under a global agreement to combat climate change by letting […]

18 Oct 2016

What works to build urban resilience – and what doesn’t?

By Janani Vivekananda, International Alert – UK | October 18 2016 This week heads of state will formally adopt a ‘New Urban Agenda’ in Quito, Ecuador. This will aim to set the […]

17 Oct 2016

Benefits of greenhouse gas pact may fall short of high hopes

By Alister Doyle | October 17 2016 (Reuters) A pact by almost 200 nations to slash greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners will likely fall short of governments’ […]

14 Oct 2016

Kerry says nations working to reach deal on cutting HFC gases

By Lesley Wroughton | October 14 2016 (Reuters) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday that nations were working towards reaching a global deal this weekend on cutting greenhouse […]

13 Oct 2016

Trump as president would pose global danger: U.N. rights chief

By Stephanie Nebehay | October 13 2016 The world will be in danger if Republican nominee Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, the top United Nations human rights […]

13 Oct 2016

EU Parliament committee backs carbon market reform compromise

By Nina Chestney | October 13 2016 The European Parliament’s industry committee voted on Thursday to back a compromise for reforming the European Union’s carbon market, favoring a Commission proposal on […]

10 Oct 2016

Peru says deforestation slowing as it beefs up laws, sanctions

By Mitra Taj | October 10 2016 (Reuters) Deforestation in Peru has slowed since peaking at nearly 180,000 hectares (700 square miles) in 2014 when swaths of the Amazon were […]

10 Oct 2016

Want to save the rainforest on the cheap? Give land to the indigenous, report says

By Chris Arsenault | October 10 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Giving indigenous people land title deeds is one of the most cost-effective ways to preserve South America’s endangered rainforest, a […]

6 Oct 2016

INSIGHT-Inside Brazil’s battle to save the Amazon with satellites and strike forces

By Chris Arsenault | October 06 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) When George Porto joined Brazil’s environment agency 13 years ago, the country didn’t have access to satellite data on illegal […]

5 Oct 2016

Paris climate accord to take effect; Obama hails ‘historic day’

By Alister Doyle and Roberta Rampton | 5 October 2016 A global agreement to combat climate change will take force after support from European nations sent the accord across an […]

26 Sep 2016

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

By Richard Orange| September 26 2016 (The Guardian) The Swedish government is introducing tax breaks on repairs to everything from bicycles to washing machines so it will no longer make sense […]

21 Sep 2016

U.S. nuclear waste backlog could be eased by private disposal: Moniz

By Timothy Gardner |  Septemeber 21 2016 The United States could alleviate growing stockpiles of nuclear waste at U.S. power plants by allowing private companies to dispose of it and […]

21 Sep 2016

Canada will impose nationwide carbon price – minister

By Ethan Lou | September 21 2016 (Reuters) – Canada will impose a carbon price on provinces that do not adequately regulate emissions by themselves, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said on […]

20 Sep 2016

California restricts pollutants from cow flatulence to diesel emissions

By Sharon Bernstein | September 20 2016 California on Monday moved to restrict air pollutants from sources as diverse as diesel trucks and cow flatulence, the latest of several efforts in […]

19 Sep 2016

International court to prosecute environmental crimes in major shift

By Chris Arsenault | September 19 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) The International Criminal Court (ICC) said on Thursday it would start focusing on crimes linked to environmental destruction, the illegal […]

16 Sep 2016

Indian state pulls petition blocking tribal challenge to power projects

By Rina Chandran | September 16 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh has withdrawn a court petition challenging the right of indigenous people to oppose a […]

15 Sep 2016

Britain to miss its 2020 renewable energy targets – lawmakers

By Susanna Twidale | September 15 2016 (Reuters) Britain is set to miss its 2020 European renewable energy targets, a parliamentary committee report said on Friday, setting a poor example for […]

15 Sep 2016

Ivory Coast evicts thousands of cocoa farmers to save forests

By Ange Aboa and Joe Bavier | September 15 2016 (Reuters) Before the morning mists had broken over Ivory Coast’s Mont Peko National Park, thousands of newly homeless cocoa farmers […]

14 Sep 2016

Give indigenous people land rights or fail on deforestation pledges, governors told

By Chris Arsenault | September 14 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Countries will be unable to meet their climate change pledges unless they secure land rights for people living in the world’s […]

8 Sep 2016

Paradise lost: study documents big decline in Earth’s wilderness

By Will Dunham | 8 September 2016 (Reuters) Unspoiled lands are disappearing from the face of the Earth at an alarming pace, with about 10 percent of wilderness regions – […]

7 Sep 2016

St. Jude sues short-seller over heart device allegations

By Ransdell Pierson and Ankur Banerjee (Reuters) | 7 September 2016 St. Jude Medical Inc on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against short-selling firm Muddy Waters and cyber security company MedSec Holdings Ltd, […]

6 Sep 2016

Australia explorer looks at grounds for lawsuit over gas drilling ban

By Sonali Paul | September 6 2016 (Reuters) Lakes Oil shares sank 50 percent on Wednesday in their first trading since the fracking ban was announced, and the stock was the […]

5 Sep 2016

Prosecutors to decide in September on Samarco dam spill charges

By Marta Nogueira | September 5 2016 (Reuters) Federal prosecutors investigating the deadly dam spill in November at the Samarco iron ore mine, owned by Vale SA and BHP Billiton, will […]

5 Sep 2016

Endesa Chile gives up water rights to hydroelectric projects

By Anthony Esposito | September 5 2016 (Reuters) Endesa Chile, the country’s largest power generator, said on Tuesday it is rescinding the water rights to several hydroelectric projects and will take […]

2 Sep 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: G20 shifts into a green gear on finance

“Green finance is one of the very few ideas that, if effectively implemented, can benefit the vast majority of the population in the world, and can help improve the sustainability […]

2 Sep 2016

Sustainability certified India tea estates violate worker rights – report

By Anuradha Nagaraj | September 2 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Tea estates in southern India are hiring temporary workers during peak plucking season and denying these labourers basic rights as required […]

26 Aug 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Sustainability at a crossroads

By Jeffrey A. Smith, Senior Counsel, Sidley Austin LLP | 26 August 2016 Notwithstanding legislative gridlock in the U.S., larger global forces have driven environmental law, in fact the entire […]

24 Aug 2016

UK lawmakers push for ban on plastic microbeads

By Martinne Geller | August 24 2016 (Reuters) Britain should ban the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and toiletries, a group of lawmakers has recommended, saying companies’ voluntary efforts […]

22 Aug 2016

Ever wanted to track where your fish comes from? Now you can

By Alex Whiting | August 22 2016 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Anyone with internet access and a passion for seafood will soon be able to track commercial fishing trawlers all over […]

19 Aug 2016

South Korea widens probe into imported carmakers after VW emissions scandal

By Hyunjoo Jin and Clarence Fernandez | August 19 2016 (Reuters) South Korea has expanded a probe into whether foreign carmakers besides Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) falsified documents on emissions and […]

11 Aug 2016

Volkswagen plaintiffs’ lawyers to seek up to $332.5 million in fees, costs

By Jessica Dye (Reuters) | 11 August 2016 NEW YORK – Plaintiffs’ lawyers will seek up to $332.5 million in fees and costs for their work in a $10 billion […]

10 Aug 2016

Electric car charging station companies issue warning over VW settlement

By Rory Carroll (Reuters) | 10 August 2016 SAN FRANCISCO – Electric vehicle charging companies are calling for independent oversight of the $2 billion Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) is required to […]

10 Aug 2016

PG&E guilty of federal charges in deadly California blast

By Dan Levine and Curtis Skinner (Reuters) | 09 August 2016 Pacific Gas and Electric Co was found guilty on Tuesday of several federal charges stemming from a natural gas […]

10 Aug 2016

US, Australia, Canada indigenous land rights laws lag Africa, Latam – mapping study

By Paola Totaro (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 09 August 2016 The seven lowest scoring nations across all 10 indicators were in the Middle East including Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, […]

9 Aug 2016

Colorado anti-fracking initiatives hit signature target

By Liz Hampton (Reuters) | 08 August 2016 Environmental groups in Colorado on Monday said they collected enough signatures to add proposed anti-fracking initiatives to a state ballot in November, […]

9 Aug 2016

Chevron wins U.S. ruling blocking $8.6 billion Ecuador rainforest award

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) | 08 August 2016 NEW YORK – Chevron Corp persuaded a federal appeals court on Monday to block enforcement in the United States of an $8.65 […]

9 Aug 2016

German court to speed up Volkswagen investor lawsuits

By Andreas Cremer (Reuters) | 08 August 2016 A German court will adopt a rarely used class-action style procedure to more efficiently process claims by investors seeking damages from Volkswagen […]

9 Aug 2016

Evicted from Tanzanian wetland, herders win 10-year battle for compensation

By Kizito Makoye (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 08 August 2016 Community rights activists said the compensation fund is unlikely to be adequate DAR ES SALAAM – Ten years after losing their […]

5 Aug 2016

California voters could decide future of climate change program

By Rory Carroll (Reuters) | 05 August 2016 SAN FRANCISCO – California voters could decide whether to extend the state’s pioneering climate change program beyond 2020 when they go to […]

5 Aug 2016

Brazil land conflicts simmer with 23 killings so far in 2016 – watchdog

By Chris Arsenault (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 04 August 2016 More than 20 land rights activists have been killed in Brazil so far this year, with most deaths linked to conflicts […]

5 Aug 2016

U.S. states signed pact to keep Exxon climate probe confidential

By Terry Wade (Reuters) | 04 August 2016 A pact that 15 U.S. states signed to jointly investigate Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) for allegedly misleading the public about climate change […]

4 Aug 2016

Seoul to limit old diesel vehicles to fight air pollution

By Hyunjoo Jin (Reuters) | 04 August 2016 South Korea’s capital of Seoul will limit the number of old diesel vehicles on the roads starting next year, as the country […]

3 Aug 2016

Clinton campaign studying alternative to U.S. ethanol mandate

By Valerie Volcovici and Rory Carroll (Reuters) | 03 August 2016 WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO – Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign has solicited advice from California regulators on how to […]

3 Aug 2016

Indonesian seaweed farmers sue Thailand’s PTT over Australian oil spill

By Sonali Paul (Reuters) | 03 August 2016 Indonesian seaweed farmers on Wednesday sued Thailand’s PTT Exploration and Production for potentially more than A$200 million ($152 million) to cover damages […]

3 Aug 2016

Automakers, regulators spar over U.S. emissions rules

By David Shepardson and Joseph White (Reuters) | 02 August 2016 TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. – The complex U.S. emissions rules driving the auto industry’s technology investment should be overhauled, auto […]

3 Aug 2016

White House directs federal agencies to consider climate change

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 02 August 2016 WASHINGTON – U.S. federal agencies should disclose whether their actions and decisions will have an impact on climate change, the White House […]

2 Aug 2016

German state of Bavaria to sue Volkswagen over emissions scandal

By Joern Poltz and Andreas Cremer (Reuters) | 02 August 2016 The German state of Bavaria said on Tuesday it would sue Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) for damages caused by its emissions-test cheating […]

2 Aug 2016

Criminal investigation underway into 2015 Colorado mine spill

By Keith Coffman (Reuters) | 01 August 2016 DENVER – Federal investigators said on Monday they have opened a criminal probe into the 2015 spill of some 3 million gallons […]

1 Aug 2016

Still waters: U.S. to crack down on ocean noise that harms fish

By Ian Simpson (Reuters) | 30 July 2016 The ocean has gotten noisier for decades, with man-made racket from oil drilling, shipping and construction linked to signs of stress in marine […]

29 Jul 2016

India’s new reforestation law ignores indigenous people, analysts say

By Rina Chandran (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 29 July 2016 MUMBAI – A new Indian law to boost reforestation across the country ignores the importance of indigenous people in conserving land […]

28 Jul 2016

BHP Billiton adds to red ink for 2016 with $1 billion-plus Brazil charge

By Sonali Paul (Reuters) | 28 July 2016 BHP Billiton will book a charge of up to $1.3 billion to cover the costs of a dam disaster last November at […]

28 Jul 2016

Philippine panel asks ‘carbon majors’ to respond to claim of rights violations

By Manolo Serapio Jr (Reuters) | 28 July 2016 A Philippine rights body has set a deadline of 45 days for 47 global oil, mining and cement firms to answer a […]

27 Jul 2016

EU clears French state-aid for tidal energy plant

By Robert-Jan Bartunek (Reuters) | 27 July 2016 The European Commission has cleared French state support for an experimental tidal power plant off the northwestern coast of the country, saying […]

21 Jul 2016

Title deeds to Amazon farms give thousands of Brazil’s landless new future

By Chris Arsenault (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 21 July 2016 RIO DE JANEIRO – Like his father, Ismael Freitas spent long days cultivating fruit in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest on land that […]

21 Jul 2016

U.S., Enbridge reach $177 million pipeline spill settlement

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 20 July 2016 WASHINGTON – Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge Inc (ENB.TO) has agreed to pay $177 million in penalties and improved safety measures in a […]

21 Jul 2016

Three U.S. states sue Volkswagen, say executives covered up diesel cheating

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 20 July 2016 Please link here for video on Reuters. WASHINGTON – Senior executives at Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) including its former chief executive covered up […]

20 Jul 2016

EU national climate goals test bloc’s resolve amid Brexit

By Alissa de Carbonnel (Reuters) | 20 July 2016 BRUSSELS – EU regulators handed out bitterly disputed national emissions-reduction targets on Wednesday for spreading the burden of the bloc’s climate […]

20 Jul 2016

EU truckmakers fined $3.2 billion over price collusion

By Foo Yun Chee and Laurence Frost (Reuters) | 19 July 2016 BRUSSELS/PARIS – EU regulators imposed a record fine of 2.9 billion euros ($3.2 billion) against Europe’s biggest truckmakers […]

20 Jul 2016

How to stop deforestation? Give indigenous people rights to land – U.N. expert

By Magdalena Mis (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 19 July 2016 Without title deeds, indigenous communities may find their land is taken over for major development projects — ROME – Indigenous people […]

19 Jul 2016

Surging heroin use threatens Kenya’s HIV/AIDS gains

By Neha Wadekar (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 19 July 2016 The East African nation has become a major transit route for international drug cartels — NAIROBI – Rashid Hassan Mohammed […]

19 Jul 2016

Indonesia begins re-vaccinating victims of fake drug ring

By Randy Fabi and Agustinus Beo da Costa (Reuters) | 18 July 2016 JAKARTA – Indonesia on Monday began re-vaccinating nearly 200 children who received fake versions of imported inoculations […]

19 Jul 2016

Indian court orders older diesel vehicles off New Delhi’s roads

By Tommy Wilkes and Sankalp Phartiyal (Reuters) | 18 July 2016 NEW DELHI – India’s top environmental court on Monday ordered authorities to remove all diesel vehicles at least 10 […]

15 Jul 2016

Land scheme abuses thwart Indian Kashmir’s energy ambitions

By Athar Parvaiz (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 15 July 2016 Low revenues from mismanaged scheme hold back Kashmir’s plan to exploit its hydropower potential — SRINIGAR, India – Mismanagement of a […]

15 Jul 2016

Energy companies spend big to fight Colorado ballot initiatives

By Liz Hampton (Reuters) | 14 July 2016 HOUSTON – Energy companies in Colorado are spending millions of dollars to derail a push by environmentalists to put measures on November’s […]

14 Jul 2016

California rejects VW’s recall plan for larger diesel cars

By Rory Carroll (Reuters) | 14 July 2016 Please link here for video on Reuters. SAN FRANCISCO – California’s chief air regulator has rejected a proposed recall plan from Volkswagen […]

14 Jul 2016

India’s big development plans could force more from homes, fuel tension: research

By Rina Chandran (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 14 July 2016 Development activities uproot about 15 million people in their own countries every year, with India accounting for some of the highest […]

14 Jul 2016

Obama to sign bill to battle heroin addiction

By Richard Cowan (Reuters) | 14 July 2016 WASHINGTON – U.S. President Barack Obama will sign legislation passed by Congress aimed at combating a nationwide epidemic of heroin and other […]

14 Jul 2016

Thai land rights campaigners’ most powerful weapon? Access to information

By Alisa Tang (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 14 July 2016 With Thai politics in turmoil, land rights campaigners fear the right to access information hangs in the balance — KLONG SAI […]

14 Jul 2016

Brazil prosecutors open criminal probe into Samarco CEO

By Marta Nogueira and Jeb Blount (Reuters) | 13 July 2016 Brazilian federal prosecutors said on Wednesday they opened an investigation into alleged environmental crimes by Roberto Carvalho, chief executive of […]

14 Jul 2016

U.S. House panel subpoenas New York, Massachusetts attorneys general

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 13 July 2016 WASHINGTON – A U.S. House of Representatives panel on Wednesday issued subpoenas to the attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts to […]

12 Jul 2016

Japan court upholds reactor shutdown in new blow to nuclear industry

By Aaron Sheldrick and Osamu Tsukimori (Reuters) | 12 July 2016 TOKYO – A Japanese court on Tuesday upheld an order to keep two reactors operated by Kansai Electric Power […]

12 Jul 2016

Cameroon moves to curb forest loss linked to Chinese investment

By Elias Ntungwe Ngalame (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 12 July 2016 A new association set up for Chinese firms exploiting Cameroon’s forests aims to help them work within the law — […]

12 Jul 2016

French carbon pricing committee proposes tax on coal-fired power

By Bate Felix (Reuters) | 11 July 2016 A French government advisory committee has recommended that France increase taxation on coal-fired power plants, or set stiffer carbon emissions standards, to […]

11 Jul 2016

German prosecutors say won’t be lenient with VW

By Jan Schwartz and Andreas Cremer (Reuters) | 11 July 2016 German prosecutors will grant Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) no mitigation for a record vehicle emissions settlement it faces in the United […]

8 Jul 2016

U.S. GMO food labeling bill passes Senate

By Chris Prentice (Reuters) | 8 July 2016 The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would for the first time require food to carry labels listing genetically-modified ingredients, which […]

8 Jul 2016

Spanish court says Volkswagen parent company liable to answer any emissions fraud charges

By Emma Pinedo and Paul Day (Reuters) | 8 July 2016 Spain’s High Court said on Friday Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) parent company, based in Germany, would be liable to answer any […]

8 Jul 2016

Exclusive: Philippines suspends 2 nickel mines, halts permits in environmental crackdown

By Manolo Serapio Jr. (Reuters) | 7 July 2016 MANILA – The Philippines has ordered the suspension of operations at two nickel ore mines for environmental violations and halted the […]

8 Jul 2016

DuPont ordered to pay $5.1 million in trial over Teflon-making chemical

By Jessica Dye (Reuters) | 6 July 2016 NEW YORK – A U.S. jury on Wednesday ordered DuPont to pay $5.1 million to a man who said he developed testicular […]

4 Jul 2016

Texas, a center of U.S. shark fin trade, enacts ban on practice

By Jon Herskovitz (Reuters) | 1 July 2016 A ban on the shark fin trade took effect in Texas on Friday, a move environmental groups hope will end the state’s […]

4 Jul 2016

J&J’s Janssen hit with $70 million verdict in Risperdal trial

By Brendan Pierson (Reuters) | 1 July 2016 A U.S. jury on Friday awarded $70 million to the family of a boy who developed breasts after taking Johnson & Johnson unit […]

1 Jul 2016

Paris drives old cars off its streets

By Brian Love and Lucien Libert (Reuters) | 1 July 2016 PARIS – Paris banned old, exhaust-belching cars from its streets on Friday in a war on air pollution that […]

1 Jul 2016

Volkswagen believes it can fix 85,000 polluting U.S. vehicles

By Alexandria Sage and David Shepardson (Reuters) | 1 July 2016 SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON – A lawyer for Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) said at a court hearing Thursday the German automaker believed […]

1 Jul 2016

BHP says will fight $6 billion claim over Samarco disaster

By James Regan and Ian Chua (Reuters) | 1 July 2016 BHP Billiton (BHP.AX) (BLT.L) on Friday said it would appeal against the decision by a Brazilian court to reinstate […]

30 Jun 2016

Kenya’s flourishing flower sector is not all roses for Maasai herdsmen

By Shadrack Kavilu (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 30 June 2016 In many parts of East Africa, governments are pushing pastoralist communities to switch to settled farming — NAIVASHA, Kenya – The […]

30 Jun 2016

Amazon biodiversity at risk despite Brazil’s forest protection law – study

By Chris Arsenault (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 29 June 2016 “Many of the forests that remain standing are shadows of the pristine forests that once stood in their place” — RIO […]

30 Jun 2016

U.S. Virgin Islands to withdraw subpoena in climate probe into Exxon

By Terry Wade (Reuters) | 30 June 2016 HOUSTON – The U.S. Virgin Islands’ attorney general on Wednesday agreed to withdraw a sweeping subpoena issued against Exxon Mobil Corp as […]

30 Jun 2016

Indonesia faces environmental time bomb after coal bust

By Fergus Jensen (Reuters) | 29 June 2016 Please link here for video on Reuters. Thousands of mines are closing in Indonesia’s tropical coal belt as prices languish and seams […]

30 Jun 2016

Murders, violence on rise as parched central India battles for water

By Shuriah Niazi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 29 June 2016 BHOPAL, India – Imrat Namdev and her younger sister Pushpa Namdev were neighbors in Chhatarpur district, in the drought-hit Indian […]

30 Jun 2016

Important to look at individuals in VW scandal: Lynch

By Julia Edwards (Reuters) | 29 June 2016 U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Tuesday that it was important for the Justice Department to look at individuals in the […]

29 Jun 2016

Investors seek ruling against Petrobras in corruption lawsuit

By Mica Rosenberg (Reuters) | 28 June 2016 NEW YORK – Investors suing Brazil‘s state-run oil firm Petrobras to recoup billions of dollars in losses argued on Tuesday that the […]

29 Jun 2016

Mexican judge bans import of fresh potatoes from United States

By Alizeh Kohari (Reuters) | 28 June 2016 A Mexican federal judge banned the entry of fresh potatoes from the United States amid concerns that pests they contain may damage […]

29 Jun 2016

Volkswagen diesel deal could be a win for many companies

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 28 June 2016 Volkswagen AG’s (VOWG_p.DE) $15.3 billion settlement of allegations that it cheated on diesel engine pollution tests promises a substantial boost for federal […]

28 Jun 2016

Zimbabwe’s wildlife agency suspends boss over missing rhino horns

By MacDonald Dzirutwe (Reuters) | 28 June 2016 Zimbabwe’s wildlife authority has suspended its director general and is investigating the disappearance of 228 kg (500 pounds) of the agency’s stored […]

28 Jun 2016

U.S. lawmakers deadlock on Zika virus funds

By Susan Cornwell (Reuters) | 28 June 2016 WASHINGTON – U.S. lawmakers deadlocked over funding to fight the Zika virus on Tuesday, as Senate Democrats blocked a Republican proposal they […]

28 Jun 2016

Exclusive: U.S. charity loophole enabled trading of 1,300 endangered animals

By John Shiffman (Reuters) | 27 June 2016 WASHINGTON – Last year, after a Minnesota dentist sparked an uproar by killing a popular lion named Cecil while on safari in […]

27 Jun 2016

Hong Kong timetables total ban on ivory trading for first time

By Farah Master, Sharon Shi, Joyce Zhou, Venus Wu and Stefanie McIntyre (Reuters) | 27 June 2016 Hong Kong has called for an end to local ivory trading within five […]

27 Jun 2016

Supreme Court refuses to review prenatal test patent dispute

By Andrew Chung (Reuters) | 27 June 2016 NEW YORK – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a bid to review a legal fight over the cancellation of a […]

27 Jun 2016

Indonesian lawmakers seek seizure of unapproved vaccines amid fake drug scare

By Agustinus Beo da Costa and Kanupriya Kapoor (Reuters) | 27 June 2016 JAKARTA – Indonesian lawmakers on Monday urged authorities to seize from hospitals and health clinics all vaccines […]

27 Jun 2016

U.S. states, Rockefellers clash with U.S. House panel on Exxon climate probes

By Terry Wade (Reuters) | 24 June 2016 HOUSTON – With a number of U.S. states proceeding with investigations of Exxon Mobil Corp’s (XOM.N) record on climate change, the attorney […]

24 Jun 2016

Nissan sues South Korea government over accusations of emissions cheating

By Hyunjoo Jin (Reuters) | 24 June 2016 Nissan Motor Co Ltd’s South Korean unit said it has filed a lawsuit over claims by the government that the automaker had […]

24 Jun 2016

Germany imposes limits on fracking

By Caroline Copley and Vera Eckert (Reuters) | 24 June 2016 Germany imposed limits on fracking on Friday, dealing a blow to efforts to develop shale gas. Under legislation passed […]

24 Jun 2016

California regulators voice support for cap and trade program

By Rory Carroll (Reuters) | 24 June 2016 SAN FRANCISCO – Staff for California’s air regulator on Thursday recommended the state extend its carbon cap and trade system beyond 2020, […]

24 Jun 2016

U.S. brewer Yuengling to pay $10 million to settle pollution case

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) | 23 June 2016 D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc, the oldest U.S. brewing company, will pay close to $10 million to settle charges it violated the […]

24 Jun 2016

Four murders and a bloody battle for land rights in Thailand

By Alisa Tang (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 23 June 2016 BANGKOK – Supot Kalasong was driving home one afternoon in April when he heard a bang and assumed he had blown […]

24 Jun 2016

Auctioneer gets year in U.S. prison for ivory, rhino horn smuggling

By Brendan Pierson (Reuters) | 22 June 2016 NEW YORK – An executive with a Beverly Hills gallery and auction house was sentenced on Wednesday to one year and one day […]

22 Jun 2016

Michigan attorney general sues France’s Veolia in Flint water crisis

By Ben Klayman (Reuters) | 22 June 2016 DETROIT – The Michigan attorney general on Wednesday sued French water company Veolia and a Texas firm for “botching” their roles in […]

22 Jun 2016

Court strikes down Obama fracking rules for public lands

By David Bailey and Ernest Scheyder (Reuters) | 22 June 2016 A federal judge has struck down the Obama administration’s rules for hydraulic fracturing on public lands, a victory for […]

22 Jun 2016

German government agrees to ban fracking indefinitely

By Holger Hansen and Andrea Shalal (Reuters) | 21 June 2016 Germany‘s coalition government agreed to ban fracking for shale gas indefinitely on Tuesday, after years of fractious talks over […]

22 Jun 2016

Violent 2015 sees three environmental activists killed each week

By Anastasia Moloney (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 20 June 2016 Brazil fared worst with 50 activists murdered, followed by the Philippines with 33 deaths, and 26 in Colombia — BOGOTA […]

21 Jun 2016

Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers destroy swathes of forest in Congo – rights group

By Kieran Guilbert (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 20 June 2016 Congo’s illegal charcoal trade is fuelling widespread deforestation of Africa’s oldest national park — DAKAR – Huge swathes of forest […]

21 Jun 2016

Vancouver takes legal action to block Kinder Morgan pipeline plan

By Julie Gordon (Reuters) | 20 June 2016 The City of Vancouver said on Monday it had taken legal action against the Canadian energy regulator’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans […]

21 Jun 2016

Tighter rules for Canada energy projects could be seen in 2017

By David Ljunggren (Reuters) | 20 June 2016 Tighter environmental rules for Canadian natural resource projects could start coming into force in 2017, ahead of schedule, an official said on […]

21 Jun 2016

France to vote against continued EU use of weedkiller glyphosate

By Alissa de Carbonnel (Reuters) | 20 June 2016 France will vote on Friday against the continued use of weedkiller glyphosate, its environment minister said, adding to uncertainty over the […]

21 Jun 2016

House panel claims oversight of state climate probes into Exxon

By Terry Wade and Ernest Scheyder (Reuters) | 18 June 2016 HOUSTON – A Republican-led congressional committee sought on Friday to assert oversight over inquiries that about 20 states are […]

21 Jun 2016

EPA warns Flint, Michigan of long-term threats to water supply

By Daniel Trotta (Reuters) | 17 June 2016 The city of Flint faces multiple long-term threats to its water supply, even though short-term progress has been made in reducing lead […]

21 Jun 2016

Australian watchdog sues Heinz over ‘Little Kids’ health claims

By Tom Westbrook (Reuters) | 21 June 2016 Australia’s consumer watchdog on Tuesday sued the Australian subsidiary of U.S.-based Kraft Heinz Co alleging it falsely advertised the nutritional value of […]

21 Jun 2016

U.S. offshore regulator to unveil tougher environmental safeguards

By Tracy Rucinski (Reuters) | 20 June 2016 The U.S. government agency created after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill plans in coming weeks to unveil tougher financial requirements for […]

21 Jun 2016

China prosecutors win landmark lawsuit against environmental department

By Brenda Goh (Reuters) | 21 June 2016 Chinese prosecutors have successfully sued a county environmental agency for inadequately punishing a sewage firm that produced dye without appropriate safeguards, the […]

17 Jun 2016

Brussels steps up effort to halt Poland’s logging plan in primeval forest

By Barbara Lewis and Angieszka Barteczko (Reuters) | 16 June 2016 BRUSSELS/WARSAW – The European Union executive on Thursday stepped up efforts to stop Poland from its planned increase in […]

17 Jun 2016

European Union reaches outline deal to stem flow of conflict minerals

By Barbara Lewis (Reuters) | 15 June 2016 BRUSSELS – The European Union on Wednesday agreed an outline deal on a law to clean up the commodities supply chain, so […]

16 Jun 2016

Exxon asks U.S. court to throw out subpoena in climate change inquiry

By Terry Wade (Reuters) | 15 June 2016 HOUSTON – Exxon Mobil Corp asked a federal court on Wednesday to throw out a subpoena that would force the oil company […]

15 Jun 2016

California’s landmark cap and trade program faces uncertain future

By Rory Carroll (Reuters) | 15 June 2016 California’s greenhouse gas reduction program is in a battle for its life, and uncertainty about its future has spooked buyers of its […]

15 Jun 2016

France ratifies Paris climate agreement

By Jean-Baptiste Vey (Reuters) | 15 June 2016 President Francois Hollande on Wednesday signed a bill formally ratifying the Paris climate agreement reached last December by nearly 200 countries to […]

14 Jun 2016

Zambia halts hippo culling after protests by animal rights activists

By Chris Mfula (Reuters) | 14 June 2016 Zambian wildlife authorities said on Tuesday they had suspended the controlled slaughter of up to 2,000 hippos over the next five years […]

14 Jun 2016

Mayor of Flint, Michigan did not violate ethics amid water crisis: attorney

By Justin Madden (Reuters) | 14 June 2016 The mayor of Flint, Michigan, did not redirect donations to her personal campaign from a charity meant to help families hurt by […]

13 Jun 2016

U.S. top court rejects challenge to Obama mercury air pollution rule

By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) | 13 June 2016 The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a lower-court ruling that left in place Obama administration environmental regulations limiting power plant […]

10 Jun 2016

Exclusive: Irving Oil dust pollution exceeded limits in Canadian city

By Dave Sherwood (Reuters) | 10 June 2016 Irving Oil’s refinery in the Canadian province of New Brunswick spewed an excessive amount of ash-like catalyst into the surrounding city of […]

10 Jun 2016

European ruling on olive tree cull sparks fear in Italy

By Vincenzo Damiani and Isla Binnie (Reuters) | 10 June 2016 European countries can be forced to cull olive trees to stop the spread of a deadly bacterium, the European Union […]

10 Jun 2016

France to formally ratify Paris climate accord on June 15 – Minister

By Bate Felix (Reuters) | 10 June 2016 President Francois Hollande will formally sign the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, June 15, making France the first industrialized nation to ratify […]

8 Jun 2016

South Africa says domestic rhino horn trade on ice, takes issue to top court

By Ed Stoddard (Reuters) | 8 June 2016 South Africa’s department of environmental affairs said on Wednesday an on-again-off-again moratorium on domestic trade in rhino horn had been reinstated after […]

7 Jun 2016

Tinder-dry Zimbabwe seeks jail terms for arsonists

By Busani Bafana (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 6 June 2016 HARARE,  Faced with severe drought and tinder-dry forests and fields, Zimbabwe is seeking jail terms to deter the setting of fires that […]

7 Jun 2016

Palm plantations shaken by the green body they helped create

By Emily Chow (Reuters) | 7 June 2016 In 2004, Malaysian palm oil producer IOI Group became a founding member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and later […]

6 Jun 2016

Environmental crime growing at “alarming pace” – police body

By Chris Arsenault (Thomson Reuters Foundation) | 4 June 2016 RIO DE JANEIRO,  Criminal gangs are plundering the Earth’s natural resources faster than previously thought, with the value of environmental crimes estimated […]

3 Jun 2016

South African mining firms to appeal silicosis ruling

By TJ Strydom and Wendell Roelf (Reuters) | 3 June 2016 South African gold mining firms plan to appeal against a High Court ruling that allowed class action suits seeking […]

3 Jun 2016

Thai police charge 22 with wildlife trafficking at Tiger Temple

By Patpicha Tanakasempipat (Reuters) | 3 June 2016 Thai police have charged 22 people, including three Buddhist monks, with wildlife trafficking and removed more dead animals including a bear and […]

3 Jun 2016

VW receives approval for fixes on more than 800,000 cars

By Maria Sheahan (Reuters) | 3 June 2016 Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) has received regulatory approval for technical fixes on some models, it said on Friday, meaning it could now recall more […]

31 May 2016

U.S. top court rules for property owner in wetland permit case

By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) | 31 May 2016 A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that property owners can challenge the federal government in court over the need for […]

23 May 2016

South African court gives green light to domestic trade in rhino horn

By Ed Stoddard (Reuters) | 23 May 2016  JOHANNESBURG – South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed a government bid to uphold a seven-year ban on the domestic trade in […]

16 May 2016

Obama administration releases rules on wellness programs

By Daniel Wiessner (Reuters) | 16 May 2016 A federal agency on Monday released final rules explaining how employers can offer workers financial incentives to participate in wellness programs without […]

16 May 2016

U.S. top court rejects Exxon appeal in groundwater contamination case

By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) | 16 May 2016 The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected Exxon Mobil Corp’s (XOM.N) appeal of a $236 million judgment against the oil company in a case […]

10 May 2016

Brazilian lawsuit over Samarco dam will struggle to match U.S. BP claim

By Stephen Eisenhammer and Barbara Lewis (Reuters) | 10 May 2016 RIO DE JANEIRO/BRUSSELS, Any relief felt by the mining firms BHP Billiton (BHP.AX) and Vale (VALE5.SA) over what looked like a final $5.7 […]

10 May 2016

California to lift severe mandatory water conservation rules

By Sharon Bernstein (Reuters) | 10 May 2016 SACRAMENTO, CALIF., California on Monday prepared to lift severe mandatory water conservation orders imposed at the height of the state’s multi-year drought, […]

9 May 2016

Arizona joins rest of U.S. in adding health insurance program for children

By David Schwartz (Reuters) | 7 May 2016 Arizona’s governor signed into law on Friday a bitterly contested proposal that will restore a federal health insurance program for children from […]

9 May 2016

After Myanmar protests, China says companies should respect laws

By Ben Blanchard (Reuters) | 9 May 2016 China has consistently demanded its companies operating abroad respect local laws, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday after hundreds of villagers in […]

6 May 2016

U.S. cracks down on e-cigarettes and cigars, bans sales to minors

By Caroline Humer and Clarece Polke | 6 May 2016 Please link here for video on Reuters. The U.S. government on Thursday took wide-ranging steps to crack down for the […]

6 May 2016

New York City gives nod to 5-cent charge for store bags

By Gina Cherelus (Reuters) | 5 May 2016 The New York City Council approved a bill on Thursday to require many merchants to charge 5 cents for each plastic or […]

6 May 2016

Brazil judge approves Samarco dam burst settlement with government

By Stephen Eisenhammer and Marta Nogueira (Reuters) | 6 May 2016 A Brazilian judge on Thursday ratified the settlement Samarco and its owners, BHP Billiton (BLT.L) and Vale SA (VALE5.SA), signed […]

5 May 2016

Flint official cuts deal in water crisis, agrees to aid prosecutors

By Serena Maria Daniels (Reuters) | 4 May 2016 An official in Flint, Michigan, agreed to cooperate in probes of dangerous levels of lead in the city’s drinking water as […]

5 May 2016

BHP-Vale’s Samarco has not done enough to fix dam disaster -prosecutor

By Stephen Eisenhammer and Marta Nogueira (Reuters) | 5 May 2016 State prosecutors in Brazil said on Thursday that Samarco, owned by Vale SA and BHP Billiton, has not done […]

4 May 2016

EU’s highest court upholds restrictive new law on cigarettes

By Pia Oppel and Martinne Geller (Reuters) | 4 May 2016 Europe’s highest court on Wednesday upheld a tough EU law that will standardize cigarette packs, ban menthol flavoring and […]

4 May 2016

India’s top court tells tobacco industry packs must carry bigger warnings

By Aditya Kalra | 4 May 2016 India’s top court told tobacco companies on Wednesday they must adhere to a new federal rule requiring much larger health warnings on cigarette […]

3 May 2016

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $55 mln in talc-powder trial

By Jessica Dye (Reuters) | 3 May 2016 Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) was ordered by a U.S. jury on Monday to pay $55 million to a woman who said that […]

3 May 2016

U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal in shareholder suit against BP

By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) | 2 May 2016 The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined a request from shareholders seeking to revive their class action lawsuit against BP claiming the […]

29 Apr 2016

EU regulators take Poland to court for breach of environment law

By Barbara Lewis (Reuters) | 28 April 2016 The European Commission is taking Poland to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for breaking EU environment law when exploring for […]

29 Apr 2016

Kenya calls for ivory sales ban as it prepares to burn tusks

By Edmund Blair (Reuters) | 29 April 2016 MOUNT KENYA, KENYA, Kenya wants a ban on all sales of elephant ivory, its president told other African leaders and conservationists at talks […]

28 Apr 2016

EU calculation for handing out free carbon permits flawed: court

By Alissa De Carbonnel (Reuters) | 28 April 2016 BRUSSELS, Europe’s highest court on Thursday ruled that the European Commission’s calculation for handing out free carbon permits to industries was […]

28 Apr 2016

Tennessee law to allow counselors to deny service based on beliefs

By Alex Dobuzinskis (Reuters) | 28 April 2016 Tennessee’s Republican governor on Wednesday signed a law allowing mental health counselors to refuse service to patients on “sincerely held principles,” the […]

28 Apr 2016

Myanmar bans lucrative logging in bid to preserve forests

By Timothy Mclaughlin and Aung Hla Tun (Reuters) | 28 April 2016 YANGON, Myanmar has banned lucrative logging operations as the newly-elected government of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi steps […]

27 Apr 2016

Lawyers file $220 million damage claim against EPA in Flint water crisis

By David Bailey (Reuters) | 26 April 2016 Lawyers for residents of Flint, Michigan, have filed a $220.2 million damages claim alleging negligence on the part of the U.S. Environmental […]

27 Apr 2016

Venezuela state employees to work two-day week to save energy

By Andrew Cawthorne and Daniel Kai (Reuters) | 26 April 2016 (Adds Maduro, reaction, context) — CARACAS,  – Venezuela’s socialist government ordered public workers on Tuesday to work a two-day week […]

26 Apr 2016

Fight against illegal Amazon gold mining intensifies

By Bruno Kelly (Reuters) | 26 April 2016 After trekking nearly two hours through dense jungle, Brazilian environmental special forces burst into a clearing where the trees had been sawn […]

26 Apr 2016

Laws fail victims of forced, early marriage in “chauvinistic” Burkina Faso – Amnesty

By Kieran Guilbert | 26 April 2016 DAKAR, (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Burkina Faso’s marriage laws are failing girls who are forced into early marriage by their families and threatened, abused […]

25 Apr 2016

China confirms to strictly control coal-fired power capacity

By Kathy Chen and David Stanway (Reuters) | 25 April 2016 * Govt to halt construction of coal plants in many regions * Move had been flagged previously * Country […]

22 Apr 2016

India’s top court to hear cases challenging tobacco pack warnings on Monday

By Aditya Kalra (Reuters) | 22 April 2016 India’s Supreme Court said on Friday it will hear petitions filed by the $11 billion tobacco industry against the government’s stringent package […]

22 Apr 2016

EU lawmaker seeks bigger clean tech fund, targeted CO2 permits

By Alissa de Carbonnel (Reuters) | 22 April 2016 The European Union should boost its clean technology fund and adopt a more targeted approach to allocating free carbon permits to […]

21 Apr 2016

EU approves use of recycled plastics containing DEHP

By Meredith Mcgrath (Reuters) | 21 April 2016 The European Union has agreed to let companies use recycled plastics containing softening additive diethylhexyl phthalate despite opposition from politicians and environmentalists who say […]

19 Apr 2016

Theranos under investigation by several U.S. regulators

By Kshitiz Goliya (Reuters) | 18 April 2016 Blood-testing firm Theranos Inc confirmed on Monday it is under investigation by federal prosecutors and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. “The […]

18 Apr 2016

Australia state bans underground coal gas drilling

By James Regan (Reuters) | 18 April 2016 Australia’s Queensland state on Monday banned underground coal gasification, a controversial process used to convert coal into gas. Unlike fracking, which involves […]

15 Apr 2016

French court hands symbolic win to GMO maize supporters

By Gus Trompiz (Reuters) | 15 April 2016 France‘s top administrative court overturned a 2014 ban on a type of genetically modified (GMO) maize in a symbolic victory for GMO […]

14 Apr 2016

Indonesia will issue a moratorium on new palm oil, mining concessions

By Jakarta bureau  (Reuters) | 14 April 2016 JAKARTA, – Indonesia will issue a moratorium on new palm oil and mining concessions, President Joko Widodo said, among efforts to reduce environmental […]

14 Apr 2016

Obama to issue new offshore drilling rules on Thursday: source

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 13 April 2016 The Obama administration will announce Thursday safety regulations for offshore oil and natural gas drilling to prevent the kind of explosion that […]

13 Apr 2016

Environmental groups file lawsuit over pollution from U.S. aircraft

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 12 April 2016 Three environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday to press for faster action in setting limits on […]

12 Apr 2016

U.S. bans most Pacific sardine fishing after population crash

By Courtney Sherwood (Reuters) | 11 April 2016 Federal fishery managers have banned nearly all sardine fishing off the U.S. West Coast for the second straight year in a move […]

11 Apr 2016

In Iowa corn fields, Chinese national’s seed theft exposes vulnerability

By Julia Edwards (Reuters) | 11 April 2016 Tim Burrack, a northern Iowa farmer in his 44th growing season, has taken to keeping a wary eye out for unfamiliar vehicles around […]

8 Apr 2016

France to ban some glyphosate weedkillers amid health concerns

By Gus Trompiz (Reuters) | 8 April 2016 France‘s health and safety agency is poised to ban weedkillers that combine chemicals glyphosate and tallowamine because of concerns over possible health […]

7 Apr 2016

No prison terms for Gulf spill as final defendant gets probation

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) | 6 April 2016 A former BP Plc (BP.L) rig supervisor who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill […]

5 Apr 2016

Drought rules pushed Californians to cut water use by nearly 25 percent

By Sharon Bernstein (Reuters) | 4 April 2016 Residents and businesses in drought-stricken California cut back water use by nearly 25 percent from June 2015 through the end of February […]

5 Apr 2016

U.S. judge approves BP settlement for 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) | 4 April 2016 U.S. Judge Carl Barbier granted final approval on Monday to BP Plc’s (BP.L) civil settlement over its 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil […]

5 Apr 2016

U.S., Volkswagen may not reach emissions deal by April 21: gov’t official

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 5 April 2016 The top U.S. environmental official expressed uncertainty on Tuesday about whether the Obama administration and Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) will meet an April […]

4 Apr 2016

Flint mayor to work with governor even as lawsuit pondered

By Mark Weinraub (Reuters) | 1 April 2016 The city of Flint is considering suing the state of Michigan over lead contamination in the city’s drinking water, but the mayor […]

4 Apr 2016

Australia’s green groups keep heat on Adani after mine approval

By Byron Kaye (Reuters) | 4 April 2016 SYDNEY, Environmental campaigners say they hope two outstanding court cases can still stop India’s Adani Enterprises Ltd from developing a A$10 billion ($7.6 […]

1 Apr 2016

US judge nixes lawsuit against World Bank over power plant in India

By Sebastien Malo | 30 March 2016 NEW YORK, (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A U.S. federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Indian fishermen and farmers who sued the […]

1 Apr 2016

Drugmakers say Japan R&D spending at risk after government forces price cuts

By Ritsuko Shimizu (Reuters) | 1 April 2016 Global drugmakers said they could cut research spending in Japan due to new rules requiring them to slash prices on some blockbuster […]

31 Mar 2016

U.S. environmental groups sue to overturn GMO salmon approval

By Tom Polansek (Reuters) | 31 March 2016 U.S. health regulators are facing a lawsuit from a coalition of environmental organizations seeking to overturn the government’s landmark approval of a type […]

31 Mar 2016

California lawmakers urge CalPERS to divest from Exxon

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 30 March 2016 Two California Democratic congressmen on Wednesday urged the California Public Employees Retirement System, the largest U.S. public pension fund, to divest from […]

30 Mar 2016

Terminix to pay $10 million for pesticide misuse: Justice Department

By Eric Beech (Reuters) | 29 March 2016 Pest control company Terminix International Co LP and its U.S. Virgin Islands operation were charged on Tuesday with illegally applying a restricted-use […]

30 Mar 2016

U.S. FTC sues Volkswagen over diesel advertising claims

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 29 March 2016 The U.S. Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday sued Volkswagen Group of America, saying the U.S. arm of the German automaker falsely advertised […]

30 Mar 2016

Probe of Exxon’s climate change disclosures expands

By Valerie Volcovici and Sarah N. Lynch  The top attorneys from Massachusetts and the U.S. Virgin Islands said on Tuesday they will investigate whether Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) misled investors […]

29 Mar 2016

U.S. lawmakers want health agencies to lower prostate cancer drug cost

By Susan Kelly (Reuters) | 29 March 2016 A group of lawmakers is calling on the National Institutes of Health and Department of Health and Human Services to step in […]

29 Mar 2016

Pressure grows on Jakarta to tackle indigenous rights abuses

By Fidelis E. Satriastanti | 25 March JAKARTA, (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Indonesia’s government is under pressure to boost protection for indigenous peoples’ rights, after a state-led inquiry identified 40 […]

29 Mar 2016

Shire gets favorable ruling against Allergan in Lialda patent case

By Ankur Banerjee (Reuters) | 28 March 2016 A U.S. district court on Monday ruled in favor of Shire Plc, preventing Allergan Plc from selling generic versions of Lialda, the […]

23 Mar 2016

Australia announces a $1 billion clean energy fund, in break with past

By Matt Siegel | 23 March 2016 (Reuters) Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday said the country would establish a A$1 billion ($761.60 million) clean-energy innovation fund, in a […]

15 Mar 2016

Lebanese government approves plan to solve trash crisis

By Tom Perry (Reuters) | 12 March 2016 The Lebanese government on Saturday approved a plan to solve a seven-month garbage crisis that has fuelled protests against the dysfunctional state […]

10 Mar 2016

U.S., Canada agree steps to fight climate change

By Timothy Gardner (Reuters) | 10 March 2016 The United States and Canada agreed joint steps on Thursday to fight climate change, including cutting methane emissions from oil and gas […]

8 Mar 2016

‘My land, my life’ – West African women march for land rights

By Kieran Guilbert | 8 March 2016 DAKAR, March 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Rural women across West Africa will march to demand equal land rights on Tuesday to mark […]

7 Mar 2016

Philippines signs new GMO rules, food industry relieved

By Manolo Serapio Jr and Enrico Dela Cruz (Reuters) | 7 March 2016 The Philippines has approved a new set of rules on genetically modified organisms after a top court demanded an overhaul of […]

2 Mar 2016

German prosecutors seek 325 million euro in damages from K+S – WiWo

By Ludwig Burger and Patricia Weiss (Reuters) | 2 February 2016 German prosecutors are seeking 325 million euros ($353 million) in damages from potash and salt miner K+S over suspected illegal […]

2 Mar 2016

Tiguan owner sues VW dealership over emissions scandal

By Matthias Inverardi (Reuters) | 2 March 2016 A Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) car owner sued a German VW dealership on Wednesday, demanding the seller cancel the contract and take back his […]

2 Mar 2016

Samarco to pay at least $5 billion in Brazil dam spill deal: source

By Lisandra Paraguassu (Reuters) | 1 March 2016 Samarco Mineracao SA [SAMNE.UL] will pay at least 20 billion reais ($5 billion) over 15 years as part of a deal reached with the […]

1 Mar 2016

N.Y. judge backs Apple in encryption fight with government

By Julia Harte, Julia Edwards and Julia Love (Reuters) | 29 February The U.S. government cannot force Apple Inc (AAPL.O) to unlock an iPhone in a New York drug case, a federal judge in Brooklyn […]

1 Mar 2016

EU not seen increasing emissions targets despite Paris deal: draft

By Barbara Lewis (Reuters) | 29 February 2016 EU regulators will say this week the European Union does not need to set a more ambitious greenhouse gas target until the […]

1 Mar 2016

Appeals court pauses NYC restaurant salt warning rule

By Karen Freifeld (Reuters) | 29 February 2016 A New York appeals court on Monday temporarily stopped New York City from enforcing a new rule requiring chain restaurants to post […]

26 Feb 2016

Big verdict doesn’t assure more wins for plaintiffs in talc-cancer cases

By Jessica Dye (Reuters) | 26 February 2016 The $72 million verdict this week against Johnson & Johnson in a U.S. case alleging links between talc-based powder and ovarian cancer has […]

26 Feb 2016

Former BP rig supervisor found not guilty in oil spill case

By Victoria Cavaliere (Reuters) | 26 Feberuary 2016 A former BP Plc (BP.L) supervisor was found not guilty by a New Orleans jury on Thursday of a single pollution charge […]

24 Feb 2016

Philippines expects to finalize GMO rules in next few days, misses Weds target

By Manolo Serapio Jr and Enrico Dela Cruz (Reuters) | 24 February 2016 The Philippines expects to finalize a new set of rules on genetically modified organisms over the next few days, after a […]

23 Feb 2016

South Africa to ease some GM crop rules to avert food crisis

By Wendell Roelf (Reuters) | 23 February 2016 South Africa will relax some of its tough rules on genetically modified crops so it can ramp up maize imports from the United States […]

22 Feb 2016

India set to seal major power deal in Bangladesh, beating China

By Sankalp Phartiyal and Ruma Paul (Reuters) | 22 February 2016 * A major breakthrough for India in Bangladesh * India, China regional rivalry heating up * Indian govt offers […]

19 Feb 2016

China needs more power to crack down on polluters – minister

By David Stanway (Reuters) | 18 February 2016 China needs more powers to crack down on polluting companies and local governments that protect them, the country’s environment minister said on […]

17 Feb 2016

Brazil expects $4.9 billion Samarco dam disaster deal by Friday

By Anthony Boadle and Marta Nogueira (Reuters) | 17 February 2016 The Brazilian government expects to reach agreement by Friday with Samarco Mineração SA to settle a 20 billion-real ($4.9 billion) lawsuit for damages in […]

17 Feb 2016

Small diesel cars seen vulnerable to post VW scandal reforms

By Barbara Lewis and Meredith Mcgrath (Reuters) | 17 February 2016 A tougher European testing regime following Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) emissions test cheating scandal could mean new small diesel car models are modified or withdrawn, […]

16 Feb 2016

Asia watches as GMO legal challenge threatens Philippines food supply

By Manolo Serapio Jr and Enrico Dela Cruz | 16 February 2016 A legal challenge to the Philippines’ rules on genetically modified organisms is threatening to spark a food crisis in the country and […]

15 Feb 2016

Valero Energy sues U.S. EPA over biofuels plan

By Chris Prentice (Reuters) | 12 February 2016 Valero Energy Corp filed lawsuits against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to push the regulator to alter a U.S. policy designed […]

12 Feb 2016

Obama says confident in legal footing after Supreme Court carbon decision

By Jeff Mason and Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 11 February 2016 (Adds comments by EPA chief Gina McCarthy) — ATHERTON, Calif./WASHINGTON, U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday called the Supreme Court’s […]

11 Feb 2016

Einstein’s gravitational waves detected in scientific milestone

By Will Dunham and Scott Malone (Reuters) | 11 February 2016 Please link here for video on Scientists have for the first time detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesised by […]

11 Feb 2016

Obama climate plan’s broad scope to face skeptical Supreme Court

By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) | 11 February 2016 The U.S. Supreme Court’s unexpected move to block President Barack Obama’s policy to cut pollution from coal plants highlights what both sides in the […]

11 Feb 2016

House passes bill requiring EPA actions on lead-laced water

By Timothy Gardner (Reuters) | 10 February 2016 The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday easily passed a bill requiring federal environmental regulators to act faster when lead contamination is found […]

8 Feb 2016

New Jersey sues Volkswagen over excess diesel emissions

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 5 February 2016 New Jersey on Friday filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) and its luxury units over the German automaker’s excess diesel emissions, […]

8 Feb 2016

U.N. agency seeks to end rift on new aircraft emission rules

By Allison Lampert and Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 8 February 2016 Europe and the United States tried to bridge differences over emissions standards for aircraft on Sunday as global aviation leaders […]

3 Feb 2016

L.A. prosecutors file criminal charges in methane leak near Los Angeles

By Steve Gorman (Reuters) | 3 February 2016 Los Angeles prosecutors filed criminal charges against the Southern California Gas company on Tuesday over a huge methane leak near the city that has […]

2 Feb 2016

China unveils first oil spill response plan

By Meng Meng and Chen Aizhu (Reuters) | 1 February 2016 China‘s cabinet has approved the country’s first oil spill emergency response scheme to be ready by 2020, to tackle […]

1 Feb 2016

California senators seek methane leak task force in U.S. energy bill

By Valerie Volcovici (Reuters) | 29 January 2016 The two U.S. Senators representing California said on Friday they will propose a federal task force to investigate the cause and response […]

1 Feb 2016

Historic deal to protect Canada rainforest from logging

By Julie Gordon (Reuters) | 1 February 2016 British Columbia is set to announce on Monday an historic agreement to protect a massive swath of rainforest along its coastline, having […]

1 Feb 2016

Barclays, Credit Suisse strike record deals with SEC, NY over dark pools

By Sarah N. Lynch (Reuters) | 31 January 2016 Barclays (BARC.L) and Credit Suisse (CSGN.VX) have settled federal and state charges that they misled investors in their dark pools, with […]

28 Jan 2016

Canada set to unveil new rules for energy reviews

By Randall Palmer (Reuters) | 27 January 2016 The Canadian government will on Wednesday unveil new transitional rules for environmental reviews of major projects like TransCanada Corp’s Energy East pipeline to the […]

22 Jan 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Climate Change in International Policy and National Courts

By Tina Liebscher and Trisha Grant,* White & Case LLP | 22 January 2016 Introduction In 1988, the United Nations recognized climate change as a common concern of mankind.[1] Ever […]

22 Jan 2016

U.S. appeals court declines to block Obama carbon emissions plan

By Lawrence Hurley and Valerie Volcovici  (Reuters) | 21 January 2016 WASHINGTON, Jan 21- In a big victory for the Obama administration, a U.S. federal court on Thursday rejected a […]

20 Jan 2016

India lifts ban on lentil linked to paralysis as Modi seeks self-sufficiency

By Krishna N. Das (Reuters) | 19 January 2016 India is lifting a five-decade-old ban on a type of lentil that has been linked to nerve damage and paralysis, in […]

20 Jan 2016

South Korea says to bring criminal case against VW’s local chief

By Hyunjoo Jin (Reuters) | 19 January 2016 South Korea plans to file a criminal complaint against the head of Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) and Audi AG’s (NSUG.DE) local unit later […]

19 Jan 2016

Chile upholds approval of Cuervo hydroelectric project amid protest

By Gram Slattery (Reuters) | 18 January 2016 SANTIAGO, A Chilean ministerial committee upheld on Monday the environmental permit for Energia Austral’s Cuervo hydroelectric dams, dismissing nearly a dozen complaints filed […]

18 Jan 2016

China ban on new coal mines overshadowed by surplus capacity

By Kathy Chen and David Stanway (Reuters) | 18 January 2016 BEIJING, China’s decision to stop approving new coal mines for three years has been applauded by green groups, but the […]

15 Jan 2016

U.S. halts new coal leases on federal land in wide-ranging review

By Valerie Volcovici  (Reuters) | 15 January 2016 WASHINGTON, U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday ordered a pause on issuing new coal leases on federal land in another step […]

15 Jan 2016

Brazil court suspends Amazon hydrodam license on native demands

By Jeb Blount (Reuters) | 14 January 2016 RIO DE JANEIRO, A Brazilian court suspended the operating license for the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, one of the world’s largest, just weeks […]

15 Jan 2016

EU Parliament delays vote on new car pollution limits

By Alissa De Carbonnel (Reuters) | 14 January 2016 The European Parliament on Thursday postponed a vote on new car pollution limits that could have killed a compromise agreed by […]

14 Jan 2016

Thailand reports progress in illegal fishing clampdown ahead of EU visit

By Amy Sawitta Lefevre (Reuters) | 14 January 2016 Thailand delivered a progress report on Thursday on efforts to clamp down on illegal fishing in a last-ditch attempt to show […]

13 Jan 2016

California board rejects Volkswagen’s diesel fix plan

By David Shepardson (Reuters) | 12 January 2016 The California Air Resources Board said on Tuesday it rejected Volkswagen AG’s (VOWG_p.DE) plan to fix 2.0 liter diesel cars equipped with […]

12 Jan 2016

Chile regulator to fine Arauco for ‘green liquid’ waste spillage

By Felipe Iturrieta and Gram Slattery (Reuters) | 12 January 2016 Chile’s environmental regulator said it would seek to fine wood pulp producer Celulosa Arauco y Constitucion S.A. up to […]

11 Jan 2016

Iraq bans poultry imports from 24 countries over avian flu threat

By Saif Hameed (Reuters) | 10 January 2016 Iraq has extended a ban on imports of frozen and live poultry products to cover two dozen countries, including China and South […]

11 Jan 2016

Chipotle sued for misleading investors over food safety

By Tom Polansek (Reuters) | 8 January 2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG.N), under scrutiny for months over outbreaks of foodborne illness linked to its restaurants across several U.S. states, was sued on […]

8 Jan 2016

Beijing imposed $28 million in pollution fines last year – Xinhua SHANGHAI

By John Ruwitch and Engen Tham (Reuters) | 8 January 2016 Beijing’s environmental watchdog levied fines totalling about 183 million yuan ($27.76 million) for violations of pollution laws in the […]

8 Jan 2016

Same battles rage on 100 years after first U.S. birth control clinic

By Barbara Goldberg (Reuters) | 8 January Outside the crumbling Brooklyn building where the first U.S. birth control clinic opened 100 years ago, Alexander Sanger reflected on the move that […]

6 Jan 2016

Chipotle gets subpoena related to norovirus contamination

By Siddharth Cavale (Reuters) | 6 January 2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc said it was served with a grand jury subpoena in relation to a criminal investigation into a norovirus contamination […]

6 Jan 2016

VW faces billions in fines as U.S. sues for environmental violations

By Julia Edwards And Georgina Prodhan  (Reuters) | 6 January 2016 Please link here for video on Reuters. The U.S. Justice Department has sued Volkswagen for up to $48 billion for allegedly violating […]

5 Jan 2016

India’s top court upholds ban on sale of large diesel cars in Delhi

By Aditi Shah (Reuters) | 5 January 2016 India’s top court on Tuesday upheld a temporary ban on the sale of large diesel cars in New Delhi to combat toxic smog […]

5 Jan 2016

Volkswagen faces billions in penalties as U.S. sues for environment violations

By Julia Edwards And Joel Schectman (Reuters) | 4 January 2016 The U.S. Justice Department on Monday filed a civil lawsuit against Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) for allegedly violating the Clean Air Act […]

18 Dec 2015

Tanzania court jails four Chinese men for rhino horn smuggling

By Fumbuka Ng’wanakilala | 18 December 2015 Tanzania has sentenced four Chinese men to 20 years in jail each after they were convicted of smuggling rhino horns, part of a […]

18 Dec 2015

Dutch court says Shell can be liable for Nigeria spills

By Thomas Escritt | 18 December 2015 A Dutch appeals court ruled on Friday that Royal Dutch Shell can be held liable for oil spills at its subsidiary in Nigeria, […]

17 Dec 2015

Britain unveils final plan to improve air quality

By Nina Chestney | 17 December 2015 Britain will submit its final plan for improving air quality to the European Commission on Thursday after levels of the pollutant nitrogen dioxide, mostly […]

17 Dec 2015

U.S. spending bill does not block climate fund payment

By Valerie Volcovici | 16 December 2015 WASHINGTON- The U.S. State Department will be able to deliver its first payment of $500 million to the United Nations Green Climate Fund, […]

17 Dec 2015

China detains 10 company officials over fabricated pollution data

By Sui-Lee Wee | 17 December 2015 Police in China have detained 10 company officials for fabricating pollution data, the environment ministry said on Thursday, as the government steps up inspections […]

16 Dec 2015

India to allow ethanol-only vehicles; response to be muted

By Mayank Bhardwaj | 16 December 2015 India will soon allow automakers to manufacture vehicles that can run entirely on ethanol, but adoption is likely to be slow as the country has […]

16 Dec 2015

To clear air, Supreme Court bans sales of big diesel cars in Delhi

By Aditi Shah | 16 December 2015 The Supreme Court has ordered a temporary ban on the sale of large diesel cars in New Delhi to combat toxic smog in the city, […]

15 Dec 2015

Chinese environmental group sues Volkswagen over emissions scandal

By Jake Spring | 15 December 2015 A Chinese environmental group said it has sued Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) over its use of software to rig emissions tests, in what state-owned […]

15 Dec 2015

EU parliament panel rejects car pollution rules as too lax

By Alissa De Carbonnel | 15 December 2015 The European parliament’s environmental committee voted on Monday against new car pollution rules they say are too lenient in the light of […]

14 Dec 2015

Environmental lapses cost China coal-fired power producers $98 million

By Adam Rose | 14 December 2015 Violations of environmental regulations for scrubbing coal emissions have cost Chinese power producers 635 million yuan ($98.33 million) in lost subsidies and fines […]

10 Dec 2015

European Commission takes Poland to court over poor air quality

By Marcin Goclowski | 10 December 2015 The European Commission has decided to take Poland to court over its failure to address its poor air quality, the EU’s executive said […]

1 Dec 2015

Brazil sues BHP, Vale for $5 billion in damages for mine disaster

By Anthony Boadle | 1 December 2015 Brazil filed a lawsuit on Monday against two of the world’s largest mining companies for 20 billion Brazilian reais ($5.2 billion) to clean […]

1 Dec 2015

Anadarko ordered to pay $159.5 million fine for 2010 Gulf spill

By Jonathan Stempel | 1 December 2015 A federal judge ordered Anadarko Petroleum Corp to pay a $159.5 million civil fine reflecting its stake in the Gulf of Mexico well […]

27 Nov 2015

Beijing to toughen car emission standards by 2017 to cut pollution

By David Stanway and Kathy Chen | 27 November 2015 Beijing plans to ramp up its already tough car emission standards by 2017 in a bid by one of the […]

26 Nov 2015

South African court lifts 2009 ban on domestic rhino horn trade

By Mfuneko Toyana | 26 November 2015 South Africa’s High Court has lifted a ban on the local trade in rhino horn imposed by the government in 2009 after finding […]

25 Nov 2015

Five charged in $600 million California health care fraud scheme

By Dan Whitcomb | 24 November 2015 The former chief financial officer of a California hospital and four other people have been charged in a series of health care kickback […]

25 Nov 2015

Possible EU-Guyana trade deal must protect land rights – activists

By Chris Arsenault | 24 November 2015 TORONTO, Nov 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A potential trade pact between the European Union and Guyana must contain land rights protections for […]

13 Nov 2015

Farmer sues Pakistan’s government to demand action on climate change

By Anam Gill | 13 November 2015 LAHORE, Pakistan, Nov 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Asghar Leghari had had enough. The farmer was tired of watching his family fight against […]

13 Nov 2015

Madrid restricts parking for first time to curb pollution

By Rodrigo De Miguel | 13 November 2015 Madrid put restrictions on parking for non-residents in the city center for the first time on Friday and enforced reduced traffic speeds […]

12 Nov 2015

Finland approves underground nuclear waste storage plan

By Jussi Rosendahl | 12 November 2015 Finland has become the first country in the world to give a construction license for a permanent underground nuclear waste repository, the center-right government […]

10 Nov 2015

EU to urge rich nations to cut coal subsidies: EU sources

By Barbara Lewis and Valerie Volcovici | 10 November 2015 European Union negotiators will push other rich countries next week for a robust deal to phase out subsidies for exports of technology used to […]

9 Nov 2015

U.S. top court allows Apotex to pursue generic version of Daiichi drug

By Lawrence Hurley | 9 November 2015 The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals by Daiichi Sankyo Inc and Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc seeking to stop Apotex Inc from trying to […]

5 Nov 2015

Russia lays foundations for carbon regulation amid calls for action

By Angelina Davydova | 5 November 2015 ST PETERSBURG, Russia, Nov 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Russia is preparing the ground for future regulation of carbon emissions, amid calls to […]

5 Nov 2015

China amends seed law to encourage innovation

By Dominique Patton | 4 November 2015 China amended its seed law on Wednesday to make it easier to introduce new plant varieties onto the market, according to state news […]

4 Nov 2015

France ends law banning blood donation from homosexual men

By John Irish | 4 November 2015 France has decided to end a more than 30-year old law that banned homosexual men from donating blood, a measure originally put in place […]

3 Nov 2015

Yellowstone-area grizzlies no longer need protection, U.S. says

By Laura Zuckerman | 3 November 2015 Federal wildlife managers have determined that grizzly bear numbers in and around Yellowstone National Park have rebounded sufficiently to propose stripping the animals […]

2 Nov 2015

Senators urge Obama administration to include carbon costs in coal program

By Timothy Gardner | 2 November 2015 Democratic U.S. senators on Monday urged the Obama administration to reform the federal coal mine program to include costs of the fuel’s carbon […]

2 Nov 2015

Shipping braces for pollution tax after Paris talks

By Jonathan Saul | 2 November 2015 The shipping industry expects to be stung by a carbon levy as momentum building from climate talks in Paris starting this month makes […]

30 Oct 2015

Polish ombudsman says IVF bill discriminates against single women

By Wiktor Szary | 30 October 2015 Poland’s ombudsman has challenged a new law on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as unconstitutional, saying it should not stop single women who started the […]

30 Oct 2015

Hospitals to pay $250 million for cardiac device coverage violations: DOJ

By Suzanne Barlyn | 30 October 2015 Hundreds of U.S. hospitals will pay a total of more than $250 million stemming from allegations that they implanted cardiac devices in Medicare […]

30 Oct 2015

Chinese court orders ConocoPhillips to pay $266,000 over 2011 oil spills

By Adam Rose | 30 October 2015 A Chinese court has ordered ConocoPhillips (COP.N) to pay compensation to nearly two dozen aquaculture farmers who said their livelihoods were hurt by […]

30 Oct 2015

No U.S. EPA carbon rule court decision until after Paris climate talks

By Lawrence Hurley and Valerie Volcovici | 29 October 2015 The U.S. federal court that will weigh whether to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan will not make […]

29 Oct 2015

China to raise penalties in new carbon market rules

By Kathy Chen and David Stanway | 20 October 2015 China, the world’s biggest source of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, will impose tougher penalties on firms that fail to comply with […]

29 Oct 2015

Signatures to be filed for California drug price referendum

By Sharon Bernstein | 29 October 2015 Backers of a referendum aimed at reducing the cost of prescription drugs in California said Wednesday that they had gathered more than enough […]

28 Oct 2015

European lawmakers reject national bans on GM food, feed imports

By Barbara Lewis | 28 October 2015 The European Parliament on Wednesday rejected a draft law that would have allowed member states to ban the use of EU-approved genetically modified food […]

26 Oct 2015

Big firms say EU carbon reforms do not go far enough

By Barbara Lewis | 26 October 2015 Proposed reforms to the EU carbon market do not go far enough and need to be supplemented by a phase-out of fossil fuel […]

22 Oct 2015

U.S. moves ahead with carbon rule as 25 states prepare to sue

By Valerie Volcovici | 22 October 2015 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will formally issue carbon regulations for power plants on Friday, opening the door to a wave of lawsuits […]

21 Oct 2015

Senate committee set to examine GMO labeling law

By Carey Gillam | 21 October 2015 The battle over whether states can mandate that food containing genetically engineered crops must be labeled moves to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. […]

21 Oct 2015

Iowa taxidermist sentenced to 27 months for illegal rhino horn trade

By David Bailey and Jon Herskovitz | 21 October 2015 An Iowa taxidermist pleaded guilty to buying and selling black rhino horns in violation of U.S. laws protecting endangered species has been […]

20 Oct 2015

States could be sanctioned for public health failings: WHO boss

By Tom Miles | 20 October 2015 A U.N. panel is considering ways to hold governments to account for failing to stick to global health rules, World Health Organization Director-General […]

15 Oct 2015

China slaps one-year ban on imports of African ivory hunting trophies

By Michael Martina | 15 October 2015 China slapped a one-year ban on African ivory hunting trophy imports, the state forestry authority said on Thursday ahead of a trip by […]

15 Oct 2015

U.S., Alaska says will not seek additional $92 million from Exxon for Valdez spill

By Victoria Cavaliere | 15 October 2015 U.S. and Alaska state officials announced on Wednesday they will no longer seek an additional $92 million from Exxon Mobil Corp. to pay […]

14 Oct 2015

EPA hasn’t decided if new software on 2016 VW diesels is legal

By Paul Lienert | 13 October 2015 U.S. regulators haven’t determined the legality of a new emission-control device on Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) 2016 diesel models, a top official said on Tuesday. […]

13 Oct 2015

EU lawmakers reject bill allowing opt-out from GM crop imports

By Philip Blenkinsop | 13 October 2015 European lawmakers rejected a proposal on Tuesday that would have allowed countries to restrict or ban the use of imported GM crops that […]

12 Oct 2015

Deal approved to protect grizzly bear habitat in Montana

By Laura Zuckerman | 10 October 2015 A U.S. judge on Friday approved a deal between conservationists and Montana officials to restrict road-building and logging in roughly 22,000 acres (8,900 […]

12 Oct 2015

Laws help enforce some environmental treaties – but not on climate

By Alister Doyle | 12 October 2015 (This version of the story corrects paragraph five to say “only recently has the science become good enough” from “the science is not good […]

12 Oct 2015

California adopts tough rules for antibiotic use in farm animals

By Lisa Baertlein | 10 October 2015 California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a bill that sets the strictest government standards in the United States for the use of […]

9 Oct 2015

NJ’s Governor Christie takes sand dune fight to court

By Daniel Bases | 8 October 2015 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration on Thursday went to court in an effort to seize beach front property owned by the city […]

8 Oct 2015

EU heating strategy draft favors renewables and district heating

By Geert De Clercq | 8 October 2015 The European Commission is working on a strategy to reduce energy wasted in heating homes and offices, prompting concern among utilities which […]

6 Oct 2015

U.S. court orders EPA to rewrite ship ballast water dumping rules

By Jonathan Stempel | 5 October 2015 A federal appeals court in New York ordered the government to rewrite its rules regulating the discharge of ballast water by ships, in […]

6 Oct 2015

India court gives New Delhi three days to come up with plan to fight pollution

By Aditya Kalra | 6 October 2015 India’s Supreme Court has given New Delhi three days to come up with a plan to clean up the air in a city ranked […]

2 Oct 2015

U.S. fines Exxon $2.63 million for Arkansas oil pipeline leak

By Timothy Gardner | 1 October 2015 The U.S. pipeline safety office has fined Exxon Mobil Corp $2.63 million for spilling crude oil in an Arkansas residential area in 2013, the […]

2 Oct 2015

Italy tells EU it will opt out of growing GMO crops: statement

By Steve Scherer | 1 October 2015 Italy has told the European Commission that it will ban growing crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) under a rule that allows European Union […]

29 Sep 2015

New Zealand to create giant South Pacific sanctuary, banning fishing and mining

By Cecile Lefort | 29 September 2015 Waters north of New Zealand are set to become one of the world’s largest ocean sanctuaries, covering an area roughly the size of […]

28 Sep 2015

Germany investigates VW’s ex-boss over fraud allegations

By Andreas Cremer | 28 September 2015 German prosecutors launched an investigation on Monday into fraud allegations against former Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) boss Martin Winterkorn, showing their determination to get quickly […]

25 Sep 2015

New China air pollution laws may hit aluminum ingredient

By Melanie Burton | 25 September 2015 New air pollution laws set to take effect in China next year may cut supply of a vital feedstock for the manufacture of […]

24 Sep 2015

U.S. court denies FTC request to stop Steris-Synergy merger

By Diane Bartz | 24 September 2015 A federal court in Ohio refused on Thursday to stop a $1.9 billion purchase by U.S. medical technology provider Steris Corp of British […]

24 Sep 2015

EU takes Malta to court over finch trapping

By Robert-Jan Bartunek | 24 September 2015 The European Commission is taking Malta to court over its tradition of trapping finches to trade between collectors or keep in cages as […]

23 Sep 2015

Women and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Published in collaboration with UN Women | 23 September 2015 The issue She walks for hours to fetch water and toils in drought-prone fields to feed her family… She left […]

23 Sep 2015

Obama signs disaster declaration for California wildfire: White House

By Eric Beech | 23 September 2015 U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed a disaster declaration to make federal aid available to Northern California residents impacted by a major wildfire, […]

22 Sep 2015

U.S. denies Endangered Species Act protection to sage grouse

By Laura Zuckerman | 22 September 2015 The U.S. Interior Department has decided against extending Endangered Species Act protection to the greater sage grouse, Montana’s governor said on Tuesday ahead […]

22 Sep 2015

Senate Democrats unveil climate-focused energy bill

By Valerie Volcovici | 22 September 2015 Senate Democrats on Tuesday unveiled energy legislation focused on cleaner energy production, manufacturing and vehicles that they say would slash U.S. greenhouse gas […]

18 Sep 2015

Deal would let Southern California buy surplus water from Nevada

By Sharon Bernstein | 17 September 2015 A $45 million deal that would let Southern California’s biggest water agency access a major supply of water that would normally go to […]

18 Sep 2015

EU ministers unite on climate mandate ahead of Paris summit

By Barbara Lewis | 18 September 2015 EU ministers on Friday finalised what they said was a tough negotiating position for U.N. climate talks later this year after overcoming objections […]

17 Sep 2015

Deer trafficker must pay record sum in fines, restitution for U.S. wildlife crime

By Letitia Stein | 17 September 2015 A Georgia man was ordered to pay $1.6 million in fines and restitution – the largest sum ever levied against someone for a […]

17 Sep 2015

France bolsters ban on genetically modified crops

By Sybille de La Hamaide | 17 September 2015 France is to use a new European opt-out scheme to ensure a ban on the cultivation of genetically modified crops in […]

17 Sep 2015

SPECIAL SERIES-Brazilian nut breakers seek legal boost from UN gender goal

By Adriana Brasileiro | 17 September 2015 ESPERANTINA, Brazil, Sept 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Sitting on the bare floor of a thatched-roof hut, Maria de Fátima Ferreira holds a […]

14 Sep 2015

DuPont to face first trial over C-8 exposure

By Jessica Dye | 14 September 2015 Chemical giant DuPont Monday will face the first trial in litigation from residents near one of its plants in West Virginia who have […]

14 Sep 2015

Jon Stewart joins Sept. 11 medical care push: first responders

By Katie Reilly | 11 September 2015 First responders who were injured or sickened by the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington said they will visit Congress […]

14 Sep 2015

California lawmakers scale back environmental proposals as session ends

By Sharon Bernstein | 12 September 2015 California lawmakers on Friday were poised to end their legislative session with dramatically scaled back ambitions for combating climate change and fixing the […]

11 Sep 2015

U.S. court finds EPA was wrong to approve Dow pesticide harmful to bees

By Carey Gillam | 10 September 2015 A U.S. appeals court ruled on Thursday that federal regulators erred in allowing an insecticide developed by Dow AgroSciences onto the market, canceling […]

10 Sep 2015

French court confirms Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning

By Catherine Lagrange and Sybille de La Hamaide | 10 September 2015 A French court upheld on Thursday a 2012 ruling in which Monsanto was found guilty of chemical poisoning […]

9 Sep 2015

U.S. regulators’ biofuels plan to cost at the pump: industry study

By Chris Prentice | 9 September 2015 The U.S. government’s proposal for biofuels use will hit consumers at the pump, according a study prepared for an oil group, just months […]

9 Sep 2015

African nations aim to brake surging trade in illegal timber

By Chris Arsenault | 9 September 2015 TORONTO, Sept 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Forest protection agencies in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and Madagascar will step up joint efforts to […]

9 Sep 2015

No easy passage seen for California climate change bills

By Sharon Bernstein | 8 September 2015 California lawmakers negotiated frantically behind the scenes on Tuesday over the fate of several proposals to dramatically reduce the state’s use of fossil […]

8 Sep 2015

Zimbabwe bans some cattle movement over foot and mouth

By MacDonald Dzirutwe | 7 September 2015 Zimbabwe has banned the movement of cattle in the southern part of the country near the South African border after an outbreak of […]

8 Sep 2015

Greenland fines Greenpeace for drilling rig stunts

By Sabina Zawadzki | 7 September 2015 A Greenland court on Monday fined Greenpeace over $26,000 for disrupting oil drilling off the island’s coast, the latest chapter in the environmental […]

4 Sep 2015

U.S. government to extend healthcare nondiscrimination law to transgender people

By Caroline Humer | 3 September 2015 The U.S. government said on Thursday it will extend its healthcare nondiscrimination law to transgender individuals and require health insurers and medical providers to […]

3 Sep 2015

European top court upholds EU ban on seal imports

By Julia Fioretti | 3 September 2015 A European Union ban on imports of seal products not derived from the traditional Inuit seal hunt is legal, the 28-nation bloc’s top […]

2 Sep 2015

Dutch court: gas producer NAM must compensate homeowners in quake zone

By Toby Sterling | 2 September 2015 A Dutch court ruled on Wednesday that gas producer NAM must compensate homeowners for falls in the value of their properties due to […]

1 Sep 2015

China passes new pollution law, sets sights on coal consumption cap

By David Stanway and Kathy Chen | 29 August 2015 Legislators have approved amendments to China’s 15-year-old air pollution law that grant the state new powers to punish offenders and […]

1 Sep 2015

Chipotle sued over GMO-free menu claims

By Lisa Baertlein | 31 August 2015 Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc’s new GMO-free menu claims have lured diners and boosted the burrito chain’s stock price, but it has some consumers crying […]

28 Aug 2015

Bill to regulate e-cigarettes clears California legislative hurdle

By Sharon Bernstein | 28 August 2015 The California State Senate on Thursday passed a bill to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, sending the measure to the Assembly where […]

28 Aug 2015

Californians cut water use 31 percent in July, beating target

By Rory Carroll | 27 August 2015 Drought-stricken California cut urban water use statewide by 31.3 percent during July, exceeding a government mandate to reduce consumption by 25 percent for […]

26 Aug 2015

NJ judge approves Exxon $225 million cleanup settlement

By Jonathan Stempel | 25 August 2015 Exxon Mobil Corp’s controversial $225 million settlement with New Jersey of a longstanding environmental pollution case won approval on Tuesday from a state […]

26 Aug 2015

U.S. regulator sued for withholding information on GMO crops

By Carey Gillam | 26 August 2015 A food safety advocacy group sued an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday, saying it illegally withheld public information on […]

25 Aug 2015

China lawmakers discuss new pollution bill, coal cap clause expected

By David Stanway and Kathy Chen | 25 August 2015 Chinese legislators are considering a new air pollution law that could give the state new powers to punish negligent local […]

25 Aug 2015

Court orders Russia to pay compensation for Greenpeace ship seizure

By Anthony Deutsch | 25 August 2015 A court in the Netherlands has ordered Russia to pay compensation for seizing the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise during a protest against an […]

19 Aug 2015

NYC mayor signs cooling tower rules into law after deadly outbreak

By Katie Reilly | 18 August 2015 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an unprecedented law regulating cooling towers throughout the city on Tuesday following an outbreak of […]

17 Aug 2015

White House program to aim at combating rise in heroin deaths

By Peter Cooney | 17 August 2015 With a rise nationally in fatal heroin overdoses, the White House on Monday will announce a plan pairing law enforcement officials with public […]

17 Aug 2015

Fukushima operator’s mounting legal woes to fuel nuclear opposition

By Kentaro Hamada | 17 August 2015 Four and a half years after the Fukushima disaster, and as Japan tentatively restarts nuclear power elsewhere, the legal challenges are mounting for […]

14 Aug 2015

Fifteen U.S. states seek to block EPA carbon rule

By Valerie Volcovici | 14 August 2015 Fifteen state attorneys general petitioned a federal court in Washington on Thursday to block new U.S. rules to curb carbon emissions from power […]

14 Aug 2015

Japan environment ministry to object to another coal-fired power plant: NHK

By Yuka Obayashi | 14 August 2015 Japan’s environment minister will submit to the country’s industrial ministry an objection over plans for a 1.07 gigawatt (GW) coal-fired plant to be […]

13 Aug 2015

India court scraps Nestle noodle recall order, but demands tests

By Nivedita Bhattacharjee | 13 August 2015 An Indian court on Thursday ruled in favor of Nestle in its battle to overturn a nationwide ban of its Maggi instant noodles, […]

13 Aug 2015

Judge approves Exxon Mobil settlement over 2013 Arkansas spill

By Jonathan Stempel | 12 August 2015 A federal judge on Wednesday approved Exxon Mobil Corp’s $5.07 million settlement of charges that it violated the federal Clean Water Act and […]

12 Aug 2015

India seeks $99 million in damages from Nestle after food scare

By Nivedita Bhattacharjee | 12 August 2015 The Indian government has filed a class action suit for 6.4 billion rupees ($99 million) against Nestle’s Indian unit on behalf of the […]

12 Aug 2015

Alberta issues environmental order after Syncrude Canada heron deaths

By Jeffrey Hodgson | 11 August 2015 Alberta’s energy regulator on Tuesday ordered Syncrude Canada to develop a wildlife mitigation plan and publish more information following the death of 30 […]

11 Aug 2015

Fishing bans imposed on drought-hit Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula

By Eric M. Johnson | 10 August 2015 U.S. authorities banned fishing from Monday in most rivers and streams within the Olympic National Park in western Washington state, citing ongoing […]

6 Aug 2015

U.S. lawmakers to demand full accounting on human trafficking report

By Alex Wilts and Matt Spetalnick | 04 August 2015 WASHINGTON, Senior U.S. lawmakers expressed concern on Tuesday about whether the State Department’s annual global report on human trafficking may […]

6 Aug 2015

China’s steel city feels impact of pollution regulations

By David Stanway | 06 August 2015 Struggling from weak demand and facing new rules to clean up pollution, some firms in China’s top steel producing city have scaled back […]

5 Aug 2015

Cecil the lion case charts new territory for U.S. wildlife law

By Ayesha Rascoe and Julia Edwards | 04 August 2015 A 115-year-old U.S. law aimed at preventing unlawful animal trafficking may be difficult to enforce in the case of an American hunter who killed […]

22 Jul 2015

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Are countries legally required to protect their citizens from climate change?

Source: Written by Sophia V. Schweitzer, environmental science writer, author | 15 July 2015 On June 24, 2015, a court in The Hague ordered the Dutch government to act […]

14 Jul 2015

Gold is the new brown as drought-hit California drops lawn fines

By Victoria Cavaliere | 14 July 2015 California residents who let their green lawns turn brown and brittle will no longer face the possibility of fines for an unkempt yard […]

10 Jul 2015

Exclusive: With feds slow to act, states target e-cigarette sales to minors

By Jilian Mincer | 10 July 2015 Frustrated by the slow pace of federal action, state attorneys general are waging their own campaigns against the sale and advertising of e-cigarettes […]

7 Jul 2015

New Zealand raises emissions reduction target

By Gyles Beckford | 07 July 2015 New Zealand significantly raised its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target on Tuesday, but said it still wanted a climate change policy that was […]

6 Jul 2015

U.S. pushes China on ivory trade, wildlife NGOs

By Megha Rajagopalan | 03 July 2015 A senior U.S. official told China on Friday that its legal imports of ivory act as a loophole for illegal traders, and that […]

2 Jul 2015

Wisconsin Governor Walker signs bill banning microbeads

By Brendan O’Brien  | 02 July 2015 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Wednesday signed a bill into law that bans the manufacturing and sale of personal care products containing tiny plastic […]

26 Jun 2015

U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage nationwide

By Lawrence Hurley | 26 June 2015 The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry in a historic triumph for the […]

26 Jun 2015

California lawmakers vote to limit vaccine exemptions for school children

By Sharon Bernstein | 25 June 2015 California lawmakers voted on Thursday to substantially limit vaccine exemptions for school children in the most populous U.S. state, an initiative prompted by […]

25 Jun 2015

U.S. Supreme Court upholds key Obamacare insurance subsidies

By Lawrence Hurley | 25 June 2015 The U.S. Supreme Court handed President Barack Obama a major victory on Thursday by upholding tax subsidies crucial to his signature healthcare law, […]

24 Jun 2015

Dutch government ordered to speed up greenhouse gas cuts

By Anthony Deutsch | 24 June 2015 A district court ordered the Dutch government on Wednesday to cut greenhouse gas emissions faster than currently planned in a rare use of […]

22 Jun 2015

Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to raise smoking age to 21

By Curtis Skinner | 20 June 2015 Hawaii’s governor on Friday signed a bill raising the legal smoking age statewide to 21, the first U.S. state to do so. The […]

19 Jun 2015

EPA defends controversial biofuels program at Senate hearing

By Chris Prentice | 18 June 2015 The U.S. environmental regulator on Thursday defended its handling of the nation’s controversial renewable fuels program at a congressional hearing, the first since […]

18 Jun 2015

Belgium and Bulgaria in the EU dock over poor air quality

By Barbara Lewis | 18 June 2015 EU regulators are referring Belgium and Bulgaria to the bloc’s top court over the quality of their air, which poses a major risk […]

17 Jun 2015

Film shows bravery of Rwandan women in first prosecution of rape as war crime

By Kieran Guilbert | 16 June 2015 LONDON, June 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The three women from rural Rwanda smile sweetly and laugh to themselves as they recall flying […]

15 Jun 2015

Pollution trial offers rare glimpse into a Chinese courtroom

By Alexandra Harney | 13 June 2015 Unless they have been accused of a crime, few foreigners ever see the inside of a courtroom in China. But on Friday a […]

12 Jun 2015

U.S. fracking rules to face early legal test

By Kevin Drawbaugh and David Gregorio | 11 June 2015 Energy industry groups and states that oppose new U.S. rules for hydraulic fracturing on public lands are headed to court […]

11 Jun 2015

U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Shell spill plans in Alaska

By Jonathan Stempel | 11 June 2015 A divided federal appeals court rejected an effort by environmental groups to void a U.S. agency’s approval of two oil spill response plans […]

10 Jun 2015

China issues draft environmental tax law

By Kathy Chen and David Stanway | 10 June 2015 China has issued a draft environment tax law which proposes targeting air, water, noise and solid waste pollution through levies […]

9 Jun 2015

U.S. says Enbridge to pay $4 million, restore area hit by 2010 oil spill

By Emily Stephenson | 09 June 2015 The United States on Monday filed a proposed settlement requiring Enbridge Inc to complete natural resource restoration projects and pay about $4 million […]

8 Jun 2015

BP executive acquitted of lying about Gulf of Mexico oil spill

By Kathy Finn | 05 June 2015 A U.S. federal jury acquitted a former BP Plc executive on Friday of lying about how much oil spilled into the Gulf of […]

8 Jun 2015

China turns focus to smoky ships, boats in fight against pollution

By Brenda Goh | 08 June 2015 China is considering regulating emissions from boats and ships, the environment ministry said on Monday, as it tries to clamp down on pollution. […]

5 Jun 2015

U.S. appeals part of WTO ruling on dolphin-safe canned tuna labels

By Krista Hughes | 05 June 2015 The United States is appealing parts of a World Trade Organization ruling that found rules on dolphin-safe labels for canned tuna discriminated against […]

4 Jun 2015

Colombia approves femicide law to tackle violence against women

By Anastasia Moloney | 04 June 2015 BOGOTA, June 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Colombia is to impose tougher punishments on those who murder women and girls, as part of […]

4 Jun 2015

Justice Dept expands probe of scope makers linked to superbug outbreak

By Natalie Grover | 04 June 2015 The U.S. Department of Justice has subpoenaed two more manufacturers of medical scopes linked to deadly so-called superbug outbreaks in recent weeks, USA […]

3 Jun 2015

Canada’s Alberta pledges new climate regulations by month’s end

By Scott Haggett | 02 June 2015 Alberta, the Canadian province whose carbon-intensive oil sands are the largest source U.S. oil imports, said on Tuesday it would have new climate […]

1 Jun 2015

China capital to roll out tough anti-smoking laws

By Megha Rajagopalan | 31 May 2015 Beijing will ban smoking in restaurants, offices and on public transport from Monday, part of unprecedented new curbs welcomed by anti-tobacco advocates, though […]

1 Jun 2015

U.S. biofuel rules seek compromise, but industries vow fight

By Chris Prentice | 29 May 2015 U.S. regulators on Friday unveiled much delayed biofuel targets that sought a middle ground for the nation’s contentious renewable fuels policy, but the […]

28 May 2015

U.S. reaches deals with four more banks under Swiss program

By Karen Freifeld | 28 May 2015 Four more Swiss banks have cut deals with the U.S. Department of Justice to avoid possible prosecution for helping Americans evade taxes, the […]

28 May 2015

U.S. EPA proposing temporary pesticide-free zones for honeybees

By Carey Gillam | 28 May 2015 U.S. environmental regulators on Thursday proposed a rule that would create temporary pesticide-free zones to protect commercial honeybees, which are critical to food […]

27 May 2015

Obama administration issues new rules to protect water

By Valerie Volcovici | 27 May 2015 The Obama administration on Wednesday issued new rules to protect streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act, a step it said would […]

22 May 2015

New York’s Westchester County settles U.S. water safety lawsuit, pays record fine

By Jonathan Stempel | 21 May 2015 New York’s Westchester County will spend roughly $12 million to settle a federal government lawsuit alleging that its failure to properly treat drinking […]

22 May 2015

Washington state judge denies Shell appeal on rail project review

By Kristen Hays | 22 May 2015 A judge on Thursday denied Royal Dutch Shell’s appeal of a ruling that a proposed oil-by-rail project at its Washington state refinery must […]

22 May 2015

Large French supermarkets face ban on throwing away food

By Emile Picy | 22 May 2015 France is cracking down on food waste with legislation banning big supermarkets from destroying unsold but edible food on pain of fines and […]

21 May 2015

Judge blocks North Carolina from issuing fracking permits

By Marti Maguire | 20 May 2015 A North Carolina commission tasked with issuing the state’s first permits for hydraulic fracturing must put its work on pause until a lawsuit […]

18 May 2015

German ministry softens CO2 emission demands for power plants

By Markus Wacket | 18 May 2015 Germany plans to force coal-fired power plant operators to reduce their CO2 emissions by 2020 by less than previously planned, according to an […]

15 May 2015

Duke Energy pleads guilty to environmental crimes in North Carolina

By Marti Maguire | 15 May 2015 Duke Energy Corp pleaded guilty on Thursday to environmental crimes over a North Carolina power plant’s coal ash spill into a river and […]

15 May 2015

India’s Supreme Court bars Glenmark from selling copies of Merck diabetes drugs: sources

By Zeba Siddiqui and Nivedita Bhattacharjee | 15 May 2015 India’s Supreme Court has blocked Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd from selling copies of U.S. drugmaker Merck & Co Inc’s diabetes drugs […]

15 May 2015

U.S. green groups sue in challenge to oil train safety rules

By Ayesha Rascoe | 14 May 2015 Seven environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Thursday challenging safety rules issued earlier this month for trains carrying oil, arguing the regulations are […]

15 May 2015

Court vacates $85 million award for Oregon National Guardsmen in Iraq health case

By Shelby Sebens | 15 May 2015 The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned on Thursday a jury verdict awarding $85 million to 12 Army National Guardsmen who accused […]

14 May 2015

CVS pays $22 million to resolve Florida painkiller probe

By Jonathan Stempel | 13 May 2015 CVS Health Corp, the second-largest U.S. drugstore operator, will pay $22 million to resolve a federal probe into whether two of its pharmacies […]

14 May 2015

U.S. House votes to ban most abortions after 20 weeks

By Peter Cooney | 14 May 2015 The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill on Wednesday that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks, a measure strongly opposed by […]

13 May 2015

EU diplomats approve proposal to start CO2 market reform in 2019

By Barbara Lewis | 13 May 2015 European Union diplomats have approved a proposal to begin reforms of the bloc’s carbon market in 2019, Latvia, the holder of the EU […]

11 May 2015

U.S. jury clears HBO of libel in India child labor story

By Tom Brown | 09 May 2015 A U.S. jury cleared HBO of libel claims on Friday in a lawsuit brought against the Time Warner Inc (TWX.N) subsidiary by a […]

8 May 2015

California environmentalists sue over oil industry water practices

By Rory Carroll | 08 May 2015 California environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Thursday that seeks to halt oil industry injections of drilling wastewater into nearly 500 wells, a […]

7 May 2015

Non-automotive diesel in China to meet new quality standards in 2018

By Adam Rose and Judy Hua | 07 May 2015 (Reuters) – Diesel used outside the automotive sector will have meet the “National V” fuel quality standards by January 2018, […]

6 May 2015

Anglo’s Los Bronces fined $6.2 million for Chile environmental breaches

By Rosalba O’Brien and Anthony Esposito | 05 May 2015 (Reuters) – Anglo American PLC’s Los Bronces copper mine has been slapped with a 3.8 billion pesos ($6.24 million) fine […]

5 May 2015

EPA cites Plains’ California oil train terminal for violations

By Rory Carroll | 05 May 2015 (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cited Plains All American Pipeline LP’s Bakersfield crude by rail terminal with a series […]

5 May 2015

Bill gutting fracking bans advances in Texas

By Anna Driver | 04 May 2015 (Reuters) – A bill giving Texas the sole right to regulate the oil and gas industry and take away the power of municipalities […]

30 Apr 2015

FDA could approve drugs for new uses on less data: draft law

By Toni Clarke | 29 April 2015 (Reuters) – Draft U.S. legislation released on Wednesday could make it easier for drug companies to win Food and Drug Administration approval of […]

29 Apr 2015

JV of McDonald’s fries supplier fined in China for water pollution: Xinhua

By Sue-Lin Wong | 29 April 2015 (Reuters) – A Chinese joint venture of U.S.-based J.R. Simplot, which supplies frozen french fries to McDonald’s Corp, was fined 3.92 million yuan […]

28 Apr 2015

Thailand makes second big ivory bust in two weeks

By Jutarat Skulpichetrat | 27 April 2015 (Reuters) – Thai customs officials on Monday announced their second big seizure of African ivory in two weeks, amounting to around three tonnes […]

27 Apr 2015

Top U.S. court appears on cusp of declaring right to gay marriage

Joan Biskupic | 26 April 2015 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court’s arguments on Tuesday over same-sex marriage will cap more than two decades of litigation and a transformation in […]

24 Apr 2015

Bill to ban fining Californians who let lawns go brown in drought

By Sharon Bernstein | 24 April 2015 (Reuters) – Californians who let their lawns go brown to save water during the state’s prolonged drought would no longer face fines from […]

22 Apr 2015

Japan court rejects request to halt restart of Kyushu Electric’s Sendai reactors

By Kentaro Hamada | 22 April 2015 (Reuters) – A Japanese court rejected a lawsuit to halt the restart of Kyushu Electric Power’s Sendai nuclear station, plaintiffs said on Wednesday, […]

22 Apr 2015

California lawmaker plans to revive bill tightening vaccination rules

By Sharon Bernstein | 22 April 2015 (Reuters) – The author of a California bill to require school children to be vaccinated for such diseases as polio and measles regardless […]

21 Apr 2015

California court rejects city’s tiered water rates

By Curtis Skinner | 21 April 2015 (Reuters) – A state appeals court ruled on Monday that a southern California city’s tiered water rates, developed in an effort to combat […]

21 Apr 2015

U.S. court hears Chevron’s fraud claims in $9.5 billion Ecuador dispute

By Nate Raymond | 20 April 2015 (Reuters) – Chevron Corp urged a U.S. appeals court on Monday to uphold a ruling finding that an American lawyer used corrupt means […]

20 Apr 2015

Costs for Germany’s nuclear exit could rise to $75 billion

By Michael Nienaber, Markus Wacket, Vera Eckert and Chris Steitz | 20 April 2015 (Reuters) – The bill for shutting down Germany’s nuclear power plants and building a safe disposal […]

16 Apr 2015

China to ban water-polluting paper mills, oil refineries

By Kathy Chen, Dominique Patton | 16 April 2015 (Reuters) – China will ban water-polluting paper mills, oil refineries, pesticide producers and other industrial plants by the end of 2016, […]

15 Apr 2015

Congress approves formula fixing Medicare doctors pay

By Susan Cornwell | 15 April 2015 (Reuters) – Congress on Tuesday approved a bill to repair the formula for reimbursing Medicare physicians, marking a rare bipartisan achievement just in […]

14 Apr 2015

Japan court halts restart of two reactors in blow to nuclear sector

By Kentaro Hamada | 14 April 2015 (Reuters) – A Japanese court on Tuesday issued an injunction to prevent the restart of two reactors citing safety concerns, in a blow […]

14 Apr 2015

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Ensuring land rights

14 April 2015 As part of a recent World Bank gathering on land rights, Mrs. Elizabeth Stair, Chief Executive Officer of the National Land Agency of Jamaica, joined us for […]

10 Apr 2015

UPDATE 1-Australia chases BHP, Rio Tinto on Singapore tax shelter – AFR

By Sonali Paul; Additional reporting by Rachel Armstrong in SINGAPORE | 07 April 2015   * Australia pursuing multibillion-dollar claims on BHP, Rio -AFR * Singapore marketing hubs save the […]

9 Apr 2015

China’s environment ministry blocks hydro project

By David Stanway | 09 April 2015 (Reuters) – China’s environment ministry has refused approval for a hydropower dam on an ecologically vulnerable river already damaged by construction, a rare […]

9 Apr 2015

California bill banning child vaccine exemptions moves ahead

By Curtis Skinner | 09 April 2015 (Reuters) – California lawmakers on Wednesday pushed forward a bill that would ban parents from citing their personal beliefs as a reason to let […]

8 Apr 2015

Sanctions, higher costs considered under California drought plan

By Sharon Bernstein | 08 April 2015 (Reuters) – California’s cities and towns would be required to cut their water usage by up to 35 percent or face steep fines […]

7 Apr 2015

Obama asks Congress to widen Arctic refuge protections

By Timothy Gardner | 03 April 2015 (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Friday finalized its recommendation to expand protected areas of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, calling on Congress […]

2 Apr 2015

Tanzania steps up efforts to manage surge in disasters

By Kizito Makoye | 02 April 2015 DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In the face of a growing threat from extreme weather, Tanzania’s parliament has adopted a […]

2 Apr 2015

California governor orders statewide water cutbacks to combat drought

By Sharon Bernstein | 01 April 2015 (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown, in his most sweeping action to combat a devastating multi-year drought, ordered residents and businesses on Wednesday […]

1 Apr 2015

Germany sets very high bar for fracking

By Caroline Copley | 01 April 2015 (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet signed off on a draft law on Wednesday that imposes an effective ban on the controversial technique […]

27 Mar 2015

ChemChina plants fined over emissions violations: Xinhua

By Beijing newsroom | 27 March 2015 (Reuters) – Two small refineries under state-run China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) have been fined by the environmental watchdog for emissions violations and […]

26 Mar 2015

Indonesia defends deforestation for palm oil on economic grounds

By Stella Dawson | 25 March 2015 WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Clearing forests for palm oil plantations is a “technical” matter that should not get tied up with trade […]

25 Mar 2015

Obama mercury air pollution rule faces test at U.S. top court

By Lawrence Hurley | 24 March 2015 (Reuters) – The latest legal test of President Barack Obama’s environmental agenda reaches the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday as the justices consider […]

24 Mar 2015

Chile environmental court rules Barrick project did not harm glaciers

By Nicole Mordant | 23 March 2015 (Reuters) – Chile’s Environmental Court ruled on Monday that Barrick Gold Corp’s halted Pascua-Lama gold and silver project has not damaged glaciers within […]

23 Mar 2015

Given new powers, Pakistanis take on illegal loggers

By Aamir Saeed | 23 March 2015 ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – For decades, illegal loggers have been hacking away at the forests of Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan while facing […]

19 Mar 2015

New Jersey environmental bills move ahead with Exxon deal pending

By Hilary Russ | 19 March 2015 (Reuters) – A New Jersey bill that calls for more money from environmental settlements to fund cleanups moved to the full state Assembly […]

18 Mar 2015

White House knocks ‘divisive rhetoric’ against Arabs in Israeli election

By Roberta Rampton | 18 March 2015  AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) – The White House said on Wednesday that it was deeply concerned by the use of “divisive rhetoric” in the […]

18 Mar 2015

House Republicans take aim at Dodd-Frank in budget plan

By Sarah N. Lynch | 17 March 2015 (Reuters) – Republican lawmakers took aim at the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law Tuesday, unveiling a plan that would gut regulators’ authority […]

17 Mar 2015

Chilean court orders 2nd copper warehouse to suspend operations

By Anthony Esposito | 16 March 2015 (Reuters) – A Chilean court has ordered port operator Antofagasta Terminal Internacional to temporarily suspend operations at a second copper stockpiling warehouse after high […]

17 Mar 2015

Alabama federal judge declines to lift gay marriage order

By Curtis Skinner (Reuters) – The battle over gay marriage in Alabama heightened on Monday when a federal judge refused to stay her order to a county judge that he start […]

16 Mar 2015

China has plenty of room to maneuver policy: Premier Li

By Jason Subler | 15 March 2015 (Reuters) – China has a lot of room to maneuver its policy and boost its economy having avoided using strong, short-term stimulus in […]

16 Mar 2015

U.S. appeals ruling on size of BP oil spill

By Bill Trott | 14 March 2015 (Reuters) – The U.S. government is appealing a federal court ruling that reduced the potential penalty BP Plc must pay for the 2010 […]

13 Mar 2015

Nomura, RBS face U.S. mortgage trial; $1 billion damages at stake

By Nate Raymond | 13 March 2015 (Reuters) – A U.S. housing regulator is set to take two of the world’s biggest banks to trial on Monday to try and […]

10 Mar 2015

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Investors tell companies: “No excuses on human rights reporting”

By Lauren Compere, Managing Director at Boston Common Asset Management | 10 March 2015 Human rights reporting is easier said than done. There can be no one-size-fits all approach as […]

10 Mar 2015

German gas industry urges decision on fracking rules

By Caroline Copley | 09 March 2015 (Reuters) – Germany’s oil and gas industry urged the government on Monday to ensure that new gas fracking rules will support future domestic […]

6 Mar 2015

Chinese city shuts factories as environmental law bites

By Ruby Lian and Polly Yam | 06 March 2015 (Reuters) – An industrial city in eastern Chinahas closed several factories, including many steel and nickel pig iron producers, in […]

5 Mar 2015

New Jersey Governor Christie’s office drove favorable Exxon settlement: NYT

By Ismail Shakil | 05 March 2015 (Reuters) – New Jersey’s long legal battle to recover $8.9 billion from Exxon Mobil Corp for environmental damage ended when Governor Chris Christie’s […]

2 Mar 2015

UK government rejects calls for higher diesel tax to cut pollution

By Nina Chestney | 1 March 2015 (Reuters) – The British government rejected calls on Sunday to raise taxes on diesel vehicles to reduce air pollution but said it will […]

26 Feb 2015

Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith

By Angus McDowall | Feb 24, 2015 RIYADH (Reuters) – An Islamic court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to death for renouncing his Muslim faith, the English-language daily […]

26 Feb 2015

Czech tax on carbon permits incompatible with EU law: court

By Jan Lopatka | 26 February 2015 (Reuters) – A Czech tax imposed in 2011 and 2012 on carbon emission allowances granted to companies for free breached a European Union […]

25 Feb 2015

EU lawmakers back new limit for food-based biofuel

BY Barbara Lewis | 24 February 2015 (Reuters) – A European Parliamentary committee on Tuesday backed a new limit on traditional biofuels made from food crops that critics say stoke […]

23 Feb 2015

Duke Energy fined over $100 million for environmental violations

By Anupam Chatterjee | 21 February 2015 (Reuters) – Duke Energy Corp has agreed to pay a fine of about $102 million for environmental violations related to a power plant’s […]

23 Feb 2015

Modi bets on GM crops for India’s second green revolution

By Krishna N. Das and Mayank Bhardwaj | 23rd February 2015 (Reuters) – On a fenced plot not far from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home, a field of mustard […]

20 Feb 2015

BP loses bid to cut maximum $13.7 billion Gulf spill fine

By Jonathan Stempel | 19th February 2015 (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Thursday rejected BP Plc’s (BP.L) attempt to reduce the maximum civil fine it could face for its […]

19 Feb 2015

EU introduces new rules to make cooking greener

By Barbara Lewis | 18 February 2015 (Reuters) – The sale of energy wasting ovens and cooking hobs will be banned across the European Union after the latest set of […]

19 Feb 2015

Indiana House panel advances measure to add solar power fees

By Tracy Rucinski | 19 Frebruary 2015 (Reuters) – Indiana utilities are pressing state lawmakers to let them charge a monthly fee to customers who sell excess power from solar […]

16 Feb 2015

In China, a fight to save a forest tests toughened environment law

By Sui-Lee Wee | 12 February 2015 (Reuters) – A lawsuit filed against four Chinese mining executives accused of destroying a stretch of forest is shaping up as a test […]

5 Feb 2015

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The seven sins of unsustainable supply chains

By Dexter Galvin, head of CDP’s supply chain program | 5 February 2015 Snowstorms, droughts, flooding and renewed political focus are just some of the factors propelling climate change from […]

4 Feb 2015

S&P reaches $1.5 billion deal with U.S., states over crisis-era ratings

By Aruna Viswanatha and Karen Freifeld | 3 February 2015 (Reuters) – Credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s will pay $1.5 billion to resolve a collection of lawsuits over its […]

21 Jan 2015

Tiger, tiger burning bright in Indian habitat

(Reuters) – India’s tiger population has increased by nearly a third to 2,226, a government survey showed on Tuesday, boosting conservation efforts in the country with the biggest population of […]

13 Jan 2015

Supreme Court declines to hear appeals in California water dispute

By Lawrence Hurley | 12 January 2015 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge by California growers and local water management agencies to federal guidelines that […]

13 Jan 2015

New Jersey man sentenced for trafficking rare narwhal tusks

By Dave Sherwood | 12 January 2015 (Reuters) – A New Jersey man convicted of illegally trafficking the spear-like tusks of the narwhal, a protected species of arctic whale nicknamed […]

10 Jan 2015

BP, Anadarko fail to win new review of Gulf spill fines

By Jonathan Stempel | 9 January 2015 (Reuters) – BP Plc and Anadarko Petroleum Corp narrowly failed to persuade a U.S appeals court to reconsider its 2014 ruling that they […]

14 Dec 2014

U.N. talks agree building blocks for new-style climate deal in 2015

By Alister Doyle and Valerie Volcovici | 14 December 2014 (Reuters) – About 190 nations agreed on Sunday the building blocks of a new-style global deal due in 2015 to […]

13 Dec 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Corporate sustainability reporting, where the world is today

By Shari H. Littan, editor/author for Thomson Reuters GAAP-Reporter, available on Checkpoint | 12 December 2014 Today, many investors that seek traditional financial data also want information on environmental, social, […]

7 Dec 2014

Labor movement ‘concertmaster’ tests Beijing’s boundaries

By John Ruwitch | 6 December 2014 (Reuters) – When local officials warned striking shoe factory workers in China’s Pearl River Delta this summer that they were breaking the law, […]

28 Nov 2014

Pope urges solidarity to stop aggressors in Syria and Iraq

By Philip Pullella and Tulay Karadeniz | 28 November 2014 (Reuters) – Pope Francis called for an end to all forms of fundamentalism on Friday and said fighting hunger and […]

25 Nov 2014

Supreme court to weigh challenge to Obama mercury air pollution rule

By Lawrence Hurley | 25 November 2014 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to weigh a challenge by industry groups and some states to an Obama administration […]

16 Nov 2014

Hollande raises spectre of war over climate change

(Reuters) – French President Francois Hollande said failure to address global warming could lead to war, and called on G20 countries to act ahead of a climate change conference in […]

14 Nov 2014

Incoming G20 leader Turkey says group must be more inclusive

By Jane Wardell | 13 November 2014 Nov 14 (Reuters) – Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Friday called for a more inclusive Group of 20 forum, saying it would […]

13 Nov 2014

Integrated Reporting: The Goal of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

By Shari Helaine Littan | 13 November 2014 The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board organized in 2011 with the specific goal of getting sustainability data directly into the hands of U.S. […]

12 Nov 2014

China-US climate pact ‘heartening’ but short of what’s needed: IPCC

By Alister Doyle | 12 November 2014 (Reuters) – A deal between China and the United States to combat global warming is “heartening” although it falls short of the action […]

7 Nov 2014

Canada’s Potash to spend over $53 million in US Clean Air Act case

By Jonathan Stempel and Rod Nickel | 6 November 2014 (Reuters) – Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc agreed to spend more than $52 million on plant improvements and pay a […]

5 Nov 2014

Texas town passes ban on fracking in its birthplace

By Marice Richter | 5 November 2014 (Reuters) – Voters approved a ban on hydraulic fracturing in the North Texas town of Denton on Tuesday, making it the first city […]

4 Nov 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: How did palm oil become such a problem?

How did palm oil become such a problem — and what can we do about it?  Production of this ubiquitous ingredient is devastating for the environment. Solutions are complex, but […]

31 Oct 2014

China and Russia thwart plan for Antarctic ocean sanctuary

By Morag MacKinnon | 31 October 2014 PERTH Australia – China and Russia have thwarted an international attempt to create the world’s largest ocean sanctuary in Antarctica as both nations […]

30 Oct 2014

Why U.S. green groups are talking about abortion this election

By Andy Sullivan | 29 October 2014 Related Video (Reuters) – Green billionaire Tom Steyer vowed to make the November congressional elections about climate change. Now he’s talking about abortion […]

28 Oct 2014

UK energy minister sees rapid reform of EU carbon market

* Davey says EU should speed through 2030 legislation * EU deal last week was “highest common denominator” * EU 2030 deal aims to spur on global agreement By Barbara […]

23 Oct 2014

EU set to allow car emissions into carbon trading market

By Julia Fioretti | 23 October 2014 (Reuters) – The European Union is set to make it easier to bring road transport emissions into the carbon trading market, a move […]

21 Oct 2014

Why the U.S. is spending $1 trillion on nukes

Data Dive By Michael Corones | 21 October 2014 Here’s a fun post to take your mind off Ebola and Washington’s myriad foreign policy problems. A mere five years ago, […]

10 Oct 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: It’s time to talk about the price of water

By Cynthia Barnett  | Source: Ensia October 6, 2014 — This summer, a 90-year-old water pipe burst under Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, sending a geyser 30 feet into the […]

6 Oct 2014

U.S. top court rejects challenge to ozone regulations

BY LAWRENCE HURLEY | 6 October 2014 (Reuters) – The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an industry challenge to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations issued by Republican former President George […]

6 Oct 2014

South Africa’s Kruger Park invites bids for rhinos

By Ed Stoddard | 6 October 2014 Reuters) – South Africa’s Kruger National Park is inviting bids for rhinos under a plan to move 500 of the animals to safety […]

4 Oct 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The world stands united against the illegal trade in wildlife

By Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director | 4 October 2014 Elephants are intelligent and compassionate creatures, whose capacity for joy is only matched by that for grief. […]

3 Oct 2014

European Commission cuts deep sea fishing quotas for next two years

By Julia Fioretti | 3 October 2014 (Reuters) – The European Commission proposed on Friday an overall cut in quotas for deep sea fishing in the northeast Atlantic for the […]

29 Sep 2014

Hong Kong democracy protesters defy tear gas, baton charge in historic standoff

By James Pomfret and Yimou Lee | 28 September 2014 (Reuters) – Riot police advanced on Hong Kong democracy protesters in the early hours of Monday, firing volleys of tear […]

28 Sep 2014

China embraces carbon pricing and UN takes a shine to plan

By Valerie Volcovici | 26 September 2014 (Reuters) – Millions of visitors and residents could hardly miss the message projected on the side of the world famous United Nations building […]

25 Sep 2014

Obama to designate world’s largest marine sanctuary in the Pacific

24 September 2014 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Thursday will designate the largest marine sanctuary in the world in an area of the Pacific Ocean that will be off-limits […]

25 Sep 2014

U.N. climate summit falls short for marchers, world’s poorest

By Megan Rowling | 24 September 2014 BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Leaders at the U.N. climate summit in New York made too few commitments on curbing climate change to […]

16 Sep 2014

Germany unveils Europe’s biggest battery plant

By Helen Cahill | 16 September 2014 (Reuters) – Germany switched on Europe’s largest commercial battery plant on Tuesday, an installation powered by 25,600 lithium-ion batteries that will help stabilize […]

9 Sep 2014

New U.N. rights boss warns of ‘house of blood’ in Iraq, Syria

By Stephanie Nebehay | 8 September 2014 (Reuters) – The new U.N. human rights chief urged world powers on Monday to protect women and minorities targeted by Islamic State militants […]

7 Sep 2014

South Africa tries gunfire location system to catch rhino poachers

By Peroshni Govender | 5 September 2014 (Reuters) – Rhino poachers in South Africa now risk giving themselves away when they shoot thanks to a high-tech, gunfire-detection system being piloted […]

7 Sep 2014

California blue whales, once nearly extinct, back at historical levels

By Dan Whitcomb | 5 September 2014 (Reuters) – California blue whales, the largest animals on Earth once driven to near extinction by whaling, have made a remarkable comeback to […]

7 Sep 2014

BP ruling raises liability stakes for high-risk industries

By Mica Rosenberg | 5 September 2014 (Reuters) – A U.S. court ruling that dramatically ramped up BP Plc’s potential penalties for the 2010 Gulf oil spill could create new […]

2 Sep 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: 40% of shale-rich countries face water stress

By Paul Reig and Andrew Maddocks, World Resources Institute | 2 September 2014 Right now, dozens of countries around the world are deciding whether or not to develop their shale […]

1 Sep 2014

California passes plastic bag ban, would be first such law in U.S

By Aaron Mendelson | 30 August 2014 (Reuters) – The California state legislature enacted a ban on plastic grocery bags on Friday near the end of its two-year session, a […]

1 Sep 2014

Disruptive Hong Kong protests loom after China rules out democracy

By Clare Jim and Diana Chan | 1 September 20014 (Reuters) – Hong Kong police used pepper spray to disperse pro-democracy activists on Monday as the Asian financial center braces […]

29 Aug 2014

California passes ‘yes-means-yes’ campus sexual assault bill

By Aaron Mendelson | 29 August 2014 (Reuters) – Californian lawmakers passed a law on Thursday requiring universities to adopt “affirmative consent” language in their definitions of consensual sex, part […]

25 Aug 2014

EXCLUSIVE-IRS enforcement agent numbers could drop to lowest levels since 1970s

Source: Reuters – Mon, 25 Aug 2014 11:00 GMT By Nadia Damouni NEW YORK, Aug 25 (Reuters) – Budget pressures at the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation Division are cutting […]

25 Aug 2014

Small island states, facing rising seas, seek economic overhaul

By Alister Doyle | 25 August 2014 Small island states facing a “frightening” rise in sea levels will seek investments in everything from solar energy to fisheries to boost their […]

18 Aug 2014

Brazil makes progress on saving forests, Indonesia risks setbacks-report

18 August 2014 (Reuters) – Brazil has made good progress in safeguarding the Amazon rainforest but Indonesia’s plans for its forests could face setbacks under a new government, a report […]

15 Aug 2014

Solomons town first in Pacific to relocate due to climate change

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation 15 August 2014 LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Under threat from rising sea levels and tsunamis, the authorities of a provincial capital in the Solomon Islands […]

14 Aug 2014

China urges public to walk, ride bikes to help cut smog

(Reuters) – China has issued a “behavioural standards” guide to combat pollution and reduce environmental damage, urging people to do everything from walking and riding bicycles to buying goods with less packaging. […]

13 Aug 2014

Australia warns of poor outlook for Great Barrier Reef

(Reuters) – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef remains under threat despite efforts to rein in major sources of damage to the World Heritage-listed icon, the government said on Tuesday. Canberra released […]

10 Aug 2014

Reuters Exclusive: Iraq says Islamic State killed 500 Yazidis, buried some victims alive

By Ahmed Rasheed | 10 August 2014 (Reuters) – Islamic State militants have killed at least 500 members of Iraq’s Yazidi ethnic minority during their offensive in the north, Iraq’s […]

5 Aug 2014

Singapore approves bill to fine domestic, overseas air polluters

By Rujun Shen | 5 August 2014 (Reuters) – Singapore’s parliament passed a bill on Tuesday proposing fines for companies that cause haze pollution regardless of whether the companies operate […]

4 Aug 2014

Florida Lionfish ban, nation’s first, goes into effect

By Zachary Fagenson | 1 August 2014 (Reuters) – Florida’s ban on importing invasive lionfish, the first of its kind in the nation, goes into effect on Friday as wildlife […]

28 Jul 2014

California and Mexico sign pact to fight climate change

By Rory Carroll | 28 July 2014 (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown and Mexican environmental officials signed a pact on Monday aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, an agreement […]

24 Jul 2014

South African court gives rhino poacher record 77 years

(Reuters) – A South African court has sentenced a rhino poacher to 77 years in jail, the heaviest penalty imposed by authorities desperate to halt a wave of poaching that […]

22 Jul 2014

UK’s Cameron urges world to tackle “preventable evil” of FGM and child marriage

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation – Tue, 22 Jul 2014 19:30 GMT Author: Emma Batha LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – British Prime Minister David Cameron announced legal reforms on Tuesday to […]

21 Jul 2014

Obama signs order barring federal discrimination against LGBT community

Source: Reuters Video U.S. President Barack Obama signed an order on Monday (July 21) protecting federally contracted worked from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Rough […]

21 Jul 2014

In violent weekend, at least 40 people shot in Chicago

(Reuters) – An 11-year-girl was shot and killed during a slumber party as violence struck Chicago over the weekend, local media outlets reported on Sunday. At least 40 people were […]

21 Jul 2014

California reviews fracking water disposal amid contamination concerns

By Rory Carroll | 18 July 2014 (Reuters) – California on Friday said it would review wells where oil drilling waste water from the process known as hydraulic fracturing, or […]

17 Jul 2014

Obama unveils measures to help communities adapt to climate change

16 July 2014 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced new measures to make the country’s infrastructure stronger and more resilient, to help states and communities adapt to […]

13 Jul 2014

Four rhinos killed in Kenya’s worst poaching attack in years

By Drazen Jorgic | 13 July 2014 (Reuters) – Two armed gangs killed four rhinos for their horns in rural Kenya this week in possibly the worst rhino poaching incident […]

9 Jul 2014

U.S., China ink coal, clean energy deals but climate differences remain

By Valerie Volcovici and Michael Martina (Reuters) – The United States and China on Tuesday signed eight partnership pacts to cut greenhouse gases that will bring the world’s two biggest […]

9 Jul 2014

U.S. prosecutions for public corruption decline under Obama

By Stella Dawson | 9 July 2014 WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The Obama administration has prosecuted fewer public officials for corruption than the administrations of previous U.S. presidents Bill […]

7 Jul 2014

Cash incentive mulled to give endangered Florida panther room to prowl

By Letitia Stein | 5 July 2014 (Reuters) – The endangered Florida panther, running out of room to prowl as its numbers rebound, may find its best chance at survival […]

2 Jul 2014

South Florida sea level rise needs urgent action: task force

By David Adams | 2 July 2014 (Reuters) – South Florida’s coastal real estate may become uninsurable as the sea level rises unless Miami’s county government takes urgent action, a […]

2 Jul 2014

Miners dredge protected Idaho river in protest of federal oversight

By Laura Zuckerman | 2 July 2014 (Reuters) – Protesters gathered to illegally dredge for gold on Tuesday in an Idaho river where such mining is banned, in an open […]

27 Jun 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Real-time environmental risk portal launching for investors and lawyers

United Nations Environment Assembly, Nairobi | 27 June 2014 UNEP Chief Scientist Jacqueline McGlade and her team have just launched a new environmental portal that connects to real-time data linked […]

26 Jun 2014

Surging environmental crime funds conflicts, hurts growth: U.N.

24 June 2014 (Reuters) – Surging environmental crime, from illegal logging to elephant poaching, is worth up to $213 billion a year and is helping to fund armed conflicts while […]

25 Jun 2014

White House weakened draft of FDA’s proposed tobacco regulations

By Toni Clarke and Sharon Begley | 25 June 2014 (Reuters) – White House changes to proposed rules for tobacco products significantly weakened language detailing health risks from cigars and deleted restrictions […]

24 Jun 2014

Germany ups new green energy surcharge on industry to meet EU rules

By Markus Wacket | 24 June 2014 (Reuters) – Germany on Tuesday offered to change a planned reform of its renewable energy policy, trying to end a standoff with the European Commission […]

24 Jun 2014

United Nations Release: Illegal Trade Threatening Security and Sustainable Development

PRESS RELEASE: New UNEP and INTERPOL Study Finds Environmental Crime Worth up to US$213 Billion Each Year NAIROBI, 25 June 2014 – Global environmental crime, worth up to US$213 billion each […]

23 Jun 2014

North Korea army mobilized as rivers run dry in worst drought in years

By James Pearson | 23 June 2014 (Reuters) – North Korea’s rivers, streams and reservoirs are running dry in a prolonged drought, state media said on Monday, prompting the isolated […]

23 Jun 2014

U.N. enlists legal help to crack down on environmental crime

By Alister Doyle | 22 June 2014 (Reuters) – The United Nations will seek ways to toughen environmental laws this week to crack down on everything from illegal trade in wildlife to mercury […]

20 Jun 2014

WWF raises alarm over Mozambique elephant killings

Source: The Guardian | 20 June 2014 The WWF on Thursday raised the alarm over plummeting elephant populations in Mozambique after an aerial survey showed ivory poaching is decimating herds […]

20 Jun 2014

Europe on track for 2020 energy efficiency goal: report

By Barbara Lewis | June 2014 (Reuters) – The European Union is almost on track to reach its goal of improving energy savings by a fifth by 2020 and may […]

17 Jun 2014

Obama to protect vast Pacific Ocean areas: report

17 June 2014 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will announce efforts to protect areas of the Pacific Ocean controlled by the United States from overfishing and environmental damage, the Washington […]

15 Jun 2014

Obama rips climate change deniers in graduation speech

By Jeff Mason | 15 June 2014 (Reuters) – With a feisty tone and a touch of aggravation, President Barack Obama on Saturday laid into Republicans who question the science […]

11 Jun 2014

Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US

Source: The Guardian |10 June 2014 By Kate Hodal, Chris Kelly in Songkhla and Felicity Lawrence Slaves forced to work for no pay for years at a time under threat […]

9 Jun 2014

Britain becomes haven for U.S. companies keen to cut tax bills

Reuters) – Nothing about the narrow cream-colored lobby at 160 Aldersgate Street in the City of London financial district gives a hint of its role at the center of the […]

9 Jun 2014

Global auto component makers gear up for China’s tougher emission rules

By Samuel Shen and Kazunori Takada | 9 June 2014 (Reuters) – Global companies that specialise in making vehicle emissions cleaner are rushing to take advantage of Beijing’s war on […]

6 Jun 2014

G7 leaders back 2015 climate deal, aim to build on U.S. momentum

By Barbara Lewis and Jeff Mason | 6 June 2014 (Reuters) – The world’s leading industrialised nations gave their backing on Thursday to a new global deal on climate change […]

2 Jun 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Cities hold the key to solving air pollution

The harmful air we now breathe is a sign of how climate change is hurting us.  But where there is a problem, city governments are finding a solution. By Conor […]

30 May 2014

Benefit Corporations: Organizing for Multiple Stakeholders

By Shari Helaine Littan | 30 May 2014 In the last couple of years, the phrase “sustainability” seems to have touched every aspect of business. With the adoption of “benefit […]

30 May 2014

Waves of immigrant minors present crisis for Obama, Congress

By Richard Cowan | 30 May 2014 (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of children unaccompanied by parents or relatives are flooding across the southern U.S. border illegally, forcing the Obama […]

29 May 2014

Pakistan woman stoned to death by family for marrying man she loved

By Mubasher Bukhari | 26 May 2014 (Reuters) – A 25-year-old woman was stoned to death by her family outside one of Pakistan’s top courts on Tuesday in a so-called […]

29 May 2014

U.S. industry gears up to fight Obama’s climate rules

By Roberta Rampton | 29 May 2014 (Reuters) – A U.S. plan to curb carbon emissions from power plants is likely to come under attack this summer by industry opponents […]

29 May 2014

BP asks U.S. Supreme Court justice to block Gulf spill payments

By Lawrence Hurley | 29 May 2014 (Reuters) – BP Plc (BP.L) on Wednesday asked Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to allow the company to avoid making payments to businesses […]

29 May 2014

Australia risks organic export growth as it struggles to coexist with GMO

By Colin Packham | 29 May 2014 (Reuters) – A landmark GMO contamination ruling in Australia could possibly usher in lower organic farming standards, ending the country’s world-leading premium niche […]

26 May 2014

Senator to renew gun control push after California shooting spree

26 May 2014 (Reuters) – Senator Richard Blumenthal said on Sunday he wanted to revive gun control legislation rejected by Congress in the wake of the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, school […]

23 May 2014

Special report: The power struggle behind China’s corruption crackdown

By Benjamin Kang Lim, David Lague and Charlie Zhu | 23 May 2014 (Reuters) – Liu Han seemed to thrive in the company of officials. Even a birthday party in […]

20 May 2014

Kerry calls on U.S. college graduates to face down climate change

By Scott Malone | 19 May 2014 (Reuters) – The rapidly changing climate poses a threat of sparking greater global conflict, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday told […]

8 May 2014

German cabinet passes plans for green energy rebate for industry

By Markus Wacket  | 7 May 2014 (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet on Wednesday signed off on a draft law that grants energy-intensive firms a partial rebate on a […]

8 May 2014

White House unveils dire warning, calls for action on climate

By Valerie Volcovici | 6 May 2014 (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Tuesday released an updated report on how climate change requires urgent action to counter impacts that touch every […]

30 Apr 2014

EPA’s Supreme Court win a boost for pending carbon rules

By Valerie Volcovici | 30 April 2014 (Reuters) – A Supreme Court decision on Tuesday upholding U.S. rules that curb air pollution that floats across state lines was seen as […]

21 Apr 2014

U.S. insider trading cases face test at appeals court

By Nate Raymond | 21 April 2014 (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court is set hear a case whose outcome could make it harder for the government to prosecute insider […]

17 Apr 2014

EU blacklist to stop spread of alien species

By Claire Marshall, BBC environment correspondent  | 16 April 2014 The European Parliament is voting on a bill to draw up a blacklist to fight invasive alien species such as killer […]

15 Apr 2014

China angered by U.S. environment chief’s visit to Taiwan

Megha Rajagopalan | 15 April 2014 (Reuters) – China said on Tuesday it had lodged a protest with the United States over a visit by Washington’s environmental protection chief to self-ruled […]

10 Apr 2014

Reuters Wider Image: Preserving Myanmar’s forests

Pinlebu, Myanmar,  26 Mar 2014 Photographer Soe Zeya Tun Myanmar has some of Asia’s largest remaining expanses of forest, from the slopes of the Himalayan foothills in the north to […]

10 Apr 2014

California lawmakers sidestep bill on SeaWorld shows until after elections

By Sharon Bernstein | 10 April 2014 (Reuters) – A closely watched measure that would ban SeaWorld from using killer whales to perform tricks in famed “Shamu” shows at its […]

7 Apr 2014

Obama to launch executive actions on equal pay for women

By Jeff Mason | 7 April 2014 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will launch two new executive actions this week aimed at increasing transparency about women’s pay in a continuing […]

25 Mar 2014

U.S. prosecutors eye new approach on company misconduct after Toyota

By Aruna Viswanatha | 25 March 2014 (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors are considering using the legal theory behind a $1.2 billion penalty imposed on Toyota to go after misconduct in […]

19 Mar 2014

Online ivory in Japan threatens African elephants -activists

(Reuters) – Online selling and weak controls on domestic ivory sales in Japan are spurring illegal international trade in elephant tusks and contributing to a steep rise in poaching, activists […]

12 Mar 2014

European Parliament votes through draft proposals for Fourth Money Laundering Directive

By Martin Coyle, Compliance Complete | 12 March 2014 Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. The European Parliament has voted […]

12 Mar 2014

UN slapped with another class action lawsuit over Haiti cholera

By David Adams | 11 March 2014 (Reuters) – Lawyers filed a federal class action lawsuit against the United Nations on Tuesday to seek compensation for almost 1,500 Haitian victims […]

11 Mar 2014

Ugandans petition court over controversial anti-homosexuality law

By Elias Biryabarema | 11 March 2014 (Reuters) – – Ugandans opposed to a new anti-homosexuality law that punishes gay sex with long jail sentences have filed a constitutional petition […]

11 Mar 2014

U.S. Senate passes military sex assault bill, may take months in House

By Patricia Zengerle | 10 March 2014 (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate voted 97-0 on Monday to pass reforms in how the military handles sexual assault cases, but it probably […]

10 Mar 2014

Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic law in Iraq

By Suadad al-Salhy | 8 March 2014 (Reuters) – About two dozen Iraqi women demonstrated on Saturday in Baghdad against a draft law approved by the Iraqi cabinet that would […]

7 Mar 2014

Big budget cuts pose ‘tough, tough choices’ for Pentagon: Hagel

By David Alexander | 6 March 2014 (Reuters) – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned on Thursday that “tough, tough choices are coming” if the Pentagon implements deep future spending cuts […]

7 Mar 2014

Uganda defends anti-gay law at main UN rights forum

By Stephanie Nebehay | 6 March 2014 (Reuters) – Uganda, under fire from Western nations, defended its toughened law on gays on Thursday as being aimed at “protecting” youth from […]

6 Mar 2014

Sweden suspends some aid to Uganda over anti-gay law

By Philippa Croome | 6 March 2014 (Reuters) – Sweden has suspended some of its financial aid to Uganda over a law that toughened punishment for gays, becoming the fourth […]

6 Mar 2014

People surveyed say they feel safer, though trust in rule of law wanes

By Ashley Renders | 5 March 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Police in a number of countries around the world are finding it harder to catch offenders, and people are […]

5 Mar 2014

World powers responsible for failing to stop Syria war crimes -UN

By Stephanie Nebehay | 5 March 2014 (Reuters) – All sides in Syria’s civil war are using shelling and siege tactics to punish and starve civilians and big powers bear […]

5 Mar 2014

Controversial ad for bets over Pistorious murder trial to be probed

By Astrid Zweynert | 5 March 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A controversial advertising campaign that offers punters their money back if South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is acquitted of the murder […]

4 Mar 2014

Obama says Russia has violated international law in Ukraine

By Mark Felsenthal | 3 March 2014 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Monday that Russia violated international law with its military intervention inUkraine and warned that the U.S. government would look at a series […]

4 Mar 2014

U.S. court rejects BP appeal over Gulf spill losses

By Jonathan Stempel | 4 March 2014 (Reuters) – A divided U.S. appeals court on Monday rejected BP Plc’s bid to block businesses from recovering money over the 2010 Gulf […]

3 Mar 2014

Interview: Uganda anti-gay bill author says aid cuts small price to pay

By Drazen Jorgic and Philippa Croome | 3 March 2014 (Reuters) – The author of Uganda’s new anti-gay bill that imposes tough jail terms for homosexual acts said aid cuts […]

3 Mar 2014

Mauritania should take more steps to eliminate slavery -U.N.

By Laurent Prieur | 27 February 2014 (Reuters) – Mauritania has made progress towards fighting slavery but needs to do more to eliminate it completely, a U.N. human rights expert […]

26 Feb 2014

Bolivia eases strict abortion law – rights group

By Anastasia Moloney | 26 February 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Bolivia’s highest court has ruled that women seeking a legal abortion in cases of rape or incest do not […]

26 Feb 2014

Majority of Americans now support gay marriage, survey finds

By Ian Simpson | 26 February 2014 (Reuters) – Support for gay marriage has surged in the United States in the decade since it first became legal in Massachusetts, with […]

25 Feb 2014

India to block U.S. trade probes, ready for fight at WTO

By Manoj Kumar | 25 February 2014 (Reuters) – India has decided to block investigations by the United States into its trade policies and patent laws, and prepare for a battle at the World […]

25 Feb 2014

Justices question Obama climate change regulations

By Lawrence Hurley | 24 February 2014 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court appeared closely divided on Monday as it weighed whether the administration of President Barack Obama exceeded its authority when […]

20 Feb 2014

Treasury tweaks global tax dodge law one last time

By Patrick Temple-West | 20 February 2014 (Reuters) – The Treasury Department moved on Thursday to shut the door on further 11th-hour tweaks to a new law set to take […]

20 Feb 2014

Islamists order women to don veil in eastern Syria

By Tom Perry | 19 February 2014 (Reuters) – Islamist rebels in eastern Syria have ordered women to put on the Islamic veil, warning that anyone not doing so would […]

19 Feb 2014

Britain sets out new test to limit EU migrant benefits

By William James | 19 February 2014 (Reuters) – Britain laid out new rules on Wednesday designed to limit the access that migrants from other European Union states have to […]

19 Feb 2014

Karzai calls for amendment of Afghan law decried as dangerous to women

By Lisa Anderson | 18 February 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday withheld his signature and instead asked for revisions to a new law that […]

18 Feb 2014

North Korea crimes evoke Nazi era, Kim may face charges – U.N. inquiry

By Stephanie Nebehay and Tom Miles | 17 February 2014 (Reuters) – North Korean security chiefs and possibly even Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un himself should face international justice for ordering […]

18 Feb 2014

U.S. prosecutors open criminal probe of Duke Energy coal ash spill

By Colleen Jenkins | 14 February 2014 (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors are investigating whether a crime was committed when thousands of tons of coal ash sludge spilled from a Duke […]

14 Feb 2014

Federal judge strikes down Virginia’s ban on gay marriage

By Ian Simpson | 14 February 2014 (Reuters) – A federal judge struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional late on Thursday, saying it denied gay couples a […]

13 Feb 2014

BP must face shareholder suit over 2006 Alaska oil spill: ruling

By Dan Levine | 13 February 2014 (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Thursday revived a shareholder lawsuit against BP PLC (BP.L) over statements the company made in the […]

13 Feb 2014

Belgium extends “right-to-die” to terminally ill children

By Robert-Jan Bartunek | 13 February 2014 (Reuters) – Belgium became the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age on Thursday when its lower house of […]

12 Feb 2014

Swiss government will draft law on immigration curbs by year-end

By Katharina Bart | 12 February 2014 (Reuters) – The Swiss government said on Wednesday it will draw up a draft law to limit immigration by the end of the […]

12 Feb 2014

Environmentalists slam India government over failure on mining law

By Nita Bhalla | 12 February 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A leading environmental group has slammed the Indian government for failing to get parliamentary approval for a bill that could […]

11 Feb 2014

EU condemns Afghan law barring abused women from giving evidence

By Maria Caspani | 11 February 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The European Union (EU) has condemned a draft law recently approved by the Afghan parliament, saying it would deny […]

11 Feb 2014

U.S. House Republicans capitulate on debt limit, offer ‘clean’ increase

By David Lawder and Richard Cowan | 11 February 2014 (Reuters) – Caving into President Barack Obama’s demands for a “clean” debt ceiling increase, Republicans in the House of Representatives […]

10 Feb 2014

North Carolina attorney general to appeal abortion ultrasound ruling

By Martie Maguire | 7 February 2014 (Reuters) – North Carolina’s Democratic attorney general said on Friday he would appeal a federal court ruling that struck down a Republican-backed state […]

7 Feb 2014

Progress on land rights for forest communities slowing – report

By Laurie Goering | 6 February 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Progress toward securing the land rights of forest communities has slowed around the world, with some hard-won gains threatening […]

5 Feb 2014

Olympics-Protesters urge sponsors to condemn Russian gay law

By Keith Weir | 5 February 2014 (Reuters) – With the Winter Olympics only two days away, campaigners have urged major corporate sponsors to speak out about the way Games host Russia treats gay […]

4 Feb 2014

JPMorgan to pay $1.45 million to settle sex-based harassment suit

By David Henry and Carlyn Kolker | 4 February 2014 (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) will pay $1.45 million to settle a government lawsuit that charged the company maintained a […]

4 Feb 2014

Apple, U.S. clash in court over e-books antitrust monitor

By Joseph Ax | 4 February 2014 (Reuters) – Apple Inc urged a federal appeals court on Tuesday to put a court-appointed antitrust monitor on hold, arguing that his efforts were harming the […]

3 Feb 2014

Thousands march in Madrid against planned abortion limits

By Inmaculada Sanz | 1 February 2014 (Reuters) – Thousands of people marched in Spain’s capital on Saturday to protest against a government plan to limit abortions that has caused […]

31 Jan 2014

Lawyers appeal after Peru’s Fujimori cleared of forced sterilization

By Anastasia Moloney | 30 January 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Human rights lawyers representing women who say they were forcibly sterilized as part of a 1990s birth control campaign […]

31 Jan 2014

Austria brings home rape case woman from Dubai

31 January 2014 (Reuters) – An Austrian Muslim woman at the centre of a rape case in Dubai has returned home with the help of Austria’s foreign ministry after a […]

30 Jan 2014

U.S. seeks $2.1 billion from Bank of America in fraud case

By Nate Raymond | 30 January 2014 (Reuters) – The U.S. government has raised the amount it is seeking in penalties from Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) to $2.1 billion […]

29 Jan 2014

Exclusive: Google close to settling EU antitrust probe – sources

By Foo Yun Chee | 29 January 2014 (Reuters) – Google is close to settling a three-year European antitrust probe with “much better” concessions to allay concerns over blocking rivals […]

29 Jan 2014

Cigarettes kicked out of school in China

By Megha Rajagopalan | 29 January 2014 (Reuters) – China has banned smoking in schools, state media reported on Wednesday, the latest step in a government drive to kick the country’s pervasive tobacco habit. […]

28 Jan 2014

U.S. securities class-action suits rise, big Supreme Court case looms

By Jonathan Stempel | 28 January 2014 (Reuters) – Investors are pursuing more lawsuits accusing companies of fraud, according to a new study, but filings may plunge if the U.S. […]

28 Jan 2014

EU green energy law is flawed, says adviser to EU top court

By Barbara Lewis | 28 January 2014 (Reuters) – Part of a law to promote green energy violates the treaties underpinning the European Union, an adviser to the highest EU […]

27 Jan 2014

Expat Scots demand a vote in independence referendum

By Belinda Goldsmith | 27 January 2014 (Reuters) – A million Scots living outside of Scotland should be allowed to vote in a referendum this year on whether their country […]

27 Jan 2014

Corporations trump citizens in struggle for natural resources in Africa – report

By Misha Hussain | 27 January 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Land laws which fail to give citizens rights over natural resources give corporations the upper hand and fuel poverty and […]

24 Jan 2014

Online lender settles New York lawsuit amid crackdown on massive ‘payday’ loans

By Karen Freifeld | 23 January 2014 (Reuters) – U.S. online lender Western Sky Financial LLC has agreed to pay a $1.5 million penalty and provide refunds to New York […]

24 Jan 2014

Leading China activist to be sentenced on Sunday as others go on trial

By James Pomfret | January 24 2014 (Reuters) – A Beijing court will sentence prominent Chinese rights activist Xu Zhiyong on Sunday in a high-profile dissident trial, as authorities targeted rights […]

23 Jan 2014

U.S. mayors want surcharge on dangerous rail shipments

Reporting by Patrick Rucker and Lisa Lambert | 23 January 2014 (Reuters) – Rail shipments of crude oil and other dangerous goods should face a surcharge when they move through […]

23 Jan 2014

Amnesty International welcomes change to controversial Moroccan rape law

By Magda Mis | 23 January 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The Moroccan parliament’s vote to change a law so that rapists will no longer be able to avoid prosecution by […]

22 Jan 2014

Human Rights Watch says Obama not gone far enough on NSA reforms

By Michelle Martin | 21 January 2014 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama has not gone far enough in reforming the monitoring activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) and is continuing […]

22 Jan 2014

U.S. debt ceiling to bind by late February: Treasury

By Jason Lange | 22 January 2014 (Reuters) – The Obama administration warned Congress on Wednesday that the government would likely run out of borrowing authority needed to help pay […]

21 Jan 2014

Italy moves towards decriminalizing clandestine immigration

Reporting by Massimiliano Di Giorgio and Steve Scherer, writing by Steve Scherer | 21 January 2014 (Reuters) – Italy’s Senate voted on Tuesday to scrap a law that makes entering […]

21 Jan 2014

U.N. to launch legal challenge against Malawi anti-gay laws

By Mabvuto Banda | 21 January 2014 (Reuters) – The United Nations’ AIDS taskforce and human rights groups will launch a court battle against Malawi’s laws criminalizing homosexuality, in a […]

17 Jan 2014

U.S. top court skeptical on abortion clinic buffer-zone law

By Lawrence Hurley | 15 January 2014 (Reuters) – U.S. Supreme Court justices expressed doubt on Wednesday about a Massachusetts law that mandates a protective buffer zone around abortion clinics […]

17 Jan 2014

Morgan Stanley profit beats estimate; raises margin target

By Lauren Tara Lacapra and Tanya Agrawal | 17 January 2014 (Reuters) – Morgan Stanley posted stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter results, as its retail brokerage and asset management businesses won more assets […]

16 Jan 2014

UN human rights chief denounces ‘draconian’ anti-homosexuality law in Nigeria

14 January 2014 (United Nations News Centre) – The United Nations human rights chief today voiced her alarm at a “draconian” new law in Nigeria that further criminalizes lesbian, gay, […]

16 Jan 2014

UK defeats European bid for fracking regulations

By Damian Carrington | 14 January 2014 (Guardian Environment) The UK has defeated European Union attempts to set legally binding environmental regulations for the continent’s fledgling shale gas industry, the Guardian has learned. David […]

15 Jan 2014

Analysis: BP’s U.S. Gulf oil spill settlement challenges may backfire

By Mica Rosenberg | 15 January 2014 (Reuters) – A year after agreeing to a multi-billion dollar settlement with victims of the 2010 Gulf oil spill, BP is aggressively challenging […]

14 Jan 2014

House Republicans voice support for $1.1 trillion spending bill

By David Lawder | 14 January 2014 (Reuters) – Republicans in the House of Representatives voiced tentative support on Tuesday for a $1.1 trillion spending bill, signaling likely passage and […]

14 Jan 2014

South Carolina lawmakers take aim at healthcare law

By Harriet McLeod | 14 January 2014 (Reuters) – South Carolina lawmakers say they have found a way to stop implementation of the U.S. Affordable Care Act in their state, […]

13 Jan 2014

EU citizens force water debate onto agenda

By Barbara Lewis | 13 January 2014 (Reuters) – Water and who should provide it – the public or private sector – has become the first issue to be pushed […]

13 Jan 2014

Madoff trustee wins court fight over Picower settlement

By Joseph Ax | 13 January 2014 (Reuters) – Two former investors with Bernard Madoff cannot pursue claims against the estate of a Florida businessman who was one of the […]

10 Jan 2014

OECD’s anti-graft cop wants G20 help in combating bribery

By Stella Dawson | 10 January 2014 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The world’s richest nations can strengthen their efforts to combat international bribery and financial crime by pooling their resources […]

10 Jan 2014

Alcoa to pay $384 million to settle Bahrain bribery charges

By Allison Martell | 9 January 2014 (Reuters) – Alcoa Inc and a joint venture it controls have agreed to pay $384 million to resolve charges of bribing officials of […]

9 Jan 2014

Obama edges closer to decisions on intelligence reforms

By Steve Holland | 9 January 2014 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama consulted intelligence officials on Wednesday on ways to rein in U.S. surveillance practices as he nears the end of a […]

9 Jan 2014

Spain government to seek abortion consensus after party dissent

Reporting by Emma Pinedo and Writing by Sarah White | 8 January 2014 (Reuters) – Spain’s ruling People’s Party (PP) sought on Wednesday to stem dissent within its ranks over […]

8 Jan 2014

France fines Google over data privacy

By Geert De Clercq | 8 January 2014 (Reuters) – France’s data protection watchdog has fined Google 150,000 euros after the U.S. search engine ignored a three-month ultimatum to bring its practices […]

8 Jan 2014

China aims to ban smoking in public places by end of the year

By Megha Rajagopalan | 8 January 2014 (Reuters) – China aims to impose a nationwide ban on smoking in public places this year, as authorities move to stamp out a widespread practice […]

7 Jan 2014

Obama-backed jobless bill clears Republican roadblock

By Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan | 7 January 2014 (Reuters) – A White House-backed bill to renew jobless benefits for 1.3 million Americans narrowly cleared a U.S. Senate Republican […]

7 Jan 2014

Lawyer for Indian diplomat seeks delay in visa fraud case

By Andrew Longstreth and David Brunnstrom | 7 January 2014 (Reuters) – A lawyer for Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade is seeking to postpone proceedings in a visa fraud case that […]

7 Jan 2014

JPMorgan to pay $1.7 billion to settle Madoff case

By Emily Flitter | 7 January 2014 (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co will pay a $1.7 billion penalty to settle charges by U.S. federal authorities that the bank failed to report […]

6 Jan 2014

Supreme Court halts gay marriage in Utah at least temporarily

By Lawrence Hurley | 6 January 2014 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday halted same-sex marriages in Utah – permitted for less than three weeks – while the […]

6 Jan 2014

JPMorgan nears $2 billion settlement in a case tied to Madoff: NYT

By Sakthi Prasad | 5 January  2014 (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co is nearing a $2 billion settlement with federal authorities to resolve suspicions that the bank ignored signs of Bernard […]

3 Jan 2014

U.S. asks top court not to extend Catholics’ contraception exemption

By Lawrence Hurley and Chizu Nomiyama | 3 January 2014 (Reuters) – The U.S. government asked the Supreme Court on Friday not to allow Roman Catholic-affiliated groups a temporary exemption from […]

3 Jan 2014

Greece to overhaul arms procurement after scandal

By Harry Papachristou | 3 January 2014 (Reuters) – Greece will overhaul arms procurement to make it more transparent, Defence Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Friday, after a wide-ranging corruption […]

2 Jan 2014

California court lets undocumented immigrant practice law

By Dan Levine | 2 January 2014 (Reuters) – The California Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that an undocumented Mexican immigrant should be licensed to practice law in a closely […]

31 Dec 2013

NYC sues FedEx for illegally shipping cigarettes to homes

By Jonathan Stempel | 30 December, 2013 (Reuters) – New York City has sued FedEx Corp, accusing it of illegally delivering millions of contraband cigarettes to people’s homes and seeking $52 million […]

31 Dec 2013

Brain-dead California girl ordered kept on ventilator for week longer

By Laila Kearney | 31 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The family of a California girl who was declared brain dead after complications from a tonsillectomy won an 11th-hour court order […]

30 Dec 2013

Orange to take legal action after report of spying via its cable

By Muriel Boselli | 30 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Orange (ORAN.PA) is preparing its legal response to a report alleging the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) accessed customers’ data transmitted […]

30 Dec 2013

Lawmakers in Chinese city resign in mass bribery case

By Ben Blanchard | 28 December, 2013 (Reuters) – More than 500 lawmakers in a Chinese city have resigned after being implicated in a bribery scandal, while another 56 provincial […]

27 Dec 2013

First Greenpeace activist leaves Russia

By Alexei Anishchuk | 26 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The first of 30 Greenpeace activists arrested after a protest over Arctic oil drilling has left Russia, the environmental group said on Thursday, with […]

27 Dec 2013

Court rejects BP bid to require proof of Gulf oil spill losses

By Jonathan Stempel | 26 December, 2o13 (Reuters) – BP Plc has failed to persuade a federal judge to require businesses seeking to recover money over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil […]

24 Dec 2013

France to maintain a headscarf ban despite legal advice

By Tom Heneghan | 23 December, 2013 (Reuters) – France decided on Monday to maintain a ban on Muslim headscarves for volunteer school monitors despite a warning that it overstepped the law […]

24 Dec 2013

China to ease one-child policy early next year

By Adam Jourdan | 24 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Changes to China’s strict one-child policy, which will allow more parents to have a second child, will begin to roll out […]

23 Dec 2013

Russia has yet to improve rule of law: Deputy PM Shuvalov

Reporting by Maya Nikolaeva; Writing by Megan Davies | 23 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Russia has made no progress in 2013 in ensuring that legal and property rights are respected or in […]

20 Dec 2013

Deutsche Bank to pay $1.9 billion to settle U.S. mortgage case

20 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE)(DB.N) said on Friday it will pay $1.9 billion to settle claims that it defrauded two U.S. government-controlled companies in the sale of […]

20 Dec 2013

Spain moves to restrict abortion in swing to right

By Emma Pinedo and Sonya Dowsett | 20 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Spain’s centre-right government moved to make it harder for women to get an abortion on Friday, restricting a […]

19 Dec 2013

Central African Republic advances election as U.S. envoy calls for justice

By Bate Felix | 19 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Authorities in Central African Republic vowed on Thursday to bring forward elections meant to turn the page on a March coup, […]

19 Dec 2013

UK fines insurance broker over bribery, corruption risks

By Kirstin Ridley | 19 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Britain’s regulator fined insurance broker JLT Specialty (JLTSL), a unit of Jardine Lloyd Thompson JLT.L, over 1.8 million pounds ($2.95 million) […]

18 Dec 2013

Ex-BP engineer found guilty in Gulf of Mexico spill case

By Kathy Finn | 18 December, 2013 (Reuters) – An engineer charged in connection with the 2010 BP oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico was found guilty of one count […]

18 Dec 2013

EU executive threatens Italy with legal action over migrants

By Justyna Pawlak | 18 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The European Commission threatened Italy with legal action on Wednesday for possible breaches of the EU’s rules on granting asylum, over its treatment […]

17 Dec 2013

U.N. Women launches first database mapping gender provisions in constitutions

By Lisa Anderson | 17 December, 2013 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The U.N. agency for gender equality and women’s empowerment has launched the first ever global database mapping national constitutions in […]

17 Dec 2013

BP files fraud suit to cut oil spill seafood fund payout

By Andrew Callus | 17 December, 2013 (Reuters) – BP Plc (BP.L) filed a fraud lawsuit in U.S. court on Tuesday to halt some of the $2.3 billion it set […]

16 Dec 2013

Supreme Court rejects oil spill contempt case

By Lawrence Hurley | 16 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The Interior Department will not be held in contempt over its actions in the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill […]

13 Dec 2013

World watching, will act on Central African Republic crimes: U.N.

By Emmanuel Braun | 13 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The United Nations on Friday warned groups carrying out atrocities in the Central African Republic the world was watching and would hold them […]

13 Dec 2013

China formally charges activist who urged officials to reveal assets

By Natalie Thomas | 13 December, 2013 (Reuters) – China on Friday formally charged a prominent campaigner for officials to reveal their wealth, his lawyer said, after police accused him […]

12 Dec 2013

BofA’s Merrill to pay $132 million in SEC case over mortgages

By Jonathan Stempel | 12 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) has agreed to pay $131.8 million to settle U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charges that its […]

11 Dec 2013

Amnesty probe finds Australia breaches asylum laws

(Reuters) – Rights group Amnesty International has urged Australia to review its asylum seeker policies and end offshore detention after finding “debilitating and humiliating conditions” at processing centres that breach […]

10 Dec 2013

UN decries “slow, uneven” use of law protecting Afghan women

(Reuters) – Afghanistan is failing to use a law designed to protect women from violence in a country regularly voted one of the most dangerous places in the world to […]

10 Dec 2013

U.S. regulators seek to curb Wall St. trades with Volcker rule

By Emily Stephenson and Douwe Miedema | 10 December, 2013 (Reuters) – U.S. regulators toughened key sections of the Volcker rule’s crackdown on Wall Street’s risky trades on Tuesday as […]

9 Dec 2013

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker jailed in UK in Nigerian corruption case

By Estelle Shirbon | 9 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Former Goldman Sachs banker Elias Preko was sentenced to 4-1/2 years in prison by a London court on Monday for laundering […]

6 Dec 2013

Supreme Court to decide on patent protections for software

By Lawrence Hurley | 6 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to rule on the divisive issue of what kinds of software are eligible for patent […]

6 Dec 2013

Japan enacts strict state secrets law despite protests

By Linda Sieg and Kiyoshi Takenaka | 6 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Japan enacted a state-secrets law toughening penalties for leaks on Friday, despite public protests and criticism that it will muzzle […]

4 Dec 2013

Despite ethics ban, lawyers find ways to reach N.Y. train accident victims

By Andrew Longstreth | 4 December, 2013 (Reuters) – It’s a scene that is both predictable and, for some critics, unseemly: After a major accident or other disaster, lawyers swoop […]

4 Dec 2013

EU to hold marathon talks on new securities law

By Huw Jones | 3 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Negotiations over sweeping changes to European Union securities market rules enter what may be the final stretch on Wednesday with several […]

3 Dec 2013

British news staff may face terrorism charges over Snowden leaks

By William James and Michael Holden | 3 December, 2013 (Reuters) – British police are examining whether Guardian newspaper staff should be investigated for terrorism offences over their handling of […]

2 Dec 2013

U.S. top court declines to hear online retailers tax case

By Lawrence Hurley and Alex Temple -West | 2 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Monday to tackle the long-standing question of whether Internet retailers like […]

2 Dec 2013

Dozens of same-sex couples wed in Hawaii as new law takes effect

By Karen Brooks | 2 December, 2013 (Reuters) – Dozens of same-sex couples tied the knot in Hawaii early Monday as a new law allowing gay couples to marry went […]

2 Dec 2013

Blaming victim, poor coordination slow US drive on sexual violence

By Lisa Anderson | 28 November, 2013 (Thomson Reuters Foundation)— The United States has made progress in its efforts to reduce sexual violence, but is still hampered by the tendency […]

2 Dec 2013

U.S. justices decline to hear another Obamacare challenge

By Lawrence Hurley | 2 December, 2013 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a broad new legal challenge to President Barack Obama’s 2010 healthcare law. The court […]

27 Nov 2013

Court clears settlement among U.S. Justice, AMR, US Airways

By Nick Brown | 27 November, 2013 (Reuters) – A judge on Wednesday approved a settlement resolving U.S. regulators’ opposition to a merger between AMR Corp and US Airways Group […]

27 Nov 2013

Vietnam announces big fines for social media ‘propaganda’

27 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Vietnam will hand out fines of 100 million dong ($4,740) to anyone criticizing the government on social media, under a new law announced this week, […]

27 Nov 2013

EU says won’t suspend data sharing accords with U.S.

By Robin Emmott and John O’Donnell | 27 November, 2013 (Reuters) – The European Union backed down on Wednesday from threats to suspend agreements granting the United States access to […]

27 Nov 2013

Saudi Arabia reviewing driving ban on women – reports

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Saudi authorities are reassessing a controversial ban on women’s right to drive in the ultra-conservative kingdom, according to media reports citing activists and the kingdom’s interior minister. “Rest […]

26 Nov 2013

Russia bans abortion advertisements

By Ian Bateson | 25 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning advertisements for abortion, the Kremlin said on Monday, a step activists said […]

26 Nov 2013

New Zealand court denies Pacific man’s bid to be climate change refugee

26 November, 2013 (Reuters) – A Pacific Island man’s bid to become a climate change refugee suffered a blow on Tuesday after a New Zealand court refused to let him […]

25 Nov 2013

U.N. maritime court tells Russia to free Greenpeace ship

By Michael Hogan | 22 November, 2013 (Reuters) – The U.N. maritime tribunal on Friday ordered Russia to release a Greenpeace ship and 30 people arrested in a protest against Russian Arctic oil drilling, […]

25 Nov 2013

Medicaid Coverage Gap in non-expansion states

By Logan Mortenson | 25 November, 2013 In many states, low-income adults (both childless and parents) have had difficulty qualifying for Medicaid coverage.  Part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) […]

22 Nov 2013

New Jersey appeals ruling against law subsidizing new power plants

By Scott Disavino | 22 November, 2013 (Reuters) – New Jersey has appealed a federal district court decision overturning a state law that subsidizes the construction of new natural gas-fired power plants […]

21 Nov 2013

Illinois governor signs same-sex marriage into law

By Mary Wisniewski | 20 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Wednesday signed into law a bill extending marriage rights to same-sex couples, making the home state […]

20 Nov 2013

U.S. Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion law

By Lawrence Hurley and Lisa Garza | 19 November, 2013 (Reuters) – A split U.S. Supreme Court declined on Tuesday to block implementation of a new abortion law in Texas […]

19 Nov 2013

Russia grants bail to nine foreign Greenpeace activists

By Maria Tsvetkova | 19 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Russian courts granted bail to nine jailed foreign Greenpeace activists on Tuesday, a turnaround in Russia’s treatment of 30 people facing […]

19 Nov 2013

German firms at risk if Berlin does not revise energy law-EU Commissioner

By AnnikaBreidthardt | 19 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Hundreds of German industrial firms risk insolvency if the country does not fundamentally revise its renewable energy law (EEG) to avoid a probe by […]

19 Nov 2013

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Beyond the farm bill: financial reforms the world’s farmers need

By Tensie Whelan, president of the Rainforest Alliance, | 19 November, 2013 Direct payments to farmers have become a lightning rod in the renewal of the U.S. farm bill.  The […]

18 Nov 2013

Five more arrested in $45 million cybercrime scheme

By Bernard Vaughan | 18 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Five people were arrested and charged on Monday for participating in a worldwide ATM heist that stole $45 million from two […]

18 Nov 2013

Russian court bails two of 30 Greenpeace protesters

By Maria Tsvetkova | 18 November, 2013 (Reuters) – A Russian medic and a freelance journalist who were among 30 people arrested for a Greenpeace protest against offshore Arctic drilling […]

15 Nov 2013

Toronto council strips besieged mayor of some powers

By Allison Martell |15 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Toronto city council voted to strip scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford of some of his powers on Friday but Ford, who admits he smoked crack […]

15 Nov 2013

China relaxes one-child policy amid major reforms

By Kevin Yao and Ben Blanchard | 15 November, 2013 (Reuters) – China unwrapped its boldest set of economic and social reforms in nearly three decades on Friday, relaxing its one-child policy […]

14 Nov 2013

Google defeats authors in U.S. book-scanning lawsuit

By Jonathan Stempel | 14 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Google Inc on Thursday won dismissal of a long-running lawsuit by authors who accused the Internet search company of digitally copying […]

14 Nov 2013

Some Indian laws reinforce gender inequality, UN study finds

By Nita Bhalla | 14 November, 2013 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Some Indian laws promote a preference for sons over daughters, the United Nations said on Thursday in a report […]

12 Nov 2013

European rights body urges Russia to reform judiciary

By Thomas Grove | 12 November, 2013 (Reuters) – A leading European human rights body urged President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to overhaul Russia’s creaking judicial system, long criticized as […]

12 Nov 2013

Saudi Arabia makes advances on women’s rights, but still far behind-poll

By Angus McDowall | 11 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Like most Saudi Arabian girls, Raha al-Moharrak was banned from doing sports at school, a prohibition decreed on religious grounds by […]

11 Nov 2013

Greenpeace activists held in Russia being moved to St Petersburg

By Steve Gutterman | 11 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Thirty people arrested in Russia over a protest against Arctic oil drilling were moved from the northern city of Murmansk on Monday on their way […]

11 Nov 2013

Foundation honours outstanding pro bono legal projects at TrustLaw Awards ceremony

Over 100 high-level representatives from the global TrustLaw community gathered in New York on November 5 to celebrate the success of the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s fast-growing network of lawyers, social […]

8 Nov 2013

EU to start negotiating law on removing CO2 permits

(Reuters) – EU diplomats on Friday agreed to begin talks on a legal text to slash permit supply and prop up carbon prices in the bloc’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), […]

8 Nov 2013

Nigeria considers law to fine oil firms over spills

By Joe Brock | 8 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Nigerian legislators are considering a law to impose new fines on operators responsible for oil spills, a measure that could face […]

7 Nov 2013

Anti-gay discrimination could be grounds for asylum – EU court

(Reuters) – Laws discriminating against gays can constitute grounds for granting asylum, the European Union’s highest court said on Thursday in response to a request by Dutch judges for guidance. […]

6 Nov 2013

U.S. power to shape global Web seen undermined by NSA spying

By Joseph Menn | 5 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Revelations about the scale of U.S. spying on the Internet have badly damaged the country’s negotiating power in international talks on […]

6 Nov 2013

Dutch ask sea tribunal to free Greenpeace activists

By Michael Hogan | 6 November, 2013 (Reuters) – The Netherlands asked an international court on Wednesday to order Russia to release 30 people detained during a Greenpeace protest against oil drilling […]

5 Nov 2013

Kuwaiti woman arrested for driving in Saudi Arabia – report

By Sylvia Westall | November 3, 2013 (Reuters) – A Kuwaiti woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia for trying to drive her father to hospital, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported on […]

5 Nov 2013

Murdoch reporters accessed missing girl’s phone messages, court hears

By Michael Holden | 5 November, 2013 (Reuters) – Journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World told police hunting for a missing schoolgirl in 2002 they had accessed her […]

4 Nov 2013

Oklahoma gay couple marry under Native American law

By Heide Brandes | November 1, 2013 (Reuters) – In a small chapel at historic Fort Reno, a same-sex couple has exchanged wedding vows in Oklahoma, a state where gay […]

1 Nov 2013

Greenpeace says Russia to move 30 detained activists

November 1, 2013 (Reuters) – Russia is preparing to move 30 Greenpeace activists who were arrested over a protest against Arctic drilling from the far-north city of Murmansk to St. Petersburg, the environmental group […]

1 Nov 2013

Federal appeals court reinstates abortion restrictions in Texas

By Brendan O’Brien | October 31, 2013 (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Thursday reinstated a Texas abortion restriction that was blocked by a lower court this week, allowing nearly […]

31 Oct 2013

UK pledges to fast-track EU extractive transparency law

By Luke Balleny | October 31, 2013 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The British government committed on Thursday to implement by 2015 a European law that will make UK-listed and UK-registered […]

30 Oct 2013

Britain approves new press regulation system, newspapers cry foul

By Andrew Osborn | October 30, 2013 (Reuters) – Britain approved a new system of regulating its press on Wednesday, a move newspapers said was draconian and threatened freedom of […]

30 Oct 2013

China’s top court urges judicial independence, end to interference

October 29, 2013 (Reuters) – China must rid its courts of corruption and stop officials interfering in decisions, a paper on reforms by the top court said on Tuesday, referring […]

29 Oct 2013

U.S. lawmakers call for action to curb Internet child trading

By Megan Twohey | October 29, 2013 (Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers called Tuesday for federal action to prevent parents from giving unwanted adopted children to strangers met on the Internet, […]

28 Oct 2013

Analysis: Bank of America verdict spotlights U.S. focus on civil cases

By Nate Raymond and Aruna Viswanatha | October 28, 2013 (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Justice appeared to have struck gold last week with the law it wielded against […]

28 Oct 2013

Saudi women say they will keep pushing for right to drive

October 28, 2013 (Reuters) – Saudi women demanding the right to drive said on Sunday they would keep up their campaign a day after government warnings and a heavy police […]

25 Oct 2013

Russia toughens anti-terrorism law ahead of Olympics

By Alexei Anishchuk and Alissa de Carbonnel | October 25, 2013 (Reuters) – Russia’s parliament passed a bill on Friday imposing prison terms of up to six years on Russians […]

25 Oct 2013

China overhauls consumer protection laws

By Adam Jourdan | October 25, 2013 (Reuters) – China’s top legal body has strengthened consumer rights in the country after it revised the nation’s Consumer Protection Law on Friday, […]

24 Oct 2013

Oil shippers decry judge ruling on Seaway pipeline tariffs

By Jeanine Prezioso and Sabina Zawadzki | October 24, 2013 (Reuters) – A ruling by a federal judge to cut agreed tariffs on a major oil pipeline has drawn fire […]

22 Oct 2013

West criticizes, China defends human rights record at U.N.

By Stephanie Nebehay and Sui-Lee Wee | October 22, 2o13 (Reuters) – Western countries accused China on Tuesday of arresting activists, curbing Internet use and suppressing ethnic minorities, as the United Nations […]

22 Oct 2013

Top business lobbyist: U.S. immigration law unlikely in 2013

By Andy Sullivan and Caren Bohan | October 21, 2013 (Reuters) – A leading advocate of efforts to overhaul U.S. immigration law said Monday that the Republican-led U.S. House of […]

21 Oct 2013

Gay marriage becomes legal in N.J. after Christie drops opposition

By Ellen Wulfhorst | October 21, 2013 (Reuters) – New Jersey on Monday became the 14th U.S. state to legalize gay marriage after Governor Chris Christie withdrew his administration’s legal […]

21 Oct 2013

Saudi Arabia under fire at U.N. over women’s, migrant workers rights

By Stephanie Nebehay | October 21, 2013 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s rights record came under fire at the United Nations on Monday, critics accusing the kingdom of jailing activists without […]

18 Oct 2013

Nicaragua law change on gender violence is ‘huge step back for women’ – Amnesty

By Anastasia Moloney | October 18, 2013 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The decision by lawmakers in Nicaragua to change landmark legislation on violence against women to offer victims mediation with […]

17 Oct 2013

U.S. Congress ends default threat, Obama signs debt bill

By Richard Cowan and David Lawder | October 17, 2013 (Reuters) – The U.S. Congress on Wednesday approved an 11th-hour deal to end a partial government shutdown and pull the […]

14 Oct 2013

Senate seeks deal to avoid U.S. default as time runs short

By Susan Heavey | October 14, 2013 (Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers in the Senate said on Monday they hoped to reach a deal soon to reopen the government and avert […]

11 Oct 2013

UK asylum system marred by long delays, poor decisions – MPs

By Katie Nguyen | October 11, 2013 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Some of those seeking asylum in Britain have been forced to wait up to 16 years for a decision […]

11 Oct 2013

French court rejects challenge to hydro-fracking law

By Muriel Boselli | October 11, 2013 (Reuters) – France’s constitu