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16 Oct 2012

World’s biggest geoengineering experiment ‘violates’ UN rules

Controversial US businessman’s iron fertilisation off west coast of Canada contravenes two UN conventions.

16 Oct 2012

Conservation groups challenge super-sized power lines in national parks

Will the Susquehanna-Roseland power lines planned to run through New Jersey and Pennsylvania cause significant harm to national parks?

15 Oct 2012

Environmental science agencies told to help oil firms drilling in polar regions

Natural Environment Research Council says science agencies should help ‘de-risk’ investment by UK oil companies.

15 Oct 2012

Tea Party versus Agenda 21: Saving the U.S. or just irking it?

Tea Party activist Judd Saul admits that he can sound a little unhinged when he gets talking about an issue close to his heart that most Americans have never heard of.

12 Oct 2012

European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for promoting peace, democracy and human rights over six decades in an award seen as a morale boost as the bloc struggles to resolve its economic crisis.

12 Oct 2012

The importance of gender equality in corporate social responsibility reporting

By Katie M. Scholz | 11 October 2012 (Thomson Reuters) While more and more companies file Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports each year, the lack of transparency into workplace gender equality […]

10 Oct 2012

Population growth, family planning and sustainability

Speaking at Harvard University, Joel Cohen, head of the Laboratory of Populations at Rockefeller and Columbia universities, said that at the current growth rate by 2100, the world’s population would “skyrocket” to 27 billion from today’s 7 billion.

10 Oct 2012

Empowered by education, women may land the role as the planet’s greatest superhero

When it comes to women and their various roles in families and society, one thing is certain. Even with great challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, women get things done.

10 Oct 2012

The role of women in sustainable economic development

A discussion about sustainable development is not complete without a conversation on gender equality.

9 Oct 2012

Is Supreme Court set to end use of race in admissions?

(Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday is set to hear arguments on whether colleges and universities can continue to favor minority candidates in admissions policies. Given that the court in 2003 approved such policies, its decision to take up the issue again suggests it may be looking to cut back on affirmative action.