Elizabeth Mrema

Director, Division of Environmental Law and Convention UNEP

Elizabeth Mrema

Director, UNEP/DELC since June 2014. Elizabeth has worked with UNEP for almost two decades. Until June 2014, she was the Deputy Director and Coordinator, DEPI/OPDB. Prior to which, she was the Executive Secretary of the UNEP/Secretariat of the Convention on CMS, Acting Executive Secretary of the UNEP/ASCOBANS and Interim Executive Secretary of the UNEP/Gorilla Agreement, from January 2013 till July 2009.

Elizabeth has played different roles in UNEP over the years including, Coordinator of capacity building and compliance and enforcement projects related to environmental law and the multilateral environmental conventions. She was a Senior Legal Officer and Chief of the MEAs Support and Cooperation Branch in the then DEC. Then a Senior Legal Officer and later Principal Legal Officer and Chief of the Biodiversity/Land Law and Governance Branch in the UNEP/DELC.

Before joining UNEP, Elizabeth worked with the Tanzania Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOF&IC) and left as a Counsellor/Senior Legal Counsel. During her time with the MOF&IC, she was also a lecturer in Public International Law and Conference Diplomacy at Tanzania’s Centre for Foreign Relations and Diplomacy. Currently, she is a visiting lecturer at the University of Nairobi – Law School and the IDLO.

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