Whitney Tome

Executive Director, Green 2.0 and Counsel, The Raben Group

Whitney has worked with fishermen, environmentalists, advocates, political strategists, government employees, and thought leaders to develop the approach and solutions needed for the problem.

Prior to joining the Raben Group, Whitney served as the director of diversity and inclusion at the National Parks Conservation Association where she led and crafted metrics and measures for the organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Whitney has advised complex ocean stakeholder processes as a Program Manager and Mediator at the Meridian Institute including facilitating public meetings for regional ocean planning bodies that included state, federal and tribal partners.

At Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Whitney served as a strategist and trusted advisor in dozens of state and federal political campaigns. She also developed, launched and grew the Fisheries Leadership and Sustainability Forum – a partnership between EDF, Duke and Stanford Universities. Whitney developed everything from the curriculum for fisheries managers to managing the steering committee, budget and partners for the Forum.

In addition, Whitney is also the executive director for Green 2.0, an initiative to increase the racial diversity of the largest national environmental NGOs, foundations and federal government agencies.

Whitney earned a B.A. from Middlebury College and a J.D. from American University’s Washington College of Law.

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