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Audrey Choi: Millennials are key to driving trends in sustainable investing

Audrey Choi

October 24 2016

“84% of millennials are interested in sustainable investing.”

Audrey Choi, CEO, Institute for Sustainable Investing, and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley’s Global Sustainable Finance Group shares her thoughts on how to promote economic opportunity, community development and global sustainability through the capital markets.

Patsy Doerr for Thomson Reuters Sustainability: And what do you think is really driving [interest in sustainable investing] externally?

We did a poll of millennials and we found that 84% of millennials are interested in sustainable investing.

And not only that, that they really are different from the other generations. They are twice as likely to check product packaging, to make sure that what they buy is sustainable. They are three times as likely to choose an employer based on whether they think you do a good job on environmental-social issues. They’re also twice as likely to choose an investment product because of sustainability, and they’re twice as likely to divest.

So, unlike a lot of previous generations that felt like, “Here’s what to do as a good citizen, but now I’m going to be a hard-hearted investor and just focus on the numbers,” millennials are saying;

“It’s all one. And we’ve got to think about what is our effect as a consumer, as an investor, as a leader.”

Watch the full interview with Audrey Choi here.

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