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Youth Perspectives

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30 May 2017

Youth Perspective: How millenials can advance the SDG agenda

By Justin Fan | 30 May 2017 The UN called 2016 “the year of green finance”, in response, China has said it is aiming to develop its economy sustainably. Recent […]

27 Apr 2017

Worrisome first quarter of 2017 climate trends

Source: Yale Climate Connections. By Zeke Hausfather | 27 April 2017 The year is off to a toasty start globally … and not in a comforting way for those concerned […]

26 Apr 2017

Youth Perspective: Changing Winterscapes

Originally published as “Beckie’s Climate Story” on Climate Generation 26 April 2017 I love Snow and Ice.  I love winter.  I started cross country ski racing when I was 8 […]

24 Mar 2017

Youth Perspective: The Everglades’ superpower: absorbing carbon pollution

Source: Yale Climate Connections Mangrove forests in Florida’s wetlands capture global warming pollution and trap it underwater. 01 : 30 MIN SEC By Erika Street Hopman Originally published Monday, March […]

21 Jan 2017

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The human cost of the global fashion industry

20 January 2017 The internationally bestselling, award-winning author of four novels, Corban Addison writes large-canvas stories about issues of global injustice that combine the authenticity and on-the-ground research of investigative […]

15 Dec 2016

Youth Perspective: Why the Ontario Grain Farmer’s losing battle in court is good news for the food chain

By Audrey Leduc, Stephanie Lindan and Stuart May | December 13 2016 Canadian Context Think about your latest meal. Chances are that bees played a role in getting it to your plate. […]

12 Oct 2016

Youth Perspective: Green milk? Barriers to technological sustainability solutions

By Thomas Attree, Sr Cloud Engineer Thomson Reuters | 13 October 2016 Can technology save the planet? This is a very broad question, but one which was recently posed at the […]

23 Sep 2016

More than 300 scientists warn over Trump’s climate change stance

U.S. presidential candidate has dismissed climate change as a hoax invented by the Chinese By Ian Simpson | 20 September 2016 (Reuters) – Hundreds of top scientists warned on Tuesday […]

9 Sep 2016

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Rebooting Our Politics and Schools to Engage Young People

By Henry F. De Sio, Jr. | 9 September 2016 Students going back to school rejoin an educational assembly line designed to get them to adopt vocations which are now […]

29 Aug 2016

Youth Perspective: We can preserve our coastal cities

By CC Cunningham, Intern, Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion | 29 August 2016 On August 29th, 2005, the world tuned in to watch the full force of Mother Nature […]

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