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Youth Perspectives

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21 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: Young Kenyan addresses her government

By Merculine Maoncha Rabera (Kenya) | 22 April 2013 Dear Reader, I am writing to express my concern about the imminent threat climate change poses to our country, to our […]

20 Apr 2013

Over 10,000 youths to take part in building homes

Bangkok, 28th February 2013 – Source: Member // Habitat For Humanity International Habitat for Humanity today launched its Habitat Youth BUILD 2013 campaign, the second year the event is held after its successful kick-off […]

19 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: Lake Nakuru in the Great Rift Valley

The UNESCO world heritage site of Lake Nakuru is situated approximately 164 kilometers from Nairobi, a two hour’s drive from Nairobi city.

19 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: Is it tech-CO2-nology or technology?

Life becomes very easy with technology advancement; people can now do things which were impossible in the past. Computers, Cars, trains, mobile phone are airplanes and other more technologies are very important to our life.

19 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: 10 things you can do to reduce global warming

Burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, oil and gasoline raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

19 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: How sustainable is our ignorance?

Sustainability. “Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources”.

19 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: Climate change affecting Kenya’s coffee output

Climate change has affected Kenyan coffee production through unpredictable rainfall patterns and excessive droughts, making crop management and disease control a nightmare.

19 Apr 2013

Youth Perspective: Bracelets & co.; Kenyan schools fighting waste with climate craft

Waste being a resource that has not been recycled back successfully into the market places or the environment.

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