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Youth Perspectives

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17 Aug 2016

The deep ocean: plunging to new depths to discover the largest migration on Earth

Source: The Gaurdian U.S. | 17 August 2016 The deep ocean makes up 95% of habitable Earth, yet only 0.0001% has been explored. The Guardian joined a mission off Bermuda […]

10 Aug 2016

Youth Perspective: Are women key to sustainability?

By Raquel Helen Silva | 10 August 2016 Strengthened by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), women are highlighting the importance of diversity by bringing new insight to this […]

9 Aug 2016

Youth Perspective: Investing in Young Women’s Leadership to Achieve the SDGs

By Ravi Karkara and Nelly Mecklenburg  | 12 August 2016 Currently there is a global youth bulge of some 1.8 billion young people – mostly in developing countries in Africa […]

29 Jul 2016

Youth Perspective: Concrete-made Homes Can Save Energy Costs

Source: Yale Climate Connections By Bridgett Ennis | Thursday, July 28, 2016 Architect says homes made of concrete can save money, look attractive. — 01 : 30 MIN SEC Concrete is the […]

26 Jul 2016

Youth Perspective: Which diet makes best use of farmland? You might be surprised

Source: By Kristen Satre Meyer (Ensia) | 22 July 2016 Editor’s note: This piece was produced in collaboration with the academic journal Elementa. It is based on “Carrying capacity […]

26 Jul 2016

Youth Perspective: How a new source of water is helping reduce conflict in the Middle East

Source: By Rowan Jacobson (Ensia) | 19 July 2016 Scientists and others look to desalination as a way to unite longtime enemies in a common cause. — Ten miles […]

26 Jul 2016

Youth Perspective: If carbon pricing is so great, why isn’t it working?

Source: By Peter Fairley (Ensia) | 12 July 2016 Political hurdles and low prices have made carbon pricing a low-impact affair. But there’s still hope it can help limit climate […]

26 Jul 2016

Youth Perspective: What does Brexit mean for sustainability?

By Krishan Sapra | 26 July 2016 On Thursday, 24th June, 2016, more than half of voters in a UK referendum chose to leave the European Union. ‘Brexit’, as it was […]

29 Jun 2016

Youth Perspective: How Businesses Can Promote Sustainability in Developing Countries

By Hira Waqar | 28 June 2016 As long as humans have existed, they have exchanged goods. From the barter system to a money economy, meeting the needs of people […]

28 Jun 2016

Youth Perspective: Seeing the World While Preserving It

28 June 2016 In today’s global economy, one market in which we see extensive accelerated growth is that of tourism. According to the 2015 Economic Impact Annual Update Summary, Travel […]

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